The Rescue Scheme in the North West area is part of an independent charity – Staffordshire Bull Terrier Welfare – this is a central body which supports the regional groups that actually rescues the dogs.

This body has a web site which describes how the Rescue schemes operate and on the site there are photos of actual dogs that are currently in need of rescuing.

Follow this link to view these dogs –


This is by no means a comprehensive number of dogs that are in the various regional rescues – but it provides an idea of what can be available and supplies contact details. 

The Welfare also has a Facebook page –

which is a dynamic platform with information on individual dogs and the plight that they find themselves in, as well as information on fund raising events etc.

See a typical poster issued by Welfare, right 

The Rescue here has been run in the North West by a dedicated individual and member of the North West, Barbara Green (assisted by some very worthy volunteers) for nearly 40 years or so and in that time the number of rescued dogs is quite staggering, running into the thousands.

In addition to the support from Stafford Welfare, she relies heavily on donations from the Stafford owning public – individuals and Clubs.

The North West Club raises money by holding events, for example the NW held a sponsored walk in Pendle (Sept 2018) and raised £2665 and in Dec 2017 the Club held a Companion Dog show which raised over £600. 


As Barbara herself puts it ” The rescue problem has not gone away, there are an ever increasing amount of dogs that need our help. Donations are most welcome also unwanted  items from your attic or garage that could be sold on our stall to raise monies that we can continue  to care and look after the well being of unwanted Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Since the 70’s we have re-homed  more than 4000 dogs”.

Barbara Green (on the right of this photo) and her helpers provide this much needed service,  so please support Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue it would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara can be contacted on 01204 573942 and email, callers will be most welcome.

Barbara has now entered this century and is on Face Book (as Barbara Green)


Northern Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

This scheme was set up in the 90’s by Bob Whittall, based in Cumbria and works independently of the Stafford Welfare and indeed, the NW Rescue run by Barbara Green. 

These days Bob is assisted by Anna Murray who organises on-line auctions of Stafford memorabilia in order to raise funds and they also organise a Companion Dog show and a sponsored dog walk – both these events are on consecutive days in early May each year in Eskdale, Cumbria and are very well supported. 

For more on this Rescue, please follow this link –