The first weekend in April and two shows to go at – on the Saturday the National Terrier  and on the Sunday the North West Ch show – for more on this last show at the North West go to:-



The judges at the National Terrier were Audrey Hubery (affix Nozac) judging the dogs, and the bitches Paul Quinn (affix Bowferry).


Where to start with this one – well at the beginning with the Minor Puppy classes – dogs first and the first three are all NW members – in First place Debbie McCarron-Tuer (I can actually spell this name now without looking – must be all the winning this owner does with her Elitebulls) and her latest Elitebull Avenger and here he is: 


Actually this wasn’t the first class at all – this dog also won the Special Beginners class – and the Veteran dog/bitch class was sandwiched in between, with Julie Bibby & Stacey Hirst’s top, top veteran Ch Taraiel Ciara winning. 

In second place in MPD was the litter brother Elitebull Charger, owned by breeder Debbie Desmond and in third place was Ashstaff Jessie’s Dark Prince owned by Jessica Farrimond and here they both are:


Minor Puppy bitches next and not only did Jackabyte Bocouture win the class, she took the Best Puppy award, for owners Karen & Wayne Jackson


Moving swiftly on to Yearling & Post Grad dog and more action for NW members in the form of 1st places for Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter in the former 


and Glyn Major & Kim Cape’s Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went in the latter – great wins for both these two, who attract most judges attention.


In second place in Post Grad Dog we had Jane Roper handling Trawden Ice Cool – this dog seems to be at the head of the line up every time out.



Over in the bitch ring – Post Grad bitch – and we had Gem Rowe who seems to be able to find a winner amongst her tribe for any judge and on this occasion it was Illori Bootie Luv that hit the high spot with another 1st – I can see why looking at this photo taken by Bev Harrison.

Limit dog saw another strong performance from the Axe’s Harley’s Choice in second place  and on to the Open Bitch class and four out of the five placings were NW members with (in reverse order) the Stanways’ Stormfire Crack The Code At Waystaff in fifth; the Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny in fourth; the Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul in third and standing in first place the Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, getting back to winning ways. 

She went on to take the Bitch CC – her 6th to date.


Manchester Sporting Terrier

Manchester Sporting Terrier Society is supported by the NWSBTC – there were 5 mixed sex classes scheduled at this show for judge Paul Sutcliffe and an entry of 20 dogs to go over.

Best of Breed, fresh from his big CC win at the NWSBTC Champ show was Paul Murray’s Cinfel Melodies Tailor and Best Puppy was Jessica Farrimond’s Ashstaff Jessie’s Dark Prince.



The judge at this Open show was Amelie Chaine over from France.

Not so many NW members attended but the BIS and Best Puppy both went to Debbie Desmond  with Ch Elitebulls Challenger and Elitebull Charger, respectively  – father and son, remarkably.

At a guess that’s Challenger on the left, handler Kerrie Fulford with Charger on the right with Debbie, dressed up for the occasion.

And we’ve not finished there for the Elitebull kennel – Ray Wilson made the long trip down to this show and was rewarded with the First place in Minor Puppy bitch with Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin.

Moving on to the Three Counties showground at the end of April with Harry Coble judging at the WELKS show and plenty of success for NW members. 


Starting with last year’s top winning Juniors – Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger and Martin & Karen Johnson’s Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire now in their respective Open classes and taking the CC’s at this show with the dog going BOB.

It’s deja vue me thinks.


Litter brothers to Baptism of Fire – Tillcarr’s Fire Coanda (pictured below) and Fire Starter – didn’t do to badly either, with the former winning the Limit Dog class and the latter taking second place in Yearling dog.


Second in Minor Puppy dog was Debbie Desmond’s latest  – Elitebull Charger, sired by the CC winner at this show. 

Onto the bitches and a NW presence in the Minor Puppy class with Liz & Paul Stanway’s Waystaff Honeymoon in second place and Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Bocouture in third – no photo’s of these but we’ll be hearing a lot more of these two  (with photos).

We do have a photo of Gem Rowe’s bitch Illori Bootie Luv winning a second successive Post Grad class – thing looking up for this one.

The Open bitch class was littered with NW members – Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire in pole, with Steve & Julie Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul in second; Liz & Paul Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff in fourth and in fifth Dave & Vicki Butler’s Joemikeste Play the Game.

Thanks to Kaine Davis for use of his photos.

Day One – Merseyside SBTC

Judges at this show were Karen Waltham (affix Dringshaw), judging for the first time at this level in the bitch ring and in total contrast, doing the dogs, was our very own and Life Vice President of the North West, Norman Berry (affix Rendorn) – this judging appointment was his 31st, breaking his own record.

Starting with the bitches though it was another CC for Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, in consecutive shows, no less, now with three CC’s in 2019, to add to the five won in 2018 – some going.


Whilst over in the dog ring Anna Murray’s Antrelleda Squadron Leader won the Limit Class then went on to be awarded the RCC.


Sticking with the bitches, the first two classes went to NW members – in Minor Puppy saw Ray & Jan Wilson’s Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin in first place.

This was followed by Jackabyte Bocouture, owned and bred by Wayne & Karon Jackson, winning the Puppy class. At the end of proceedings this bitch was awarded the Best Puppy Bitch. 

Second place in the Puppy bitch class was Tony Webster’s Elitebull Hydra, here handled by breeder Debbie Desmond – Tony, now you have to do it – starting the next day.


No significant placings after this until we got to Open, although Gem Rowe’s Illori Believe in Me was placed third in Limit (which I missed). 

Open saw the first four placings going to NW members – we’ve already mentioned the winner (Baptism Of Fire, above).

This is the line up.

In second place was Liz & Paul Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – she’s currently on 2 CC’s creating a stressful time for those concerned, it seems.

In third and fourth positions were Steve & Julie Simpson’s Briganah Body and Soul (below, handled by Roy Day, as usual) and Karon & Wayne Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, respectively. 

It might have been fourth today Karon, but tomorrow’s another day, it certainly was the case here. 

Veteran bitch class is almost becoming a done deal and at this show we once again saw Julie Bibby holding her own and taking First place and then Best Veteran in show with Ch Taraiel Ciara.

What an extraordinary bitch this is, but wait for tomorrow, more to come!

 Third place in this class was the Norton’s Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan , no repeat of last year’s triumph, I’m afraid.


Back to the Dogs and a third place in Minor Puppy for Janjoma It’s A Try, with breeder Jan Matthews handling.


After his all conquering exploits at the North West, there was also a third place, in Junior, for Paul Murray’s Cinfel Melodies Tailor.


The third placing theme continued in the later classes with Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter in Yearling and in the Limit class Gem Rowe and her Illori Akinlana. 

A terrific First place in Post Graduate for Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went – a great thrill for owner Glynn Major and his mate Kim Cape who does the handling bit.

This dog keeps coming up with the goods, every now and then, and getting more often. 


The Open dog class winner Balthazar V.D Betuws Glorie (from Holland) fooled everybody, being mistaken for his Champion brother Ch Be Aware V.D Betuws Glorie; but in second place was Tillcarr Fire Coanda, batting for the NW (below) followed by Ch Elitebulls Challenger (further below)


Day Two- Morecambe Bay & Cumbria SBTC

Well if the Merseyside show wasn’t a bad day for North Westers we couldn’t really better today’s performance with NW members dogs winning all the major awards. 

We have to thank judges Susan Chesters (affix Yorkstaff) – the dog judge and the FCI judge from Denmark, Kevin Brown (an Englishman abroad) judging here in the UK for a second time, doing the bitches.

First of all the CC winners – the DCC and BIS went to Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger, his second CC this year putting him on seven to date. 


The bitch CC, and a first one, went to Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny – otherwise known as “Pennypops”.

A great surprise for these two – you have to go back to last summer when Penny picked up two RCC’s.


On to the Reserve CC’s – in the Dogs, from the Limit class the award went to Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda – this dog is certainly knocking on the door, a second RCC for him this year after taking a couple in 2018.


The Bitch RCC was yet another terrific result for Julie Bibby and Stacey Hirst and their Ch Taraiel Ciara – this bitch has been campaigned relentlessly in Veteran classes and this continues to be the case in 2019.

Doing the business at the age of nine says it all, what with her record breaking exploits and winning major awards along the way, now with 2 RCC’s and a CC from Veteran.

Maybe we should also mention that Ciara now has 14 CC’s and 13 RCC’s !!

Apart from these four winners there were a further 6 NW members dogs placed at the top of the line – so out of 20 classes North Westers won half. Not bad at all. 

Starting with Minor Puppy Bitch and Ray & Jan Wilson’s Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin – she went on to win the Best Puppy Bitch. 

In winning the BPB award she beat the winner of the Puppy Bitch class and this was Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Bocouture, a top winning puppy in her own right, pictured  below.

Second in this class we have another Elitebull – this time it’s Tony Webster’s Elitebull Hydra, handled at this show by Tony himself – maybe all the practice at the Handling Class is paying off Tony.


In the Puppy Dog classes two more second places – in Minor Puppy Debbie McCarron –Tuer’s Elitebull Avenger


Whilst in the Puppy Dog class Michaela Riley was in second spot with her home bred puppy Hatson Come On Thunder

The Junior classes came and went without North Westers making any real impact, mainly because there was hardly any entered, except Paul Murray, at his “local” show coming in fourth with his CC winning (at the NW) dog Cinfel Melodies Tailor, one place lower than the previous day. 


Yearling dog and another First place,  this time for Anne Preston and another impressive win for her dog Tillcarr Fire Starter 


There were two more NW member wins in both the Graduate classes  – first in the Dogs and the aforementioned Julie Bibby and Stacey Hirst’s and their young  dog Taraiel Soulja Boy, looking very much the winner here (below)


And over in the bitch ring Linda Hall’s imported dog (from Spain) Legendstaff Sweet Lady Cum Geordiestaff won the day in Graduate bitch. 

Why Spain and why Legendstaff ? I hear you asking –  well this sweet lady’s grand sire is Taraiel Busta Rhymes (them again) and his sire is Geordiestaff Dynamo Dexter.  This is her, here. 


The next three Dog classes were all won by NW members or in the case of Post Graduate, NW members had a serious interest – I refer to Trawden Ice Cool, handled by Jane Roper, pictured here.


Limit dog was won by the RCC winner Tillcarr Fire Coanda, handled here by co-owner/breeder Karen Johnson.


Second place in Limit Dog was the Axe family’s Harley’s Choice, still  competing at highest level.

Third in Limit Dog was Debbie McCarron- Tuer’s Elitebull Supermoon, she dashed off before I had chance of taking a photo (and forgot later).

Anyway, here’s Harley with his choice. (I might have cracked that one before, but where?)



And the Open Dog class first place went to the eventual CC and BIS winner Ch Elitebull Challenger.

Third place in this class was Linda Miller’s Deldenas Black Shadow, still searching for that elusive third ticket.


A flavour of the show is demonstrated by this shot of the dog lineup – with  five NW members in there.


 The Stafford show scene moves south to Stafford – the County showground and the Birmingham National show – the Stafford judge Paul Wilkinson. 





These stewards you might recognise, seem familiar somehow.

(Photo – Kerrie Fulford)



A ringside shot before proceedings commenced.

The main feature of this show was a return to the big time for Paul Murray once again winning the Dog CC with BOB, from the Junior class.

I must say, Paul is pretty cool, how he responds to these major triumphs – he looks pretty pleased on this photo, as well.

The Best Puppy award went to Liz & Paul Stanway’s Waystaff Honeymoon, from the Puppy bitch class – her first such win.


Keeping with the Bitch classes – the Minor Puppy bitch class was won by NW member Karen Waltham (in partnership with others) with an import from the USA – Shortyrocks Trust, Faith And Pixie Dust, with Karen handling. 

This bitch is by Karen’s dog Dringshaw Valentino, hence the connection.

Second to Waystaff Honeymoon was Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Bocouture – these two puppy bitches compete regularly against each other, one week Honey wins, the next week Rana (pictured below) wins – arch rivals!!

No holds barred.

There was little or no NW representation in Bitches until the Open class and another second place for the Jackabyte kennel, this time for Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny.

Fourth in this class was Joemikeste Play The Game, perhaps a little disappointing for Vicki & Dave Butler, maybe we should regard it as a bit of practice for  the main event in Scotland, the following week.

The last class of the day – Veteran Bitch and for once Julie Bibby had to be content with a second place with Ch Taraiel Ciara. 

Before we move over to the Dogs we did have another First place in Bitches – this was for Linda Hall and Legendstaff Sweet Lady cum Geordiestaff in the Special Beginners class. 

Where these classes are  scheduled the Society includes a Group – Linda achieved a fourth place – well done, Linda.


Apart  from Paul Murray’s big, big win,  North Westers featured here and there in the First slot – in the very first class – Minor Puppy Dog in fact, with Debbie Desmond and here latest puppy Elitebull Charger.

Third in this class was litter brother – Elitebull Avenger, owned by Debbie McCarron-Tuer.

In the Novice class we find Joemikeste Eye Of The Storm over Hammystaff, handled here by breeder Vicki Butler, Ok the only one in the class but a win is a win, as they say. 

Vicki looking a bit more laid back in this shot.

In the next class – Graduate Dog – and second place for Julie Bibby and her Taraiel Soulja Boy

And finally two more seconds in the Limit and Open Dog classes – respectively Nick Yorke’s Braunstaff Feel The Noise and Liz Stanway’s Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon, both pictured below.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos – taken on an Iphone – forgot the camera.

Some exhibitors arrived late for their classes and as a consequence actually missed them, in particular Dean Axe with Harley’s Choice and Anna Murray with Antrelleda Squadron Leader – both these dogs were entered in Limit Dog. 

Paul certainly didn’t hang around whilst judging – a bit reminiscent of our own Les Aspin AKA Speedy Gonzalez – a hard lesson for the future. 

From Stafford we next go North to Edinburgh

In Bonny Scotland with the

May SKC and the Scottish Club show double header


The judge at SKC was a first time appointment for Derek Lewis (affix Inkastaff) and the next day at the SSBTC the judges were Bev Harrison (affix Trawden) doing the Dogs and Roy Day (affix Bullred) the Bitches.


The Bitch CC winner at the SKC was a third one for Vicki & Dave Butler’s Joemikeste Play The Game – wish we’d been there to witness this – I’m sure emotions ran deep.

The other down side to being absent – no photos!!!

Well we have one, presumably taken at the Club show on the Sunday when perhaps things had calmed down a bit. 


The Dog CC at the SKC show was another for the North West – this time a first CC for Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda.

Again no photos at this show but this dog took the RCC at the Club show so here he is.

We haven’t finished yet with the CC winners – at the Club show Bev awarded the Dog CC to Andy & Linzi Mayren’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs – a stupendous result I have to say and what a thrill for these two – this dog has been campaigned far and wide picking up a couple of RCCs on the way, but this is something else as anyone who goes through the experience of winning their first ever CC will testify.

So, well done Andy (and Linzi), and well done Theo – Number 47, your number has come up.


These back  to back shows often produce double wins and this wasn’t the exceptions at these two shows – first of all Wayne & Karon Jackson winning the Best Puppy awards at both shows with their top winning puppy bitch Jackabyte Bocouture.

At the SKC Karon had the added thrill of being placed third in the Puppy Group at the SKC.

The other notable double was for Ch Taraiel Ciara getting back to winning ways in style, for Julie Bibby – what about those rosettes?


Jessica Farrimond is very proud of her young puppy dog – Ashstaff Jesse’s Dark Prince and so she should be – on his return to Scotland  he was placed Second in the Puppy Dog class at the SKC and went one better with a First at the Club show. 


We have a similar story for Anne Preston with her Tillcarr Fire Starter – a Second in Yearling Dog at SKC followed by First place  the next day.


Glyn Major & Kim Cape have recently done pretty well with their dog Maxsta Lord Floyd Ot The Went and once more he came up with the goods at the Club show with another win in Post Graduate Dog.

Ray & Jan Wilson had a day out on the Sunday and swept in to Minor Puppy bitch to find they were the only one to turn up (out of 4 entered) with their Elitebull Elysian Dream at Kalverin. (A First is a First)

Having beaten Jackabyte Bocouture to Best Puppy Bitch at Morecambe Bay this youngster is always in with  a chance, but not at this show. 

Finally, Linda Hall won the Special Beginner award at the SKC for the second show running with her Legendstaff Sweet Lady cum Geordiestaff and then going on to Group 4, again. 

Thanks to Kaine Davis and Jan Wilson for use of their splendid efforts in the camera department and of course, Bev. 

Now it’s down to the South-West for the Bath/Western combo. 






The judge at Bath was another first timer – Gill Carter (affix Seastaff)  tackling the Dogs first in  the Bath ring whilst in the adjacent ring the Western had Brian Aubrey (affix Jenabeck) starting with the bitches. 

Once Brian had completed his stint Helen Wall (affix Goldwyn) took over to judge the Dogs. 


The biggest news for the North West from this show feast was in the Dogs at the Western with the CC going to Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs – a second CC in a week, talk about London buses

(for the younger end who are not familiar with the latter saying – in London you wait and wait and wait for a bus, then two come at once – not actually restricted to London either).

I bet Andy and Linzi are not complaining though – overwhelming I’d say.  

Composure now returned we have the photos – no forced smile for Andy in this one. 

One other touch – breeder Mandy Birbeck witnessed it all, making the trip out after saying publicly that she was missing the shows – good timing, Mandy.



It was fitting then that a celebration cake arranged by Kelly Wilson to mark the Scottish win was presented to Andy & Linzi at this show.

And then another win for Theo – another cake, maybe?


It was another North Wester who took the Dog RCC at the Western  – Tillcarr Fire Coanda for Martin & Karen Johnson.

Before that this dog won first place in Limit, in the Bath ring, below right










 We don’t forget the veterans here and a very notable double win – Best Veteran at both shows –  for Ch Taraiel Ciara for Julie Bibby and a welcome return to the show scene for Stacey Hirst.







In second place in Veteran Bitch at the Western was Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan – funds didn’t run to an entry at Bath – sign of the times for us. 











The Best Puppy at Bath was a second such award for Waystaff Honeymoon for Liz Stanway; battling it out with Jackabyte Bocouture – at this show the latter was placed second but these placings were reversed in the Western ring with Rana going Best Puppy bitch.

Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire came first in the Western Open Bitch class followed by Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny with Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff in fourth but with the main awards going down the line this was as far as they went.


There was one other First prize winner and that was from the Post Graduate Bitch class at the Western – it was Tikkurilan Spot On

No apologies for the large size – editors’ prerogative 

The Open Dog class at Bath had Ch Elitebulls Challenger standing in second place, with Liz Stanway’s Aust Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon in third and Andy’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs in fourth, totally oblivious to how events would unfold later on in the Western ring. 

So moving on to that Open class – we have Bellarouge in first place and in third at this one, Challenger. 














Debbie’s Elitebull Charger took second place in MPD at both shows with the dogs at either side of them exchanging places at the Western.

Here he is at the Western (sorry about the crap photo, Debbie – it’s the best I could do)


With Western starting an hour later than Bath and a lower entry at the latter the Dogs were completed at Bath well before the Bitches at the Western so at one point Bitches were being judged in both rings with Gill in the Bath ring having to wait every now and then for classes to finish in the Western ring.

Confused by now? So was I – I asked Jane Roper how she had got on with her dog Trawden Ice Cool – a third place in Limit at Bath, or was it the Western?  No it was Bath as the Dogs hadn’t been judged then.

This dog moved up a place when eventually the class came around. For some reason I missed both these tumultuous events so we’ll have to do with one I made earlier – actually it’s one of Brian Owen’s (thanks Brian) and he’s the cropper.

Not a bad start for this dog in Limit having won a few classes in Post Graduate. 

Another NW dog having to bat in higher classes as a consequence of winning her way out of, first of all, Post Grad, and then Limit and she is Steve & Julie Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul being place second at Bath in the Open class, handled by Roy Day, although you can’t see him, I recognise the shoes (cropped out of this shot)

Standing behind Briganah in third was Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire and next to her was Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny.

Finally – this Partnership arrangement that the Western has with Bath has thrown up some remarkable doubles – we’ve had the Butlers winning both RCC’s with two different bitches and at the same show Ch Belterstaff’s Ginger Joe winning two tickets both with BOB and then winning the Group.

At this event you might have noticed that the  main prizes went to Dogs – this is because the Bitch ticket and RCC (and BOB) at both shows went to the same two bitches, namely Rnb of Spirit-Staff’s and Marstaff True Grit, respectively (neither of these owner/breeders are NW Members). 

That’s Spring done as we head off along the M4 to Newbury for the SCCA show.