This was arranged for December 4th 2018 and held at Little Lever Working Mens Club – our venue for the NW Training class and our judge for this event was Andy Mayren – Fergiestaffs


Not a fantastic attendance but enough to give proceedings some atmosphere and sufficient dogs including the latest clutch of puppies in the North West to give some competition.  





 It was obvious that Claire Crossman had put in a  lot of effort to make this evening a success and thanks to her and Paul for their splendid effort – witness the raffle, worthy of a Champ Show.

A nice touch for the winners a celebratory bottle of Prosecco with laminated winner cards and very shiny trophies – very professional.




The refreshments were spot on as you can see from this shot 


and we even had a cake with the NW logo’s 








At the end of the Run-offs we have the fancy dress – see below for photos for this year and who was awarded the best fancy dress – for a taster though here is Tony Webster with his new puppy Frejya (Elitebull Hydra) – left





 Its customary to gift a present to the Venue staff and this year was no exception; here the manager receiving some flowers from Club Chairman Archie Bryden and Club Secretary Claire Crossman.


 So on with the match


Puppy Round 1 – 1st tie – Jessica with Ozzy against Tony with Freyja 

Puppy Round 1 – 1st tie – winner – Jessica and Ozzy


Puppy Round 1 – 2nd tie Michaela with Miller against Paul with Coral

Puppy Round 1 – 2nd tie winner Paul & Coral


Puppy Round 1 – 3rd tie – Sarah with Babs against Liz with Honey

Puppy Round 1 – 3rd tie  winner Babs


Puppy Round 1 – 4th tie Tony with Freyja against Derek and

Puppy Round 1 – 4th tie – winner Tony and Freyja


Round 2 – Tie 1  winner Sarah with Babs

Round 2 – Tie 2 winner Jessica with Ozzy

Puppy Final – Jessica and Ozzy against Sarah and Babs


Puppy Winner – Jessica with Ozzy



Round 1 – 1st Tie – Pat’s Maddie against Anne’s Victor


Round 1 – 1st Tie winner Victor


Round 1 – 2nd Tie Stephen’s Stan against Chris’ Alfie

 Round 1 – 2nd Tie winner Stan


Round 1 – 3rd Tie – Pat’s Maddie against Chris’ Oliver

Round 1 – 3rd Tie winner – Maddie


Round 1 – 4th Tie Chris’ Alfie against John’s Oliver

Round 1 – 4th Tie winner – Alfie


Round 2 – Tie 1 – Stephen’s Stan against Anne’s Victor

Round 2 – Tie 1 winner Victor


Round 2 – Tie 2 – Pat’s Maddie against Chris’ Alfie

Round 2 – Tie 2 winner Alfie


Final – Anne’s Victor against Chris’ Alfie

Final Adult Winner – Anne’s Victor


Winners on the night with the Judge – Andy Mayren

Adult Winner – Anne Preston with Victor (Tillcarr Fire Starter)


Puppy winner – Jessica Farrimond with Ozzy (Ashstaff Jessie’s Dark Prince)


Points Winners 2018

At the run-off the Club makes two awards – Points winners 2018 – for most points accrued over the year at the Training Class for Adult and Puppy handlers.

This year the Adult points winner was Stephen Tighe with Stan (Tegumen Ace Of Spades)


And the Puppy Points winner was Chris Howard with Alfie (Sikaistaff Man Of Steel)


Fancy Dress

Just some of the shots of this year’s splendid efforts – but first the winner this year awarded by Denise Ramsden to Chris Howard with Oliver


And The Line Up