This major event was held on Sunday 8th April 2018 at Leigh Indoor Sports Centre (part of the Leigh Sports Village complex), at Leigh, Greater Manchester.

The Judges for the day were – Dog Judge – Alan Wetton (affix Wettbuck) and the Bitch Judge – Bev Harrison (affix Trawden) 

Best In Show chosen by referee Brian Owen (left) was the bitch Ckstaff’s Adventure Made Sunshine – owned and bred by Kim Andre Madsen and handled by Cecilie Johansen, left kneeling. NW members shown in red


Reserve Best in show was another referee job, this time judge Brian Owen found in favour of the Dog – our very own Deldenas Black Shadow, owned by NW member Linda Miller and handled as always by Geoff Boote


The Reserve CC went to Patrick Gabel and his bitch Hocus Pocus at Spirit-Staff’s

The Dog Reserve CC went to NW member Nick Yorke and his Dog Braunstaff Feel The Noise


Best Puppy in show was Debbie Desmond’s and her Dog Elitebulls Challenger 


Best Veteran – Mark & Marie Davies Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can


Dogs – Judge Alan Wetton

Minor Puppy Dog 7 (1 absent)

1st Harkin’s – Harkline Conor McGregor

2nd Gee’s – Biggleswick Born To Be Wild

















3rd Windsor-Smith’s Magicgem Colossus at Remstaff

Res Callonge’s Stormfire Lebron James

VHC Tighe’s – Tegumen Ace Of Spades

HC Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Staff Sergeant

Puppy Dog 11 (3)

1st & BPIS Desmond’s – Elitebulls Challenger

2nd Wilson’s Northstaff Notorious

















3rd Windsor-Smith’s Magicgem Colossus at Remstaff

Res Johnson’s – Tillcarr Fire Coanda

Vhc Fairhurst’s Fairlenium’s Iron Man

Hc Cusick’s N’Mad Eyes Du Domaine De Poudlard

Junior Dog 15 (2)

1st Wood’s – Bultery Rollen Thunder

2nd McCarron-Tuer’s Elitebull Supermoon
















3rd Owen’s – Tagstane Tomahawk

Res Pascua Diaz’s The Knot Unites Make Yourself Unstoppable

Vhc Sobral’s Must Don’t Stop Me Du Clan’ Molotov

Hc Rogers & Slack’s Berrystock Hawker Tempest

Yearling Dog 11 (1)

1st Stanway’s Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff

2nd Thierry’s Murcielago at Lady Ice




















3rd Cartes’ Over The Top at Spirit-Staff’s

Res Axe’s Harley’s Choice

Vhc Hunter’s Rowenda Brown Bomber

Hc Amoros’ Staffordfire Magic Mike

Novice Dog 1

1st Fairlenium’s Iron Man

Post Graduate Dog 18 (1)

1st Louison’ s Sennyards Empire State Of Mind

2nd Dickenson & Stewart’s Aymstaff Fallen Angel














3rd Farley’s Homafar Last Chance

Res Murray’s Andrelleda Squadron Leader

Vhc Cook’s Luthias Highland Fling

Hc Thacker’s Druidhawk Jakdahat

Limit Dog 14

1st & RCC Yorke’s Braunstaff Feel The Noise

2nd  Edwards’ Tagstane Welsh Wonder
















3rd Campbell & Irvine’s Diamondstaff Jack N Black

Res Clough’s My Top Gun Maverick at Ingenio

Vhc Brady’s – Foylegarth Hakuna Matata

Hc Davies’ Ginstean Man Of God at Cwnhardd

Open Dog 25 (5)

1st & CC Miller’s Deldenas Black Shadow

2nd Hirst & Bibby’s – Taraiel Busta Rhymes JW















3rd Riley’s – Ch Molru Nothing Else Matters

Res Puggaard’s Multi Ch Beautystaff’s Dark And Handsome

Vhc Mauro’s Skilful-Dogs Black Soul

Hc Stanway’s – Aust Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon

Veteran Dog 8 (4)

1st & BV Davies’ Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can

2nd Fairhurst’s Ch/Int Ch Fairleniums Snow Patrol JW ShCM

















3rd Cartwright’s Ch Zakstaff Game On

Res Cooper’s Tessy Blazing Star


Bitches – Judge Bev Harrison

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 (3)

1st Marshallsay’s – Fergustaff Tudor Queen



















 2nd Holme’s – Goldstaff’s Just Stole The Show



















 3rd  Bowler’s – Kyraloebis Virginia Plain at Trelynbow 

Res  Davis’s – Sharmara Amazing Grace

VHC  Desmazes & Paronneau’s – Samross Making Dreams 

Puppy Bitch 9 (2)

1st  Johnson’s – Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire























2nd Dickenson & Stewart’s – Aymstaff Paris Domaine De Poudlard



















3rd  Hoggard’s – Lonemoor Inion De For Zaagabull   

Res Cooper’s – Fairleniums Hawkeye

VHC Kirk’s – Jodanzac Fireball Red

HC Hands & Freeman’s – Siriustaff Heart Of Glass

Junior Bitch 20 (3)

 1st  Holme’s – Goldstaff’s I Am Out Of Your League























2nd Rogers – Berrystock Miss Spitfire.



















3rd  Saunt’s – Moonlight-Shimmer Of Darklands

Res  Corcoran & Riley’s – Molru Shine Ya Light

VHC  Jones’ – Ritestaff Mo Chailin

HC  Owen’s – Tagstane Bobby Mcgee

Yearling  Bitch 11 (2)

1st  Simpson’s – Briganah Body And Soul























2nd  Murphy’s – Karwillage Mystic Girl



















3rd  Moureu-Larrang’s – Move And Kiss My Ass Du Clan’ Molotov

Res  Amores’ – Staffordfire Macha Marlow

VHC  Thomas’ – Biggleswick Issey Miyake

HC  Pascua Diaz’s – Sennyards The Sunshine In My Pocket

Novice Bitch 3 (0)

1st  Fairhurst’s – Kings Of Odin Queen Of Darkness






















2nd  Hopkins’ – Windstaff Meoquanee At Trufflestaff



















3rd  Thomson’s – Siriustaff Picture This

Post Graduate Bitch 13 (1)

1st Mudd’s – Chiswelstaff Jean Genie.






















2nd  Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell JW


















 3rd  Birchall’s – Dinostaff Sweet Solo Of Lilly

Res  Williamson’s – Crudha Magic Katie

VHC  Davies’ – Eclypstaff Sky Full Of Stars

HC  Mayren’s – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile At Fergiestaffs

Limit Bitch16 (0)

1st Stanway’s – Stormstaff Crack The Code At Waystaff

























2nd McKimm’s – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty JW


















3rd Ford & Williams’ – Dajast Sweety With Jam’n Loz JW.

Res Pascua Diaz’s – Ronstaff Sweet As Candy

VHC  Ferguson’s – Gusonstaffs Black Widow

HC Mann’s – Nerotoro Cosmic Girl JW

Open Bitch 11 (1)  

1st  Andre Madsen’s – Nor/Swe Ch Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine
























2nd Gabel’s – Hocus Pocus Of Spirit-Staff’s



















3rd Moureu-Larrang’s – Fr Ch I Need Your Money Du Clan’ Molotov.

Res Byrne & Cartland’s – Ch Carandstaff Moondance

VHC Duncan’s – Nettleworth No Nonsense JW

HC Wilson’s – Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff

Veteran Bitch 23 (18)

1st  Hirst & Bibby’s – Ch Taraiel Ciara JW Sh.CM,






















2nd Norton’s – Pendlestaff Brindle Babe Of Tikkurilan














 3rd Heron’s – Dilirystaff Diamond Girl

Res Skelly’s – Skelstaff Miss Money Penny

VHC Hall’s – Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude Cum Geordiestaff