After the Puppy classes there were no NW bitches entered in the middle classes so we move on to Limit where in second place behind the ultimate CC winner we have Karen Waltham and Dringshaw Boule De Neige and in third Andy Mayren’s Joemikeste Queen Of the Nile at Fergiestaffs, being given a run out and not bad placings for these bitches in a strong class.














On to Open Bitch and at the head of this class was Vicki Butler with a very fidgety Ch Joemikeste Play the Game giving Vic a Torrid time (as Elaine put it in her critique)

At the conclusion of judging Alan Hedges announced to the packed ringside that this was Elaine’s last judging appointment and she received a round of applause – thank you on her behalf.

But she has said this before so we will see if it is so.


 The judge at this show was Craig Dillon – affix Cragails  – Craig comes with a good pedigree, has bred a number of Champions in the past and now prefers to keep in touch with the Breed through his judging career. 

The entry at this show was a very impressive 130 plus, very much against the trend in 2019.

Of the North Westers showing here, only Debbie Desmond did very well with a RCC for her Ch Elitebulls Challenger (pictured left) and a First place in Minor Puppy dog with Challenger’s son – Elitebull Charger (right).














We have to go to Post Grad Dog to find our next NW exhibitor – Kim Cape handling Glyn Major’s Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went – now a consistent winner at this level – can’t be far off having to move up a class.


Limit Dog saw a second place for Paul & Liz Stanway and their Waystaff Strike Force and in third place was the Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda


In the Open dog class the Allsopp’s Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker came third 


After all the excitement at SCCA Ray Wilson came down to earth with a third place in Minor Puppy bitch with Elitebull Elysian Dream although this result wasn’t at all bad given a surprisingly high entry in this class – 11, bucking the trend where we are seeing ones and two’s in these classes (at General Ch shows).

The first three places in the Puppy Bitch class were all NW members  – the usual suspects, in first place Karen Waltham with Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust (below, left), followed by Liz Stanway with Waystaff Honeymoon (below right), then in third Karon Jackson and Jackabyte Bocouture. 














Linda Hall managed a creditable fourth place in Junior bitch with her Legendstaff Sweet Lady cum Geordiestaff – Linda are you the sweet Lady or is it the dog, or both perhaps?

Moving on to Limit Bitch and a second place for last week’s big winner Illori Believe In Me for Gem Rowe and tucked in behind her (again) was Karen Waltham’s Dringshaw Boule De Neige. 

Pictured here is Believe In Me

Open Bitch was won by the eventual CC winner – Because I Love You Terrystaff (from the Czech Republic) – but the following four places were occupied by NW members – in second was Vicki Butler with Ch Joemikeste Play The Game, pictured below, followed by Liz Stanway with Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff, then Karen Johnson with Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire and the VHC went to Julie & Stacey with Taraiel Lorde.

Vicki looking almost calm on this one.

For information – I’ve  already mentioned the Bitch CC winner – she is owned and bred by Tereza Drahosova Pauderova. The litter brother to this bitch also won the Dog CC and the dam of these two won the Veteran Class at this show.

Quite a fruitful trip for Tereza – she’s not a NW member, but it’s of interest to all of us, I’m sure.


Border Union

The judge this year was Bianca Janssen (affix Staffjoys) a Breed  Specialist from Holland





No NW members amongst the major winners (CC & RCC’s) but Ray Wilson won the Minor Puppy bitch class – wasn’t difficult as, once again he stood alone in the class – the only dog entered. 

The Puppy Bitch class, dominated by North Westers was won by Karen Waltham and her Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust (I’m getting the hang of this name, now), with the two other contenders Jackabyte Bocouture and Waystaff Honeymoon tucked in behind.


As many a judge puts it “the first three will change places in future” or words to that effect. That’s the case with these three, though the Best Puppy bitch was from the Minor Puppy class.

At the end of proceedings the Best Puppy award went to the bitch – Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin – what is an elysian dream, Ray & Jan?

Winning Best Puppy awards, maybe. That’s two now and here she is with the judge.

Junior Dog was won by Paul Murray and his Cinfel Melodies Tailor – the other two times this dog won Junior he went on to win the CC but it wasn’t meant to be today – still another Junior win isn’t a bad result, at all.

We don’t have a photo of this so instead here’s one from when he went on to win the CC, for luck

Michaela Riley with her Hatson Come On Thunder, now in Junior secured third place in this class.

North Westers featured in the cards here and there in the later Dog classes – in Yearling Dog a second place for Julie Bibby & Stacey Hirst’s Taraiel Soulja Boy and fourth for Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter and in Limit  a second place for  Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda and in fourth Jane Roper and Trawden Ice Cool.

The Open Dog class wasn’t exactly packed –  only two, in second place Liz Stanway and Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon.

In the bitches, after the Puppy classes there wasn’t much to shout about – except for a fourth in Junior for Linda Hall and Legendstaff Sweet Lady cum Geordiestaff – until Post Graduate and another great win for Gem Rowe, the girl for all seasons – this time out with Illori Bootie Luv, pictured below (pic, courtesy of Jan Wilson)

In the next class – Limit – standing in second place was Michaela Riley with Molru Shine Ya Light, quite pleasing in this strong class – in third was Karen Waltham with Dringshaw Boule De Neige.

The CC winner came from the Open Bitch class (Hocus Pocus of Spirit-Staff’s) but the remaining line up were all North Westers – going down the order Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny (2nd), Ch Tillcarr Baptism of Fire (3rd), Ch Joemikeste Play The Game (4th) and in 5th Briganah Body And Soul.

The last class of the day – Veteran Bitch – and guess who won – the one and only Ch Taraiel Ciara going on to win Best Veteran for Julie and Stacey.

We do have a pic of her, below.


Best in show at the NE Open show, the day after Border Union, under judge Lorraine Rollin was Paul & Liz Stanway’s Stormfire Crack the Code  at Waystaff – credit must go to Lorraine and the Club as the entry here was 64 going somewhat against the tide. 

This terrific entry created a great atmosphere – the NE have done well to secure such a good venue.




The judge this time around was Craig Scanlan (affix Pantycelyn)  – his second Ch show appointment.




Not many NW members travelled down south for this one, with one or two exceptions – the Tillcarr team did with Martin & Karen Johnson coming in second in their respective classes with Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire in Open bitch and Tillcarr Fire Coanda in Limit dog – for these two I guess second places are relatively unusual territory, after all the success. 

We did see one member doing very well though and that is Wayne & Karon Jackson with their puppy Jackabyte Bocouture and another Best Puppy award, her fourth. The Johnson’s have more than a passing interest in this dog’s career – Tillcarr Fire Coanda is the sire.

The Dog CC winner at this show was bred by NW members Julie Bibby and Stacey Hirst – Taraiel Reaper at Teracota, this is a first CC for this dog and is the latest big time winner for this kennel.

The photo here is of Julie, handling this dog after the Crufts judging when the SBT Annual was handing out the 2018 awards – this dog was the Top Puppy in 2018.


We see Julie (and occasionally Stacey) at most shows with her troupe of dogs – especially Ch Taraiel Ciara who is virtually an ever present this year and she didn’t fail to come up with the goods winning the Best Veteran award at this show.

And that wraps up Windsor 2019

Another back to back, first weekend in July, this General going first with judge Mark Davies (affix Eclypstaff) and the next day at nearby Peterborough the breed club show with judges Toni Holt (officiating for the first time at a Champ show) doing the Dogs and Shaun Stone (affix Ashbull) the bitches. 

At the East of England North Westers didn’t figure in the major honours – except to say that Taraiel Reaper at Teracota,  the dog that Julie Bibby and Stacey Hirst bred, won his second CC, a full week later after his first at Windsor (see photo of Julie above with this dog).

Whilst on the Taraiel subject, Ch Taraiel Ciara won Best Veteran at both of these shows confirming once again what a top bitch she is – all in all she has taken the Best Veteran award 13 times in 2019 and we are only half way through the season!

Here they both are with Shaun Stone at the East Anglian show


Second and third places were the norm for North Westers at the East of England show with some very notable exceptions coming in the Bitches – in the puppy class we saw the current Top Puppy Jackabyte Bocouture winning the Puppy class and Best Bitch puppy, below.

Then we had Gem Rowe’s  Illori Bootie Luv winning yet again the Post Graduate class (and winning herself out of this class, pictured here, below).

And in the Open class, in first place was Ch Joemikeste Play The Game, still fidgeting here on this photo, below, despite the stern look from Vicki.

Second and third in Minor Puppy Dog were the two Elitebulls – Debbie and Debbie (Mesdames McCarron-Tuer and Desmond, respectively) and their Avenger and Charger. This was repeated the next day, remarkably behind the same dog (Chalexstaff The Heathen).

Another second and third pairing in the Open dog class with Tillcarr Fire Coanda and Ch Elitebulls Challenger and a sprinkling of other placings spread around the classes (we’re still at the East of England) – Illori’s Believe In Me and Akinlana, Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went, Taraiel Soulja Boy, Waystaff Full Moon, Briganah Body And Soul.

So all in all quite a large NW presence. 

A new venue for the East Anglian club – having to vacant the Wood Green venue at Huntingdon (no longer available for dog shows) and abandon their traditional May Bank holiday show date (having to comply with new KC rules on Breed clubs clashing dates with Generals) all conspired to going Back to Back with East of England in the same area (and not the same venue/date like Bath Western).

Despite the venue being rather small, this was more than compensated for by a very lively atmosphere; I have to say that this show was a terrific success. 

The vibrancy at the end was tremendous with the ringside more or less intact to witness the emotional reaction for the CC winners – the place was rocking!  

And what a day for Debbie McCarron-Tuer – her Dog Elitebull Supermoon was second in the Limit class, which was a result in itself so when she was called in to challenge for the RCC (when the Limit winner won the CC) I don’t suppose she thought much about it.

The surprise on her face when she won the RCC was a picture – this picture.

Having recovered her composure more photo opportunities with the judge

Before all that and in the class itself all was calm after the placings with Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter in third place, very pleasing for Anne as this was only her second time in Limit.

Another Elitebull, no stranger to big wins, Ch Elitebulls Challenger, won the Open Dog class and even though this was as far as this dog went on this day, I did spot Debbie looking on proudly at the RCC win, recorded above.

Here he is though looking good, I have to say – Elitebulls Challenger that is.

Moving on to the Bitches – this was the last Puppy class for Jackabyte Bocouture, this time out with a second place and in third was Ray & Jan Wilson’s Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin.

Not  a lot to shout about in the later classes – for a change Illori Bootie Luv didn’t win Post Grad – third place actually. Also in third place, this time in Limit, was Michaela Riley with Molru Shine Ya Light. 

East Anglia still have some of those classes of bygone times, like Bred By Exhibitor – in the dog class this was won by Gem Rowe with Illori Akinlana – below right (after getting a kicking in Limit) and her bitch Illori Believe In Me was actually entered in the bitch version, coming third. This class was won by Ch Joemikeste Play the Game – below left (also after getting a kicking, this one in Open). 

And so ended a very enjoyable weekend 


A weekend off in the middle of July although one or two of us were involved in running (and participating in) the Seminar – Requirements of a Dog show judge, held on the Sunday.(14th July) by the North West, at Leigh.

The following weekend and another double header, this time the Potteries and the Notts & Derby club Champ Shows.


The judges at this show – doing the Dogs was NW President Kay Aspin (affix Scarthwaite) and judging the Bitches, from the North East – Audrey Hubery (affix Nozac).  

Les Aspin ventured out for his second show this year (pictured below, right) – thanks must go to Paul Sutcliffe (left) and Claire Crossman for ferrying the Aspins to the show.









The highlight of the show was a third CC for Paul Murray’s Dog Cinfel Melodies Tailor – all three CC’s came from Junior – a fantastic result received by tumultuous applause from the ringside.  

The photo below is of this dog winning his class.

The North West had their fair share of placings at this show – 10 firsts out of 20 classes – 6 in the Dogs, 4 in the bitches. Mind you there was 35 dogs entered owned by NW members.

We’ve mentioned the main one already but the first one was in Minor Puppy dog with Janjoma It’s A Try, bred and handled here by Jan Matthews.


Skipping Junior Dog, I might have mentioned it already and we have Yearling – in First place Steven Tighe with his Tegumen Ace Of Spades – Steven looking rather pleased with himself (and Stan) I’d say. 


Onto Limit Dog – Anne Preston has been a bit of a Cinderella on the Tillcarr team although her dog Tillcarr Fire Starter has done pretty well by most peoples standards.

At this show though he came into his own by winning the class and a great thrill for Anne and her bloke Simon. She was as pleased as punch. 


Second in this class and we find Jane Louise Roper handling Trawden Ice Cool  – Jane looks pretty ice cool in her pale green spotless outfit.


And there was a third place in this class for yet another NW member – Debbie McCarron-Tuer and her (RCC winning) dog Elitebull Supermoon. 

Debbie was placed second in the Puppy class (behind the ultimate RCC winner) with her other Elitebull dog – Avenger – I missed this event altogether, sorry.

Earlier Debbie told me that she has trouble getting her dog to stand for the camera – she didn’t disappoint here either!

There were 11 entries in the Open Dog class and NW Members occupied the first four positions.

In First place was Linda Miller’s Deldenas Black Shadow, currently on 2 CC’s so this win upped the anti somewhat. In the event the CC went down the line and so did the RCC (to the puppy class winner) so Rupert had to settle for this placing, pictured here. (like those short nails, Linda)

In second we have Liz Stanway’s imported Australian Champion Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon, abandoned after this placing (required in the Bitch ring) so it was down to Paul Sutcliffe to present Diego to the crowd of photographers.

In third, still in Open Dog, we have Andy Mayren with his Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs, another dog on 2CC’s – Andy looking seriously serious; there’s always another day, another show, Andy. 

Lurking in 4th place and looking a bit out of place was Debbie Desmond with her Ch Elitebulls Challenger. 


That’s it as far as the dogs are concerned so on with the Bitches – for a change the Veteran class was judged first and standing in First place was Julie Bibby with the one and only Ch Taraiel Ciara.

Third in this class was Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan – she’s looking oddly more of a brindle than when we arrived, it’s definitely her, I recognise the handler. Must have been the light.

No NW representation in Minor Puppy Bitch, but a terrific result in the Puppy Bitch class for Ray & Jan Wilson and their Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin  – I managed to miss this class as well, but caught up with Ray at the end of the show, the competition for Best Puppy. 

In this shot I like the way she’s casting a glance at Kay – it’s a “what do you want” look.

Top winning puppies Jackabyte Bocouture and Waystaff Honeymoon (you must know the breeder/owners of these two by now) are now in Junior, a different proposition some would say; well I would anyway, with countless CC winners coming from Junior last year and a few this time around. 

At this show a third place for Bocouture and fifth for Honey. 

Gem Rowe entered her bitch Ilori Bootie Luv in Post Graduate – I’ve lost track of how many Post Grads this girl has won, anyway, this occasion was a repeat performance.


Coming second here was that very long distance traveller (from the south west of France) Michel Moureu-Larrang with Situation’s Dutch Connection – and yes, he is a NW member – he took advantage of our show entry discount for members by joining the Club, thereby qualifying for the discount which in his case pays for the membership fee more than twice over as he was at both of our 2019 shows with a pile of chiens.


The Open Bitch class was well populated by North Westers, so it wasn’t a major surprise when member’s dogs took the first four places.

At the head of the line was Dave & Vicki Butler’s Ch Joemikeste Play The Game, looking suddenly becalmed on this shot, as is, indeed the handler, Vicki.


And in second place was Liz Stanway with her Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – this bitch is currently standing on 2 CC’s – plod on – see what happened at Builth Wells for the big news on this girl. 


Martin & Michelle Murphy (from Dublin) have been busy rearing a litter this year out of their bitch Ch Karwillage Mystic Girl (pictured below) and this show was their first outing in 2019 to the UK (mainland), so not too bad coming in third in this class.

And in fourth was Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, a CC winner in 2019.

To finish on a high note we have the main NW winners with the Judges.

Dog CC and Reserve BIS – Cinfel Melodies Tailor, handled by owner Paul Murray with judge Kay Aspin


Best Veteran Ch Taraiel Ciara handled by co-owner Julie Bibby and judge Audrey Hubery


And we have one of the Best Puppy bitch – Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin, handled by co-owner Ray Wilson and judge Audrey Hubery.



This show was held the following day after the Potteries – July 21st 2019 at the usual venue – the Bowls Hall at the Leisure Centre, Alfreton and what a jewel this venue is. 


The judges at this show – judging the Dogs Kirsty Summerfield (Canakey) and the Bitches Andy Land (Winzack) and a good entry for these two – 171 in total.

The Notts & Derby show has turned into the Ilori show for Gem Rowe and her aptly named bitch Illori Believe In Me.

In 2017 this girl was Best Puppy here, followed in 2018 by winning her first CC (under judge Kevin Tittley) and at this event in 2019 (after another CC at the SCCA in June) she was awarded her crowning third CC here and what a reception from the ringside.

The North West didn’t fare quite as well as the previous day at the Potteries – that’s maybe an understatement.

In the early dog classes there was only Julie Bibby & Stacey Hirst’s Taraiel Soulja Boy (repeating the previous day’s) first place in the Graduate Dog class, pictured below.

Following his 1st in Limit Dog at the Potteries Tillcarr Fire Starter was placed third at this show with Liz Stanway’s Waystaff Strike Force tucked in behind in fourth.

The Open Dog class placings consisted mainly of NW members – in first place was Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger

Next, in second was Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda

And standing in the third spot was Liz Stanway’s Australian Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon – as yesterday Liz left it to others to stand the dog (to show in the bitch ring) – the “others” was Michaela Riley who had some difficulty getting the dog to stand for his photo – in the end she managed it but the dog was facing the wrong way – perfect. 

In fourth and disappeared by now, was Andy Mayren with Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs.

Karen Waltham scored once again coming second in the Puppy Bitch class (and the Novice class) with Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust – this bitch seems to be able to find the top two places on a regular basis.


We’ve already mentioned the glory of the Limit Bitch class (Illori) so onto to the Open with a number of North Westers winning cards – in second place another Taraiel – Taraiel Lorde, the dam of the two dogs T Soulja Boy and the CC winning T Reaper at Teracota (the latter won the Yearling Dog class at this show). In third was Karen Waltham with Dringshaw Boule De Neige, followed by Joemikeste Play The Game and then Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff.

The last class – Veteran Bitch – Ciara gave this one a swerve, allowing others a bit of a chance. As far as the NW is concerned, there was a second place for the Norton’s Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan – hurrah.


One last snap of Ch Illori Believe In Me (thanks to Bev Harrison for this one and others)


And that’s it – on to Leeds and the heat. 


In the event the weather had cooled down a bit by show day; the judge at Leeds – Gwen Small (Bethane) 



The aforementioned Taraiel Reaper at Teracota was awarded the Dog CC, his third this month (July 2019) – and a fourth Champion bred by NW members Julie Bibby & Stacey Hirst.  You have to congratulate and commend this very un-assuming and modest pair of our community. 

Here we have a recent photo of this dog, for posterity. The owners are NOT NW members so I won’t mention them (pss – Lee Rhodes and Tony Pritchard)


The Dog Reserve CC went to the Open class winner, the owner of which is a NW member – Liz Stanway with Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon, now up and running and hopefully getting in the right groove for the up-coming shows with this win. 

This dog has one CC (and another RCC) to his name so far, pictured below.

Liz still had a smile on her face when it came to the Best Puppy award (pictured below), winning just that with her latest Stafford emerging from the Waystaff production line; her bitch Waystaff Full Moon.

The sire of this puppy is the Mosstrooper dog featured above and the dam is Liz & Paul’s Ch Mosstrooper Making Mischief at Waystaff.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Mosstrooper affix belongs to the Consadines, of Australia and behind these two dogs in their pedigrees are some randon Waystaffs including Ch Waystaff Strikes Back. 


The Bitch RCC was awarded to NW members Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny from the Open  class (First place) – she has one CC, won earlier this year (and two more RCC’s, won about this time last year).

The Jackson’s are blessed with two top winning bitches – the younger Jackabyte Bocouture coming second in Junior at this show. 


Jan Matthews, the breeder and handler of Janjoma It’s A Try took first place for the second show running  in the Minor  Puppy Dog class.

And in the Junior Dog class Michaela Riley’s Hatson Come On Thunder (topical at the moment, weather wise) Came In second place.  

Also in second place, this time in the Limit Dog class was Glyn Major’s Maxsta  Lord Floyd Of The Went – not exactly enjoying competing in this class until today with a very respectable  placing at this  show. 

The Open dog class line up looked very similar to the line at Notts & Derby, only a few days earlier with slight shuffling of the pack – Kentucky Moon in first place of course; followed by Ch Elitebulls Challenger, Bellarouge Adonis At Fergiestaffs; Tillcarr Fire Coanda.

Second place seems to be the norm of late for Karen Waltham and her  bitch Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust and once again this girl came in second in the Puppy Bitch class.  

All five places in the Open Bitch class  went to NW Members – in First place the RCC  winner Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, followed by the Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul; in third the Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire; then the Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff and finally Taraiel Lorde (dam of the CC winner and the latest Champion) 


Only one entered in Veteran Bitch, yes it’s Ch Taraiel Ciara  (litter sister to the dam of Taraiel Lorde).

The judge at this show was Jackie Smart (Arnhem) – her second Ch show. 

Martin & Karen Johnson won’t be forgetting this show for a while – they won both CC’s with litter mates the bitch Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire (her 4th CC in 2019, 9 altogether) and Tillcarr Fire Coanda (his second CC). 

People will be talking about this for years to come as it’s a fairly unique event for the handler/owner/breeder to win the CC’s.

Pictured here are the two dogs competing for BOB ; Karen with the dog and Mark Davies, the bitch (not sure where Martin was).

Incidentally Mark Davies, along with Marie, owns the sire of these two – Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can.




The bitch won and went on to take Group 3 in the Terrier Group under judge Shaun Watson.  









The picture below encapsulates the day nicely  – we just love these smiley photos (thanks to Debbie Desmond for use of these two photos)


Second to Coanda in the Open Dog class was Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger and he finished with the RCC; here he is.


Debbie was also entered in the Puppy Dog class with her Elitebull Charger, taking first place. 

Other than these two ever-presents there wasn’t a great NW representation at this show – one who did make the trip though, all the way from the leafy Manchester suburbs was Ray Wilson with his puppy bitch – Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin and a second place for her at this show. 

This photo is one taken earlier – June, I think, by Jan. 


The  third member of the Tillcarr team is Anne Preston doing quite well in Limit Dog classes with her Tillcarr Fire Starter – at this show he was placed a respectable third – not to be sniffed at, up and ’til recently this was a Stud Book entry job.

With SBT’s going back to Band D from Band E, only 1st’s in Limit count, but this dog has a 1st (at the Potteries, above). 

The judge at Bournemouth was Pete Hopgood (affix Antroboss) with a respectable entry exceeding the last couple of years by some 20 odd dogs, going against the tide of lower entries at most of the shows in 2019. (compared with 2018 and previous years).


Well the Johnsons are on a roll, after last week’s exploits at Paignton they followed this up at Bournemouth by winning the Dog CC with Tillcarr Fire Coanda (pictured below) and another Champion for this kennel – the seventh bred by them and they also own another Champion. 

There was no repeat of the double though, sister Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire wasn’t entered!

Not a great NW presence at this show and no photos either. 

The other dog making his mark was Glyn Major’s Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went, proudly winning the Limit Dog class. This dog  has done his fair share of winning and this represents the best result so far – it also qualifies him for the KC Stud Book.

No photos of him at this show but here is one I made earlier (photo by Kaine Davis, thank you very much)


The next show is in the wilderness of mid Wales for the Welsh KC show at the Welsh showground at Builth Wells, the judge at this show Dave Levy (Alidav).

This time last year Liz Stanway, handling her bitch Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff, was in first place in the Open bitch class and went home empty handed – fast forward a bit in 2018 and two CC’s later Liz could look forward to 2019 optimistically. 

Not so, until this show and the third CC awarded and a much relieved Liz as you can see from this photo (taken by)

And another photo later on when Liz had recovered her composure


Liz also won the Best Puppy award with Waystaff Full Moon (below) after winning both Puppy bitch classes – I’d bet that she was glad she went to this show.


All the other major awards went elsewhere except the Best Veteran and who else but Ch Taraiel Ciara – it looks like she just has to turn up but remember she was awarded 14 CC’s, one as recent as 2017 as a veteran – she has to go down as one of the top bitches ever.

Another, younger dog from this kennel – Taraiel Soulja Boy owned by breeders Julie Bibby & Stacey Hirst is a consistent winner at Champ shows – he’s been entered in a succession of Graduate classes (including this show) and has more or less won them all – maybe it’s time to graduate from Graduate – here he is, below.


Debbie McCarron-Tuer’s Elitebull Avenger was placed First in the Puppy dog class maintaining the Elitebull presence at most shows these days. 

Debbie’s other dog – Elitebull Supermoon – came third in a strong looking Limit dog class – this is another dog getting placed consistently at this level. 

The Dog CC went to the winner of Open (Biggleswick Funky Devil) and he headed a trio of North Westers – Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker, Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon and Ch Elitebulls Challenger. 

In the bitches the Jackabyte kennel featured with two second places – Bocouture in Junior and Miss Moneypenny in the Open class. 

The show scene moves up to Scotland for the August bank holiday weekend – this year on the Saturday it was the turn of the North Of Scotland Club show at Stonehaven, near Aberdeen.

They say it’s a long, long way to Tipperary and this applies to Aberdeen, but if you half fancy your chances then this show is well worth the journey- it’s  a great show.

Two judges here – the dogs Tom Hehir (Moindearg) from Ireland and the bitches Lesley McFadyen (Ariadh).

One very long distance traveller – Michel Moureu-Larrang (From the south of France!!!) and a NW member, won both the minor puppy classes – in the dogs with Open Your Eyes Watch Us Win Du Clan’ Molotov (below, left) and in the bitches Orgasm On The Fire Du Clan’ Molotov (!!) (below right).

Michel goes in for some rather unusual names for his dogs.


Incidentally these two are by Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda out of a bitch that goes back to Tillcarr breeding.

The Best Puppy award though went to another NW member Karen Waltham with her American import Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust – this bitch being placed First (out of one!) after a string of second places at previous shows – always the bridesmaid (well, not quite) but here after beating them all for BP and well deserved looking at this photo, below.

 Yearling dog saw another place for Michel, this time a second for Never Dies Ice White Du Clan’ Molotov.

The Open Dog class saw a trio of NW members dogs – in second place the aforementioned Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda, followed by Ch Cinfel Melodies Tailor and Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs, the latter still looking for his third CC – soon we hope.

Jackabyte Bocouture (below) bagged her first First in Junior at this show and followed this the next day at the SKC with another First – a nice double for owner/breeders Karon & Wayne Jackson.

This is the second double for this bitch in Scotland this year, winning the Best Puppy at the May SKC and the Scottish Club show the next day. 

Haste ye back, as they say up there.

All the places in the Open Bitch class were occupied by NW Members dogs – in First spot was Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire – it was at this show last year in 2018 that this bitch was awarded her first CC – nice.

In second place Ch Joemikeste Play The Game, then Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny in third, followed by the recently crowned (last week) Ch Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff,  then Briganah Body And Soul and finally I Need Your Money Du Clan’ Molotov –  a formidable line-up of top bitches.

Things didn’t finish there though for Baptism Of Fire – she was awarded the RCC – pictured below with co-owner/breeder Karen Johnson all the two judges.




The judge here was Anne Dick (Bourtie) from Aberdeen and breeder of more than a few Champions. 


This must be a lucky show for Anna Murray – last year her home bred dog Antrelleda Squadron Leader was awarded the CC under judge Jaci McLauchlan and after winning a second one later on in the year, 2019 beckoned with this dog on 2 CC’s. 

Well at this show she made it – a third CC for this dog, wining the Open class – marvellous. 


In second place was Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger going on to be awarded the RCC, keeping him in contention for the annual top awards 

In third place in this class was Andy & Linzi Mayren’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs – this dog’s also on 2 CC’s; keep going Andy.

Not many NW members in the Dog classes apart from Debbie McCarron-Tuer with her Elitebull Avenger standing in second place in the Puppy Dog class and a third for Trawden Ice Cool in Limit with Jane Roper handling.

Michel Moureu-Larrang didn’t do quite as well as the previous day with his two puppies – the  dog Open Your Eyes Watch Us Win Du Clan’ Molotov coming second and the bitch Orgasm On The Fire Du Clan’ Molotov, third in their respective Minor Puppy classes.

Ray & Jan Wilson’s Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin was placed second in the Puppy bitch classes followed by Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust in third for Karen Waltham. 

Apart from Jackabyte Bocouture (who won at both shows  in Junior, see above) that was it for NW members until the Open Bitch class where once again Joemikeste Play The Game was in First place.

Now, I’m not being funny (actually I am) but this bitch has won six Open classes at Champ shows in 2019 and apart from one, where she was awarded the CC (her 3rd) the rest drew a blank. 

Whatever, here she is winning the CC at the SBT club last year.

Meanwhile back at the SKC August 2019 and the Open bitch class – in second place was Steve & Julie Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul, followed in third by the Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny – both these two are always in the cards, the latter with one CC so one fine day I’m sure it will be their turn for glory.

So, that’s Scotland finished for another year.

 The SBT Club arranged an Open show to be held in conjunction with the City Of Birmingham Ch show on similar lines to the Bath Western combo – two adjacent rings.

On the same day the Gerald Westwood Stafford of the Year was also arranged to commence before the two shows so an early start was the order of the day – this event at 8.30 and the shows at 10.00. 



The judges for the Stafford of the Year were Maureen Ward, Marie Morris and Tec Norton. 


This event gets a mention in the NW chronicles because the owners of the winner is a NW member – and another day to remember for Team Tillcarr and reason why – Ch Tillcarr Fire Coanda was voted the Gerald Westwood Stafford of the Year 2019. 

The trophy (above right) was presented to the winners by Vera Westwood, on the left of the photo below with the judges Maureen, Marie and yours truly with Karen Johnson kneeling with the winner.


But the day didn’t finish there for this formidable kennel – the Best Opposite Sex was litter sister and winner of this event in 2018 – Ch Tillcarr Baptism of Fire. Martin has muscled in on this one.



Onto the City Of Birmingham show – judge Alan Small (Bethane).

After all the euphoria in the morning the two Champion Tillcarrs that won so well both finished in third place in their respective Open classes. 

But there was one Tillcarr that did win his class and that was litter brother Tillcarr Fire Starter placed First in the Limit dog class and then the RCC – a wonderful moment for owner Anne Preston who is new to showing although you wouldn’t know it, seeing how accomplished she is in the handling department, as this photo demonstrates, below.

Anne looks pleased here but that was nothing compared to when the dog was awarded the RCC – this next photo was taken at the end of judging though, when things calmed down a tad.


Second in Limit Dog was the Axe’s Harley’s Choice, another dog with a very positive show record, including a CC (and a RCC) 

And just for the sake of completeness Paul Murray came in fourth in this class with his Ch Cinfel Melodies Tailor, so I took one of him as well.


Going  back to the start – the Puppy Dog class saw Elitebull Charger in second place (pictured) with Debbie Desmond



The winner of the next class – Junior – was an obviously thrilled Michaela Riley and her Hatson come On Thunder

Soulja-ing on to Graduate Dog and another First for Taraiel Soulja Boy and owners Julie Bibby& Stacey Hirst, handled here by Stacey


On with the Bitches and a First place for Liz Stanway with her Waystaff Full Moon in Minor Puppy but she came unstuck with a third place in the Puppy class, surrounded by a pack of Chiswelstaffs.


Winning the Graduate classes seems to be the preserve of NW members at the moment and this continued here in bitches (as well as Dogs above) with Linda Hall’s Legendstaff Sweet Lady cum Geordiestaff.


The Open Bitch class was a triumph for Karen Jackson and her Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny winning this class and injecting a touch of adrenaline into Karen after all the hard work organising the SBTC events since the crack of dawn. 

Things got even better in the challenge though.


Second in this class was Briganah Body And Soul, handled here by third choice handler Julie Simpson and not a bad job she did of it, at all.


Not many in Veteran bitch – well there was one – say no more it’s Ch Taraiel Ciara, trying to break her own record, I dare say – having a good go at it anyway. 

There were no entries in Veteran Dog, so Ciara went Best Veteran. 

Here she is with the judge and Julie.


Finally the bitch challenge and the CC went to Open – Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny – her second. 

And that was the end of things for another day and on that note that’s it for Summer 2019 and as I write this (Sept 4th) it’s raining, windy and cold.