Thinking of buying your first stafford puppy?
Not sure were to start looking
What are the papers & what do they look like?
What questions do i need to ask the breeder?

Buying a puppy is a big decision and not one that should be taken lightly
We have put together several pages of information to help make your choice
a little easier

Were do I start looking ?
A good place to start is the kennel club at they have an online puppy sales list this will list breeders currently selling puppies and will also tell you how many dogs and bitches there are in the litter.If you are local to the north west club then come and see us for a friendly chat ( view training class dates) if not then see our section on breed clubs to find out where your nearest club is and how to contact them, they will usually know who currently has puppy’s or sale for or who has a litter due. Or alternatively try the stafford rescue, why not go for a dog that’s already toilet trained and over the chewing stage of puppy hood. They would be glad to offer you sound advice and answer any questions you may have.
Don’t rush in and buy the first pup you see talk to different breeders most will point you in the direction of their local training classes. Go talk to as many people as you can you will learn valuable information on caring for you new pup, training and much more. have an excellent article well worth looking at before you purchase your puppy
What are the papers and what do they look like?
The pedigree
This document is not normally an official kennel club document, (although you can request one from the kennel club for a small fee) the document will state the pedigree names of the dam and sire (parents) of the puppy along with the names of the grand parents/great grand parents and so on for 5 generations. Any champion dogs or bitches on the pedigree will usually be marked or highlighted in red ink

the registration document
By the time the puppy is old enough to collect (usually around 8 weeks old) the breeder will have already registered the litter and will be able to give you the official kennel document, giving the registration number and date of birth, the colour and sex will also be indicated the pedigree names of the sire and dam ( parents) will also be on the document.
This document has a form with it that you (the new owner) will need to fill out to register a change of ownership please ensure the breeder signs this document. You need to send off this document to the kennel club to register the puppy in your name
please note if your puppy is not kennel club registered it will not be eligible for entry at dog shows

what to ask the breeder
You may want to ask the breeder for a diet sheet this will have all the information on what to feed puppy how many times a day to feed and any other special dietary needs
You may want to ask about worming.The puppy should have already been wormed before you collect it, but it will need worming again before long. The breeder will advise when the next dose is due
Ask about puppy’s jabs some breeders may have had these done this is usually done around 10-12 weeks old but newer vaccines now allow this to be a young as 8 weeks old.
Be aware that the breeder may also ask you a few questions just to satisfy him/herself that the puppy’s are going to a good home after all non of us want to see yet another dog ending up at the rescue center

We hope these few paragraphs have been of some help. you can contact any one of the people on the committee or see our training page for dates of classes and directions to our training class at Atherton