The Run Off is usually an annual event in early December – the main element of the evening is a Match, run as follows:-

A judge is specially appointed in advance, the assembled dogs are noted and organised into puppies and adults, Dogs and Bitches – so that each dog competes with another dog within the same category (puppy, adult, etc) on a knockout basis.

The major difference with this event is that the competition is based on Handling.

At the halfway point we break off  for FREE refreshments – 2016 saw several tables groaning from the vast quantity of food – sandwiches, pies, etc cakes and so on. There were two cakes, one for humans decorated with the NW logo and another for the dogs, courtesy of Vicky Hewitt. 



Fancy dress is discretionary – dog and humans.








At the end of the night we have two winners – Best Adult Handler and Best Puppy Handler



During the course of the year the Club Secretary keeps a record of the placings at the end of each Training Class.

At the Run-off these are toted up and we end up with the top Adult Handler and Top Puppy Handler for the entire year – these awards are handed out at the Run-off.



This is a well attended great night out and it even gives you a chance to hand out your Christmas Cards – the 2018 Run-off is on Tuesday 4th December


Click on this image left for photo’s and a report on the 2017 event



2017 Run Off placing 

Adult Handler…… Dawn Holmes

Puppy Handler ……Lisa Parr

Best Adult Handler in Match….Dawn Holmes

Best Puppy Handler in Match….Michaela Riley

2016 Run Off placing

Adult Handler……John Robinson

Puppy Handler …Bryn Allsopp

Best Adult Handler in Match…Aimee Birchall

Best Puppy Handler in Match..Liz Stanway

2015 Run Off placing

Adult Handler… Steve Simpson

Puppy Handler…Vicki Butler

Best Adult Handler in Match…Steve Simpson

Best Puppy Handler in Match…Vicki Butler

2014 Run Off  placing

Adult Handler…Claire Crossman

Puppy Handler…Aimee Birchall

Best Adult Handler in Match… Tec Norton

Best Puppy Handler in Match… Aimee Birchall

2013 Run Off placing

Adult Handler…Alysha Peach

Puppy Handler…Sarah Wisniewski

Best Adult Handler in Match….Janet Matthews

Best Puppy Handler in Match…Alicia MacDonald

2012 Run Off placing

Adult Handler….Janet Matthews

Puppy Handler….Jack Thornley

Best Puppy Handler in Match….Paul Sutcliffe

Best Adult Handler in Match….Vicky Butler

2011 Run Off placing.

Adult Handler….Ray Wilson.

Puppy Handler..Sarah Hesford

Best Puppy Handler in Match ..Ray Wilson

Best Adult Handler in Match…Ray Wilson 

2010 Run Off placings.

Adult Handler…. Keith Patrick

Puppy Handler…Ray Wilson

Best Adult Handler in Match…Keith Patrick

Best Puppy Handler in Match… Ray Wilson