• NW Open Jan 2020

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    January 21, 2020
         The North West shows are sponsored by Pero – Specialist dog food for SBT’s         and Leigh Plumbing, suppliers of bathroom and plumbing accessories.      With an entry of 62 dogs this looked like being a great show – it was...
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    Dog line up2
    RBIS Jackabyte Bocouture
    Best Dog Waystaff Strike Force
    BP Skyland Ratatouille
    Best Veteran Ch Bullhawk Jessie Jay at Northstaff
    1. 1st MPD Sikaistaff Warrior Spirit
    1. 1st PD Skyland Enchanted
    2. 2nd PD Hamason To Be Frank at Karjaydan (2)
    3. 1st JD Elitebull Charger
    3. 2nd JD Elitebull Avenger
    3. 3rd JD Blazen Staffs Testarossa
    3. 4th JD Dilirystaff The Punisher
    4. 1st ND Elitebull Avenger
    4. 2nd ND Skyland Enchanted
    4. 3rd ND Tagstane Worth The Wait
    5. 1st PGD Elitebull Leo
    5. 2nd PGD Holmane Cavansite
    5. 3rd PGD Diamondstaff Wee Mac
    5. 4th PGD Hatson Come On Thunder
    5. 5th PGD Mr Gee Ebony Boy Blue
    6. 1st LD Waystaff Strike Force
    6. 2nd LD Elitebull Supermoon
    6. 3rd LD Dilirystaff All The Rage
    7. 1st OD Devils And Fairies Unforgettable
    7. 2nd OD Ch northstaff Notorious
    9. 1st MPB Matrixstaffs Black Velvet
    9. 2nd MPB Matrixstaffs Black Beauty
    9. 3rd MPB Sophie Sophie off Lanacastaff
    10. 1st PB Skyland Ratatouille
    10. 2nd PB Barielle Winters Solstice
    11. 1st JB Chiswelstaff Black Velvet at Kamaristaff
    11. 2nd JB Waystaff Full Moon
    12. 1st NB Elitebull Hydra
    12. 2nd NB Pendlestaff Black Coral
    13. 1st PGB Jackabyte Bocouture
    13. 2nd PGB Molru Shine Ya Light
    14. 1st LB Illori Bootie Luv
    14. 2nd LB Hatson Getting away With It
    14. 3rd LB Lll Miss Velvet at Kamaristaff
    15. 1st OB Elitebull Destiny
    15. 2nd OB Illori Bootie Luv
    16. 1st VB Bullhawk Jessie Jay at Northstaff
    16. 2nd VB Ch Briganah Breaking Dawn
    Dog line up 2
    Veteran Bitch class
    MPB class
    PGB class
    BIS challenge
    BIS the bitch
    Judge Dave Cartwright
    Stewards Vicki & Andy
    Mrs Mop
  • NW Open Oct 2019

    Posted On:
    October 14, 2019
      Once again the Club attracted a good entry – this time 52 dogs  – for our judge Wayne Jackson (affix Jackabyte) Wayne’s Choice for the Best In Show award was Debbie McCarron-Tuer’s Elitebull Supermoon, winner of the Limit Dog class   Reserve BIS and Best Opposite...
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    1. 1st MPD
    NW Open Oct 2019
    1. BIS Elitebull Supermoon
    1. BB & RBIS Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin
    1. BP Berrystock Miss Firefly
    1. BV Fizz
    1. RBB Molru shine Ya Light
    2. 1st pd
    3. 1st JD
    3. 2nd jd
    3. 3rd jd
    4. 1st ND
    5. 1st pgd
    5. 2nd pgd
    5. 3rd pgd
    6. 1st LD
    6. 2nd ld
    7. 1st od
    9. 1st MPB
    9. 2nd mpb
    9. 3rd mpb
    10. 1st pb
    11. 1st jb
    11. 2nd jb
    13. 1st pgb
    14. 1st LB
    14. 2nd lb
    15. 1st ob
    15. 2nd ob
    15. 3rd OB
    16. 1st VB Fizz
    16. 2nd vb
  • NW Ch Show 2019

    Posted On:
    April 9, 2019
      Held at Leigh Sports Village on Sunday 7th April Judges at this show   Dogs – Bill McKnight (affix Belnite) – pictured left and Sarah Hemstock (affix Jolihem) –  below, right with daughter Josephine Fredrico (otherwise known as Freddie)          ...
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    Ringside 2
    Belnite Special for DCC
    Jackie in a strop
    Sarah Hemstock & Freddie
    Bill McKnight
    BCC Ch Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine
    BRCC Marstaff True Grit
    BV Surestaff Valentina
    DCC & BIS Cinfel Melodies Tailor 2
    DRCC Ch Luthais Its Hammer Time with Westbull
    vegan treats
    Welcome sign
    1. MPD 1st Chalexstaff The Heathen
    1. MPD 3rd Elitebull Charger
    1. MPD
    2. PD 1st Nerotoro Broguez
    2. PD 2nd Ballindona Rodger the Dodger
    2. PD 3rd Waystaff Moon Shine
    3. JD 2nd TNT Edition Renegade of Arnhem
    3. JD 3rd Manark Made To Measure
    3. JD Cinfel Melodies Tailor
    4. YD 1st Stormfire Lebron James
    4. YD 2nd Tegumen Ace Of Spades
    4. YD 3rd Tillcarr Fire Starter
    5. ND
    6. PGD 1st Ballindona Crazy Horse
    6. PGD 2nd Briganah Indeed I Do
    6. PGD 3rd Trufflestaff Papinashuash
    6. PGD
    7. LD 1st Luthais Highland Fling
    7. LD 2nd Dilirystaff All the Rage
    7. LD 3rd Marstaff Sundance Kid
    8. OD 1st Ch Luthais Its Hammer Time with Westbull
    8. OD 2nd Bultery Rollen Thunder
    8. OD 3rd Ch Chiswellstaff Lets Dance
    8. OD 4th Ch Elitebulls Challenger
    9. VD 1st Torostaff Our Billy at Joemikeste
    BP RNB of Spirit-Staffs
    3. JD 4th Never Dies Ice White Du Clan Molotov
    5. ND 2nd Leebees Marbooza
    Ringside 2a
    Peaky blinders2
    1. MPD 2nd Ashstaff Jesses Dark Prince
    7. LD
    OD placings
    1st JB Dilirystaff Mystic Star
    1st LB Marstaff True Grit
    1st MPB Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust
    1st NB Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust
    1st OB Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine
    1st PB RNB of spirit-staffs
    1st PGB Jodanzac Fireball Red
    1st VB Surestaff Valentina
    1st YB Goldstaffs Just Stole The Show
    2nd JB Luthais Aurora Borealis
    2nd JB Seenworstaff Tie Kuan Yin
    2nd LB Goldstaffs In It To Win It
    2nd Mpb Gallantstaff Murphys Girl
    2nd NB Raspberry Ripple of spirit-staffs to Trufflestaffs
    2nd OB Staffanatics MagicP otion
    3rd JB Luthais Light Of Venus
    3rd LB Kings and Queens Over the Moon
    3rd MPB Kirniastaff Pheonix
    3rd NB Skyland Ontario
    3rd OB Joddricks Poker Face
    3rd PB Blazen Staffs Rainbow moon
    3rd PGB Situations Dutch Connection
    3rd YB Hellstaff Lady Gaga
    4th OB Divastaff Moonlight Reverence at Lackyle
    BPB RNB of spirit-staffs
    2nd PGB Ballindona Fab U Lus for Labrastaff
    17. OB
    BCC to OB
    BIS decision – the dog
    BIS duo
    Bitch line up
    BPD (2)
    DCC Cinfel Melodies Tailor
    Judges deliberating over BIS
    judging BIS
    line up dogs (2)
    ob placing 2
    BP the bitch RNB of Spirit-Staffs
    fijian bowl
    Apres show Whistling Wren
    Apres show Whistling Wren 2
    Apres show Whistling Wren 3
    A sign poster 2final
  • NW Open Jan 2019

    Posted On:
    January 22, 2019
     Another great entry for the North West and for judge Steve Simpson to go over – 57 dogs entered, two of these NFC. Exhibitors came from far and wide – not the Isle of Skye this time, even further afield,  France in fact – Michel Moureu-Larrang (right) making a weekend of...
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    jan open 2
    1. MPD 1st Hatson Come On Thunder
    1. MPD 2nd Otwe Lo Kaf Du Domaine D’ishtar
    1. MPD 3rd Nerotoro Broguez
    pic for web
    2. 2nd PD Nerotoro Broguez
    2. PD 1st Chezatree Born On Fools at Kirstaff
    3. JD 1st Sikaistaff Man Of Steel
    3. JD 2nd Tegumen Ace Of Spades
    3. JD 3rd Never Dies Ice White du Clan’Molotov
    3. JD
    4. PGD (4)
    4. PGD 1st Northstaff Notorious
    4. PGD 2nd Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went
    4. PGD 3rd Elitebull Supermoon
    5. LD 1st Waystaff Strike Force
    5. LD 2nd Harley’s Choice
    6. OD 1st Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs
    6. OD 2nd Jiskalwin Lisava Du Domaine D’Ishtar
    7. VD 1st Geordiestaff Canny Laddie
    8. Dog line up
    9. BD Northstaff Notorious
    9. RBD Maxsta2
    10. Best PD Challenge
    10. BPD Hatson Come On Thunder
    11. Dog winners
    12. MPB (2)
    12. MPB 1st Jackabyte Bocouture (2)
    12. MPB 2nd Waystaff Honeymoon
    13. 2nd Eclypstaff Thumbelina
    13. PB 1st Legendstaff Sweet Lady
    14. JB 1st Luthais Light Of Venus
    14. JB 2nd Legendstaff Sweet Lady
    15. NB 1st Legendstaff Sweet Lady & 2nd Skyland Ontario
    16. PGB 1st Lonemoor Inion De for Zaagabull
    16. PGB 2nd Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs
    16. PGB 3rd Caymenstaffs Little minx & 4th Situations Dutch Connection
    17. LB 1st Molru Shine Ya Light
    18. OB 1st Chiswelstaff Jean Genie
    18. OB 2nd I Need Your money Du Clan’ Molotov
    18. OB
    19. VB 1st Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan
    19. VB 2nd Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude cum Geordiestaff
    20. Bitch line up (2)
    20. Bitch line up
    20. RBB I Need Your Money
    BIS Northstaff Notorious
    BP Jackabyte Bocouture
    RBIS Chiswelstaff Jean Genie
    BIS Northstaff Notorious
    BP Jackabyte Bocouture2
    RBIS Chiswelstaff Jean Genie2
    Res BB I Need Your Money Du Clan’ Molotov
    Res Best Dog Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went (2)
  • NW Open Oct 2018

    Posted On:
    November 1, 2018
      The judge for our Open show, held on the 28th October 2018 was Brian Speed (Speediestaff) from Cumbria. Proceedings commenced with a minutes silence remembering the passing of Club members Stan Atherton and Len Barton, RIP. Stan was the other half of  the Lancstaff kennel and husband to Carole,...
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    Reserve best dog ch Ballindona Crafty Copper at Sanguliano
    NW Open 2018
    Barbara receives a cheque
    Intro for judge
    Minutes silence
    1. PD class
    2. 1st PD Cinfel Melodies Tailor
    3. 2nd PD Stormfire Sex Symbol
    4. JD
    5. JD 1st Stormfire Lebron James
    6. 2nd JD Tillcarr Fire starter
    7. 3rd JD Tegumen Ace Of Spades
    8. 1st ND Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went
    10. 3rd ND Beckash Master Craftsman
    11. 1st PGD Elitebull Supermoon
    12. 2nd & 3rd PGD Waystaff Strike Force & Belnite Balor at Gelstaff
    13. 1st LD Braunstaff Feel The Noise
    14. 2nd LD Ballindona Standing Bear
    15. 3rd LD Harley’s Choice
    16. 1st OD Ch Ballindona Crafty Copper at Sanguliano
    17. 2nd OD Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs
    18. Dog Line up
    19. BD to Limit
    21. 1st MPB Jackstaff Bewitched
    22. 2nd MPB Ballindona Bobbydazzler
    23. 1st PB Lackyle Banrion Uasal at Jewelstaff
    24. 1st JB Jodanzac Fireball Red
    25. 2nd JB Trawden Solitaire
    26. 3rd JB Skyland Ontario
    27. 1st PGB Kings & Queens Over The Moon
    28. 1st LB Chiswelstaff Jen Genie
    28. 2nd LB Dringshaw Boule De Neige
    28. 3rd LB Molru Shine Ya Light
    29. 1st OB Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff
    30. 2nd OB Zakstaff Winterfell
    31. Bitch line up
    32. BB to Open
    33. Challenge for BIS
    Barbara receives a cheque
  • NW Champ Show 2018

    Posted On:
    April 13, 2018
       This major event was held on Sunday 8th April 2018 at Leigh Indoor Sports Centre (part of the Leigh Sports Village complex), at Leigh, Greater Manchester. The Judges for the day were – Dog Judge – Alan Wetton (affix Wettbuck) and the Bitch Judge – Bev Harrison (affix...
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  • 2018 Limit Show

    Posted On:
    January 28, 2018
    This show was held on the 21st of January 2018 at our usual venue, the Mather Room, Mather Lane, Leigh. Today’s judge was Teri Owen – affix Tagstane – the entry was 40 dogs. The main winners were: BIS – Andy & Linzi’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs,...
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    1. BIS Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs
    2. Res BIS, Res BD, BP Elitebull Challenger
    3. Best Bitch Chiswelstaff Jean Genie
    4.Res BB, Zakstaff Winterfell
    5. BPB Molru Shine Ya Light
    6. BV Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan
    7. Best Veteran
    1. 1st MPD Elitebull Challenger
    1. 2nd MPD Belnite Balor at Gelstaff 2
    2. 1st PD Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went
    3. 1st JD Waystaff Strike Force
    3. 2nd JD Dusklight Against All Odds
    3. 3rd Junior Dog, Harley’s Choice
    4. 1st ND Zulash Black Hurricane
    5. 1st PGD Joemikeste Amor Dei
    6. 1st LD Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff
    7. 1st OD Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs
    7. 2nd OD Ballindona Benromach
    8. 1st VD Absolute Star
    9. 1st MPB Trawden Solitaire
    10. 1st PB Molru Shine Ya Light
    12. 1st NB Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle
    13. 1st PGB Chiswelstaff Jean Genie (2)
    13. 2nd PGB Valglo Deja Vu
    13. 3rd PGB Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs
    14. 1st LB Zakstaff Winterfell
    14. 2nd LB Joemikeste Play The Game
    15. 1st OB Janjoma Boniwee Gurl
    15. 2nd OB Tikkurilan Lucky Strike
    16. 1st VB Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan
  • Companion Show Dec 2017

    Posted On:
    January 26, 2018
    The Club held a Companion Show in aid of the North West SBT Rescue run by Barbara Green on the 3rd December 2017 The original nominated judge (s) were to be Jackie McCarthy-Booth and Jemma McCarthy but unfortunately both dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances and at the last minute Committee member...
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    1. Best in show
    Class 3 AV terrier & Class 11 Prettiest bitch 1st Lolly
    Class 3 AV terrier 2nd Jack
    Class 11 SonnyPrettiest bitch, handsome dog 8th, class 3 3rd, class 2nd
    Class 4 with 2nd Branch Frenchie
    Class 5 AV Open 1st & 2nd Av terrier Jack SBT & 2nd class 12
    Class 6 Veteran 1st Tilly SBT & 6th waggiest tail
    Class 8 1st Waggiest tail Bexie
    Class 8 2nd Waggiest tail Finnley
    Class 8 Waggiest tail 3rd & 2nd Class 10 Marley Bobs
    Class 8 4th Waggiest tail Rebel 3rd class 9
    Class 12 Veteran 4th Diesel (3) & 5th Class 10
    Class 9 Best Condition 1st Maddie (2)
    Class 10 Best Rescue 1st Lolly
    Class 10 Best Rescue 3rd Bonny & 5th class 11 3rd Class 12 Vet
    Class 10 Best Rescue 6th Bexie & 7th Bodie
    Class 11 Prettiest bitch, handsome dog 7th Betty
    Class 11 Prettiest bitch, handsome dog first 3
    Class 12 Veteran 5th Bodie
    Class 9 Best Condition 2nd Sonny
    Class 10 Best Rescue 2nd Marley Bobs
    Class 12 Veteran 1st tilly SBT (2)
    Class 12 veteran 2nd Jack
    Babara Green
    The raffle
    Rescue Tombola
  • NW Open 2017 Photos & Critique

    Posted On:
    October 23, 2017
      The NW held an Open show on 15th October 2017, at the Mather Room, Mather Lane, Leigh.   The judge on the day was Paul Sutcliffe – affix Pendlestaff.             On this page are the full results with Paul’s critique, complete with photos of...
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    BIS Harley’s Choice
  • NW Ch Show 2017 Critiques & Photos

    Posted On:
    August 2, 2017
                      Date of Show 2nd April 2017 Judges: Dogs – Jim Devine (Lendevs): Bitches – Bert Emmett (Elvinor)    BOB & DCC – Chiswelstaff Lets Dance, owner/breeder Stuart Breckell      BCC & RBIS: Biggleswick...
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  • NWSBTS Limited Show 22/1/17

    Posted On:
    January 22, 2017
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    1st JB & 2nd PGB & NB NW limit 22.1
    1st JD NW limit 22.1
    1st LB NW limit 22.1
    1st LD NW limit 22.1
    1st MPB NW limit 22.1
    1st MPD NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    1st NB pic 2 NW limit 22.1
    1st ND NW limit 22.1
    1st OB NW limit 22.1
    1st PB NW limit 22.1
    1st PGD NW limit 22.1
    1st VD NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    2nd JB NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    2nd JD NW limit 22.1
    2nd LD NW limit 22.1
    2nd MPB NW limit 22.1
    2nd MPD NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    2ND ND NW limit 22.1
    BB,BIS & PGB NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    BD NW limited 22.1_edited-1
    BPIS NW limit 22.1
    Dog Line Up Limit Show @ NWSBTC_edited-1
    JB classNW limit 22.1
    NWSBTC limit 22.1.17 Braunstaff _edited-2
    PB lineup NW limit 22.1_edited-1
    Pic 2 2nd PB NW limit 22.1
    RBD & LD NW Limit 22.1
    RBIS & LB NW limit 22.1
    VD NWSBTC limit 22.1
  • NWSBTC Open Show 23/10/16

    Posted On:
    October 23, 2016
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