Held at Leigh Sports Village on Sunday 7th April

Judges at this show


Dogs – Bill McKnight (affix Belnite) – pictured left and Sarah Hemstock (affix Jolihem) –  below, right with daughter Josephine Fredrico (otherwise known as Freddie)








This show was once again held on the same weekend as National Terrier and attracted an entry of 157, made up of 82 dogs, 75 bitches.   

Exhibitors were welcomed into the venue car park (below right) and into the venue itself – the poster (left) recognising the very appreciated influx of enthusiasts from mainland Europe – this year we had 28 dogs coming over despite Brexit looming large.










This show has two main sponsors; Pero Dog food – specialist suppliers of complete dog food for SBT’s – for this show they donated 15 kilo bags for BIS, Res BIS, Best Puppy and Best Veteran plus a 2 kilo bag for each of the class winners

And our other main sponsor  is Leigh Plumbing who support all three shows financially – Leigh Plumbing specialise in the design and supply of a large range of modern bathrooms as well as the supply of all your plumbing needs.



This year we encouraged people in the breed to sponsor this show and we used this very generous response to give specials in the form of chocolate Easter eggs to all the placings and main winners – the higher the place the bigger the egg. There was also an engraved glass for all first place winners.

Alan Hedges donated a Stafford model from his Ramblix collection and this was awarded to the BIS; Jane Louise Roper donated one of her pictures – Peaky Blinders – which was awarded to Reserve BIS;  Bev Harrison donated a signed copy of the SBT Annual 2018 – this was awarded to the Best Puppy in show and Martin Johnson donated one of his Stafford Vet Bed’s and this was awarded to the Best Veteran in show.

Cash donations were made by the Axe family, Bunny Cockayne, Dean Cund, John Dare, Kaine Davis, Vincent Desmazes, John Dimmock, George Earle, Andy Dodsworth, Frank Gough, Pete Hopgood, Nigel Hunt, Tracy Hunting, Frank Marlow, Paul Martin, Jan Matthews, Dave McKimm, Alan Mitchell, Martin & Michelle Murphy, Anna Murray, Jacqui Northway, Tony Pritchard, Lee Rhodes, Steve & Julie Simpson and Siobhan Slattery – a bit of a who’s who of the present Stafford world assembled around the Stafford ring at Crufts; thanks to all and to Elaine who did the collecting. 

The judges also contributed – Sarah brought three Fijian wooden bowls for her main winners and Bill brought a glass trophy engraved with two well known, legendary Belnite dogs for the Dog CC winner.








Around the show




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Vegan Poochy Treats asked us for a stall and here they are at the show.

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These three gentlemen were cornered at the show L-R Norman Berry and a Life Vice President of the Club; Jack Miller and Alan Mitchell – getting on for 300 years between them. 




I’m lost for words on this one,  at least ones I can repeat on here – for anybody who doesn’t know this young lady, she’s Zoe Robinson and in a previous life, not so long ago, she campaigned (with others) various dogs under the Leger affix making one or two up, here and there. 





Jackie, finally getting a shot of the winners







 Main Winners (NW members in red) 

Dog CC & BIS

Paul Murray’s Cinfel Melodies Tailor


Bitch CC and RBIS

Kim Andre Madsen’s Norwegian & Swedish Ch Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine and now a UK Champion (handled by Cecilie Johansen)



Joe & Tracy Thomson’s Ch Luthais Its Hammer Time With Westbull


Bitch RCC 

Mark Marshall’s Marstaff True Grit


Best Puppy 

Patrick Gabel’s RNB of Spirit-Staff’s 


Best Veteran 

Harry & Mary Coble’s Surestaff Valentina



Results with Critiques and photos

of 1st to 3rd places


Dogs – Bill McKnight

I thank the Officers, Committee and Members for selecting me to judge, at this year’s Ch. Show.
I believe that I last adjudicated here In 1982, awarding the C.C. to a bitch who won’ Best in Show’ and went on to become one of the early record holders!
It would be remiss of me not to include those, some of whom travelled a long way, to put their trust in my breed experience and honesty.
I appreciate these exhibitors, who make a show, through their efforts, expense and dedication, seeking only a fair screening; they are all winners on the day; they can either make or break a show. Thank you all, ever so much, for making this one a success!
And what about the Stewards, Mr Roy Day and Mr Steven Simpson; I was very lucky, on the day, to have two guys with so much experience. I have been on the other side of the coin and I can critically state, give me these two guys anytime. They inspire confidence leaving one to get on with, and concentrate on the task in hand. Everything went so smoothly that I hardly saw them, merely gliding shadows. I thank you guys for being the professionals you are!
I have never written a report in the form of a personal critique on exhibits. I may, at times, give reason for selection, but never a criticism; all is not seen from ringside.
I look for virtues, sometimes rare, which can be identified improperly and penalised unfairly.  Virtues are what makes exhibits special. They are noticed as they enter a show-ring, standing out, challenging the Judge to identify a fault. An eye catcher, where even a novice will be drawn to exclamation. Sad to write, they are hard to find these days! One must, for ever, breed for perfection, challenging, but always, the ultimate goal. Today I witnessed faults – common place – I was gobsmacked to see so many together!
Those of my old friends, and associates, who were present, remarked on faults, as in abundance. However on sight it was good to see so many of the one – dare I write – ‘correct type’. Strong, representative of the old Bull and Terrier! Movement played havoc with selection. Bow fronts (feet turned in) – ( straight in front), where, in fact, as in the Breed-Standard they ‘should be slightly turned out’!!
In consequence, is it poor structure, giving way, in some cases, to imbalance on the move. Dare I say that there are those with the prefix. Ch. exhibiting similar traits! Rear quarters! More problems! Movement too close or cross-over. Is this another structural problem?
Well I am no position to comment; I haven’t got x-ray eyes but I would like the gift of those who make these statements! I have overheard comments given freely in an authoritative tone; I am not in that league. I report on what I see, which is why I always refer to the guide, within the Breed Standard, addressing, visually and selecting accordingly those of whom I believe warrant the placements that I believe they deserve,

Minor Puppy Dog (7 entries, 3 absent)

1st. Hillman – Chalexstaff The Heathen (handled by John Dare)

D.B. Well presented. A promising exhibit who won his placement on overall merit. Clean straight front topped with an envious head at this age. Pleasing view, side on, where body-parts blend well, with rear quarters with promise, assisting clear movement.

2nd Jessie Farrimond – Ashstaff Jessie’s Dark Prince

D.B. Nicely balanced in a class where one is stuck, trying to evade repetitive descriptive description; boring reading! Placements in early classes can be really competitive, where preference is personal. Given that maturing puppies can change as they develop, awards are made on the day dictate only a perception on the day. This puppy deserving with promise.

3rd Debbie & Alan Desmond – Elitebull Charger

Family bred dogs says much for type. Puppies at this stage are slowing in growth, when maturing sets in, therefore comparisons are no guide. Suffice to write that one is presented with exhibits some maturing quicker than others, which dictates choice. To make predictions is foolhardy, but on the day, choice is personal, based on visual perception and he won his place on merit.

Res Kaine Davis – Boldstock Gee Tar Man at Sharmara

Puppy Dog (12 entries, 0 abs)

1st Brennan – Nerotoro Broguez (handled by Eric Galvin)

B.B. Strong throughout. Head shape pleasing. Straight front with good leg bone and width to complement. Side elevation follows, as one would hope with good body lines, where the rear quarters blend thus a visual presentation that impresses. Rear quarters sway decisions because of the purpose, and he moved thus to complete the assessment. The general perception taking in the overall appreciation placed him as he was.

2nd Briant – Ballindona Rodger The Dodger (handled by Gary Nicholson, the breeder)

Just out of puppy but not out of place which augers well for the future, given like appreciation. Nice front elevation, balanced, likeable head. Level top-line with complementing depth in body. Rear quarters projecting good movement. This lad could be a headache in later competition.

3rd Makin & Porter – Waystaff Moon Shine (handled by Paul Stanway, breeder)

Another one that I liked in entirety, ticking all the boxes. Competitively place in a strong class.

Res Mel Corcoran –  Molru The Navigator

Vhc Cook – Aarukabulls Cracker Lad (handled by J Lankmans)

Hc Taylor & Annakin – Holmane Cavansite

Junior Dog (13 entries, 0 abs)

1st Paul Murray – Cinfel Melodies Tailor

Red. Another strong class. Great uniformity in the head where the muzzle played a major roll in the formation of strength and power, which was commonplace throughout this exhibit. All of the body-parts gave pleasure to the eye, where the rear quarters, well shaped to drive the body mass forward in a gait exuding power.

I had little inner debate before awarding him the C.C. and later an agreeable decision with my co. Judge, projected him to Best in Show!

2nd Jackie Smart – TNT Edition Renegade of Arnhem (handled by Alan Hedges)

R/W. Front view expressing a good shapely head, stacked on a well constructed front displaying a pleasing front elevation. The side- view, similar, where a level back, depth in body, and an undercarriage starting at the elbow thus exposing the correct amount of daylight to enhance the balance. Movement good

3rd Frank Gough – Manark Made To Measure (handled by John Dare)

Red/white, black muzzle. Good head, clear lines depicting general shape. Ample leg bone to the feet, with a width almost exposing a square. Nice side view formed to propel. It is satisfying to win a place in a large class and he deserved it. Strong well shaped head where all blended in unison.

Res Michel Moureu-Larrang – Never Dies Ice White Du Clan’Molotov

Vhc Bruno Blanch Calonge – Stormfire Sex Symbol (handled by Jose Martinez)

Hc Vazquez & Anguio – Diamonds Of Blanch Valentino Hurricane

Yearling Dog (3 entries, 0 abs)

Small in numbers but a competitive class.Three nice individual exhibits which brought some thought into play, the lack of dogs didn’t affect quality

1st Bruno Blanch Calonge – Stormfire Lebron James (handled by Jose Martinez)

R/W. Plenty of width at front, substantial bone, uplifting a pleasing head where all was viewed in unison. Level back together with deep undercarriage. Rear quarters okay where movement defined soundness.

2nd  Stephen & Pat Tighe – Tegumen Ace of Spades

B/B Good head shape with neck flowing into shoulders, attaching vertical leg stance, finishing at good padded feet. Level top-line, ample body depth, where rear quarters projected the thrust forward, exposing clean positive movement.

3rd Anne Preston – Tillcarr Fire Starter

B.B. Very well presented, didn’t lack class. A nice balanced head, neat well placed ears and round dark eyes. Good front elevation where, straight upright legs, with ample bone and finishing touches of neat feet complimented the total front view.

The level top-line together with body mass and the touches of the rear quarters gave credence to sound sure movement. This exhibit was unfortunate to have met the other two competitors in this class.

Novice Dog (3 entries, 0 abs)

1st Murray Cinfel Melodies Tailor (winner of Junior class)

2nd Lee – Leebee’s Marbooza

Red/white. Clean-cut proportional head, good front with neat feet. Level back attaching sound quarters supporting purposeful movement.

3rd Nerotoro Broguez (winner of Puppy class)

Post Graduate Dog (7 entries, 0 abs)

1st Wallace – Ballindona Crazy Horse

D.B. Beautiful head complete with neat ears. Correct front with tidy feet. Level top-line with supporting ample under-carriage, attaching strong rear quarters, supporting the thrust forward.

2nd Roberts –  Briganah Indeed I Do (handled by Paul Sutcliffe)

B.B. Good well shaped head, strong forequarters with neat white feet. Indeed, this dog was exhibited in superb condition throughout, movement therefore as one would expect. Well done!

3rd Chris Hopkins – Trufflestaff Papinashuash

B/B. Unfortunately the lady handler had problems controlling her dog. I admit to having been in a similar position: quite embarrassing. However he is a really nice dog, possessing a good head and front, level top-line etc; I saw enough of him, to justify his placement.

Res Kelly Wilson – Northstaff Notorious

Vhc Hardley – Joemikeste Amor Dei

Hc Nicholson & Simpson – Ballindona Standing Bear

Limit Dog (16 entries, 2 abs)

1st Cook – Luthais Highland Fling (handled by Angie Isles, breeder)

B.B. Wide front, obvious brisket. Super head with the bonus of ears of the right size, set and shape. Correct front with tidy feet, balanced body, level top-line. Blending rear quarters, movement good.

2nd Heron Dilirystaff All The Rage

R/W Beautiful head enhanced by neat ears well set. Nice front, good feet. Level back with noticeable spring in rib. Sound rear quarters complement both visually and on the move.

3rd Dawe – Marstaff Sundance Kid

Red, right width in front expressing brisket, leg bone complements a straight square front finishing with neat feet. Noticeable spring in ribs where hind quarters are shaped for drive in movement.

Res Liz & Paul Stanway – Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff

Vhc Harley Axe – Harley’s Choice

Hc Nick Yorke – Braunstaff Feel the Noise

Open Dog (17 entries, 0 abs)

1st Joe & Tracy Thomson – Ch Luthais Its Hammer Time with Westbull

B/B Excellent head piece. Wide front quarters, showing ample brisket depth. General Observation – attractive to the eyes. Sufficient leg-bone with level back partnered to enough body-mass. Sound rear quarters supporting deliberate clear movement.

2nd Terry Wood – Ir Ch Bultery Rollen Thunder

First time I’ve had a close-up of this exhibit. His condition is second to none. First-class head mounted on sound shoulders, level back blending with an athletic body. Rear quarters set for action effecting clean sound movement.

3rd Stuart Breckell Ch Chiswelstaff Lets Dance

B/B. Eye-catching well shaped head. Clear sound front, emphasized by strong leg-bone. Blending shapely rear quarters set ready for action; expressing just that, on the move.
Three deserving Champions.

Res Debbie & Alan Desmond – Ch Elitebulls Challenger

Vhc Liz Stanway – Aust Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon

Hc White – Tarbhgorm The Rising

Veteran Dog (7  entries, 6 abs)

1st Vicki & Dave Butler – Torostaff Our Billy JW ShCM

D/B. Standing alone this exhibit was waiting for action. Head, eyes, and shape, blending into front elevation. Structured sound, projected into clean sound movement. A credit to his owner!

One final comment from Bill – “SIGNIFICANT: Please note that I have not included any comment on mouths – that is – teeth! Simply because I found nothing to comment on!” 


Dog Line up for the CC


And the Dog CC goes to the winner of Junior and Novice dog classes – Cinfel Melodies Tailor

Not a bad result for Paul Murray – his first taste of real success.

The RCC was awarded to the Open Dog class winner Ch Luthais Its Hammer Time With Westbull owned by Joe & Tracy Thomson.

The breeder of this dog – Angie and Ian Isles – also bred the Limit Dog winner and full brother Luthais Highland Fling and in the bitch ring two Luthais siblings were placed 2nd and 3rd, so not a bad outing for the clan Isles.

The contest for Best Puppy dog  – with two experienced handlers John Dare, left and Eric Galvin, right – went to the Puppy Dog class winner Nerotoro Broguez (right).


Bitches – Sarah Hemstock

What a grand day out… and that is what it should all be about – having a great time, enjoying the experience of seeing some great dogs, and engaging with people from all over the world who are as enthusiastic about the breed as you are yourself!! A big thank you to all exhibitors at the show for trusting me to assess your exhibits. I was thrilled to see some prodigious longstanding Stafford enthusiasts ringside and enjoyed judging with Billy McKnight very much. We made Murrey’s Cinfel Melodies Tailor Best In Show.
It was an honour and a pleasure to judge at this awesome show. I would like to express my thanks to the Officers and Committee of the Club for all their hard work, and special mention for Eleanor Boote, Linda Miller, Elaine Norton and Vicki Butler for doing a great job stewarding and being so wonderful with my daughter Freddie.
With the exception of temperament, I do not fault judge and assess by considering an exhibits virtues, so will begin this report by outlining some of the general issues I found. As stated in my previous reports, the temperament of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is THE fundamental characteristic of breed type, and has to be correct. I am happy to say I found no poor temperaments and the demeanour of all exhibits I went over was as it should be. Mouths on the whole were good, but several exhibits had misplaced canines and were penalised accordingly.
I was hoping that the brachycephalic look was going out of fashion, but apparently not! A handful of exhibits were ultra-short in muzzle, which is an exaggeration that is not typical and should not be desirable. These exhibits also tended to be somewhat apple-headed, which is also undesirable. Ideally I’m looking for 2/5th from the tip of the nose to the stop and 3/5th from stop to occiput, where the width of the skull does not look massive in proportion to the overall length.
A few exhibits were shelly, lacking in bone and substance and appearing narrow in front. A real pet hate of mine is forward facing feet, this was the most abundant fault I found. Breeders’ please note – feet should turn out slightly from the pastern – not turn in or face forward.

Some exhibits had poor movement and would have had my Nan shouting “Bingo – corner to corner, any line!!” Movement faults were mainly caused by the animal possessing a sickle hock. Also, only a few exhibits were in super hard condition.

Just reading back what I have written makes it look like everything was bad!! It wasn’t, far from it in fact… What I was really pleased with was the depth of quality in every class, with the vast majority of exhibits being sound in construction and moving correctly. The Minor Puppy and Puppy classes were an absolute pleasure to judge and I am actually delighted by the fact that I finished the majority of classes thinking… “hmmm… that one could be my ticket winner…” Such was the depth of quality in the challenge that my decision for CC and Res CC was really down to the wire and, as always for me, relied very much on movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4 entries, 0 absent)

1st  Karen Waltham, Bryant & Carter Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust (handled by Karen) – an import from the USA, no less

Gorgeous red and white of 7 months. Really liked her make and shape. Typical head and expression. Skull correctly proportioned, in fact everything correctly proportioned. Wide front with correct feet as described by the Breed Standard. Enough bone and substance for her age. True movement. Loved how she responded with giddy excitement as I went over her. I am sure she will mature into something special

2nd Dean & Dobson – Gallantstaff Murphys Girl

Very attractive red of 6 months with black mask and white bib. Excellent head and heart melting expression, neat ears. Coming along nicely in all departments. Moved soundly and handled well. Has great potential.

3rd Laity & Pendleton – Kirniastaff Phoenix

Really liked the structure and soundness of this 7 month pied girl. Correct head and expression. Body well defined and shaping up on the correct lines. Correct front with plenty of brisket and width for her age. Moved soundly and handled well. A good future prospect.

Res Torsten – Secret Service of Spirit-Staff’s

Puppy Bitch (9 entries, 0 abs)

My judging book notes read “Fantastic class! Little to separate the winners”.

1st Patrick Gabel – RNB of Spirit-Staff’s

Wow!! Stunning red with black mask, 11 months old. Tremendous ring presence already. Correct in all departments, and coming on well. Super head, strong muzzle with lips clean and close fitting. Correct eye and expression. Typical forequarters, just enough bone and substance at this stage of maturity. Body already powerful, square in outline with no exaggerations. Hindquarters developing nicely with correct turn of stifle. Moved as described by the Breed Standard. Handled expertly to Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Show. 

2nd Chris Hopkins – Raspberry Ripple of Spirit-Staff’s to Trufflestaff

Very taken by this attractive red with black mask – 11 months, litter sister to 1st. Great head with typical eye and expression. Well balanced and all in proportion, lovely bone and substance overall. Correct front, plenty of brisket.  A very sound, if somewhat sluggish mover on the day. A great future prospect.

3rd Wacker & Zibolka – Blazen Staffs Rainbow Moon

Pretty red and white, almost 11 months. Still obviously a puppy, which is as it should be at this age. Developing nicely – correctly proportioned and well balanced with plenty of breed type. Typical head and skull, true expression. Correct body – close coupled with level topline. Well defined hindquarters. Loved her overall energy and enthusiasm, but it was difficult to assess her movement as she wanted to do everything at high speed!! Currently a handful, but I am sure she will be a future contender for top honours

Res Liz & Paul Stanway – Waystaff Honeymoon

Vhc Bissell & Candy – Annemstaffs Maggie May

Hc Crossman & Sutcliffe – Pendlestaff Black Coral

Junior Bitch (12 entries, 0 abs)

1st Heron – Dilirystaff Mystic Star

How gorgeous is she!! This 16 month tiger brindle is really my cup of tea. Loved her overall make and shape, and in hard condition. Very sound with loads of breed type. Striking head – round, dark eye with super expression. A proper Stafford, with correct wide front and feet that turn out slightly from the pastern. Plenty of bone and brisket with no exaggerations. Strong body, well-knit with well-defined hindquarters. True and balanced movement as described by the Breed Standard won her the class. Handled well. 

2nd Ian & Angie Isles –  Luthais Aurora Borealis

Beautiful black brindle, 16 months. Great ring presence, really caught my eye and going over her didn’t disappoint. Correct head, deep through with broad skull. Correct forequarters, clean and muscular shoulders with straight forelegs. Good depth of brisket with ample spring of rib. Body well-knit with level topline. Well-muscled and defined hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Sound movement, but didn’t have the drive of the 1st. Handled well.

3rd Dougan – Luthais Light Of Venus

Appealing black brindle in good fettle, litter sister to 2nd. Correct head, pronounced cheek muscles. Typical front, forelegs straight with enough bone – no exaggerations. Correct depth of brisket, ample rib, level topline when standing & when on the move. Good hindquarters, correct turn of stifle. Sound movement. Handled well.

Res Gallagher – Eclypstaff Thumbelina

Vhc Gary Nicholson – Ballindona Bobbydazzler

Hc Miller – Skyland Ontario

Yearling Bitch (6 entries, 0 abs)

1st Sandra Holme – Goldstaff Just Stole The Show

A very apt name, she has great ring presence!! A stunning pied of 20 months in super condition. She fits well within the standard, very honest with nothing overstated. Oozing breed type – ideal head and expression, neat, small rose ears. Typical forequarters with plenty of bone and substance, deep brisket. Muscular and well defined body, well ribbed, square in outline with level topline. Well defined muscular hindquarters. Balanced angulations ensured sound movement, parallel fore and aft. Handled well.

2nd Lorraine Rollin – Seenworstaff Tie Kuan Yin

Very attractive and eye-catchingly marked red and white, 20 months. Reminds me of one of my favourites – Cortijo Just In Time. Correct blend of bull and terrier for me. Archetypal head and skull. Correct wide front, shoulders strong and muscular without loading, forelegs straight and well boned, correct pastern and feet. Great depth from withers to brisket, well sprung ribs. Muscular hind quarters. Outstanding movement. Legs moving parallel when viewed from front or rear. Handled well.

3rd Hackett – Hellstaff Lady Gaga

Very taken by this attractive and well-knit black brindle, 22 months. Loved her head and expression. Strong short neck, leading to clean and muscular shoulders, forelegs straight and well boned. Strong and muscular body. Well defined hindquarters, hocks well let down.  A compact and well-proportioned package. Moved soundly as described by the Breed Standard. Handled well.


Res Jane Roper & Bev Harrison – Trawden Solitaire

Vhc Marshallsay – Fergustaff Tudor Queen

Hc Greaves – Rumaco Sweet Mischief

Novice Bitch (6 entries, 1 abs)

1st Karen Waltham, Bryant & Carter Shortyrocks Faith Trust And Pixie Dust (winner of Minor Puppy class)

2nd Chris Hopkins – Raspberry Ripple of Spirit-Staff’s to Trufflestaff (second in Puppy class)

3rd Miller – Skyland Ontario

Very honest brindle in hard fettle. Symmetrical in outline with no exaggerations. Correct head and expression. Compact and well-knit. Correct wide front – straight and well boned with enough depth of brisket. Correct lay of shoulder, strong body with ample rib. Well defined hindquarters. Moved soundly and handled well.

Res Siobhan Slattery – Slatjack Roisins Red

Vhc Vicki & Dave Butler – Joemikeste Outlander

Post Graduate Bitch (11 entries, 2 abs)

1st Kirk – Jodanzac Fireball Red JW

Couldn’t take my eyes off this one!! Gorgeous red in super condition. Well-proportioned and standard with plenty of breed type – really reminded me of NZ Ch Maktoum Image of Jolihem. First-rate head and skull, pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop with correct length foreface.  Typical forequarters, shoulders strong and muscular, forelegs parallel with correct amount of bone, feet turn out slightly as they should. Muscular and well defined body. Close coupled with level topline, good spring of rib and deep brisket. Strong hindquarters. Free, powerful movement – agile with economy of effort. Handled expertly.

2nd Faye Gardner – Ballindona Fab’U’Luss for Labrastaff

Pretty black brindle with plenty of breed type. Good head, set off with round, dark eyes with typical expression. Sound construction, no exaggerations. Correct forequarters, enough bone and substance, clean and muscular shoulders. Good depth of brisket with correct spring of rib. Muscular and well defined body with correct topline whilst standing and on the move. Well defined hindquarters, correct turn of stifle. Correct movement – parallel when viewed from front or rear. Handled well.

3rd Michel Moureu-Larrang – Situation’s Dutch Connection

Very feminine and attractively marked pied. Honest to go over, correct in all departments. Pleasing head, correct muzzle with lips clean and close fitting. Correct round eye and intelligent expression. Typical forequarters, sufficient bone. Body powerful in outline, muscular and with no exaggerations.  Impressed with her soundness of construction. Moved soundly with discernible drive from the hindlegs.  Handled well.

Res Vazquez & Anguio – Stormfire Pineapple Coconut

Vhc Cherry – Bultery Cherrys Charmer

Hc Payne – Rumaco Betty Boop

Limit Bitch (10 entries, 0 abs)

1st Mark Marshall – Marstaff True Grit

In this class I couldn’t stop looking at this attractive red with black mask. Sound and in excellent fettle, she is a good blend of bull and terrier, compact, neat and feminine whilst still strong and powerful. And she is totally feminine with nothing exaggerated or over done in any way. Teeming with quality in all departments and full of breed type she fits the standard well.   Exceptional head and skull, correct expression. Typical forequarters, straight and strong with just the right amount bone. Well-knit and proportioned body with well-constructed muscular hindquarters complete the picture.

Moved as described by the Breed Standard, one of the best movers of the day. Handled well to Res. CC.

2nd Sandra Holme – Goldstaff’s In It To Win It

Very attractive and well proportioned pied. Well balanced with decent substance and bone, I liked her sound construction. Typical head and skull, but preferred proportions and expression of 1st. Good front, ample bone. Well-knit and proportioned, spot-on for substance. Well-developed body, powerful in outline with good spring of rib and correct depth of brisket. Well-developed muscular hindquarters. Movement was parallel, free and balanced with good reaching forequarters and discernible drive from the hindquarters. Handled expertly.

3rd Gill McDermott – Kings And Queens Over the Moon JW

Striking black brindle, I was attracted by her clean outline and balance. There is nothing overdone about this girl. Square in outline with well-proportioned body. Excellent head, strong and deep through. Nothing over exaggerated. Typical expression, dark, round eye. Super front, forelegs straight with sufficient bone. Well-knit with correct depth of brisket and ample rib. Well developed hindquarters. Moved soundly and handled well.  

Res Andy & Linzi Mayren – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs

Vhc Steve Halifax – Jackstaff Bewitched (handled by Wynny Southworth)

Hc Lisa Knight – Elitebull Enigma

Open Bitch (11 entries, 2 abs)

1st Kim Andre Madsen Nor/Swe Ch Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine, handled by Cecilie Johansen

A classic red and white bitch: old-school proper Stafford. She has virtue in spades.  Full of breed type & so very standard – with substance, power and balance. Superior head and skull, correctly proportioned with lips tight & clean, correct expression, dark round eye, neat well set ears.  Muscular, rather short neck leading to well laid shoulders. Exceptional front – forelegs straight and well boned with no looseness at the elbow, and no weakness at the pasterns, from which point her feet turn out a little. Muscular and well defined body, deep brisket, well sprung ribs. Excellent hindquarters, stifle well bent. The best mover of the day.

Handled expertly to CC and Res. BIS.

2nd Allard – Staffantics Magic Potion

Outstanding and attractively marked brindle and white. Very clean in outline, fitting the standard well with no exaggerations and totally sound. Excellent head. Dark eye, rose ear. Preferred the expression of 1st. Shoulders well laid back. Forelegs straight, strong, and well boned. Wide front, good depth of brisket. Neat body, well ribbed, level topline. First class hindquarters, well muscled and with good definition and correct turn of stifle. Moved freely and with drive from well flexing hindquarters. She was a little fidgety, but handled well.

3rd Strom – SeCh/NorCh Joddericks Poker Face (handled by Mr J White)

Upstanding, well-knit & proportioned brindle and white in hard fettle. Impressed with her overall type and soundness. Plenty of breed type with exceptional head and skull, pronounced cheek muscles, typical expression. Very feminine, but still possessing strength, bone and substance. Good forequarters, shoulders strong and muscular, forelegs parallel with correct amount of bone. Well-developed body, close-coupled with level topline, good spring of rib and deep brisket.  Strong, well-muscled hindquarters.  Balanced angulations, moved freely, parallel and with drive. Handled well. 

Res James Byrne –  Divastaff Moonlight Reverence at Lackyle

Vhc Jackie Smart – Arnhem Nice As Ninepence

Hc Bev Harrison & Jane Roper – Ch Trawden Ice And Spice

Veteran Bitch (12 entries, 7 abs)

1st Harry & Mary Coble – Surestaff Valentina

Attractive & balanced black brindle. Super condition for 10 years old. So soundly constructed. Excellent head and skull, broad between ears and clean in outline. Lovely expression, keen and kind. Typical forequarters, straight, strong, and well boned. Correct spring of rib, good depth of brisket, strong body. Hindquarters well defined. Excellent mover, clearly enjoying her outing.

Handled expertly to BVIS.

2nd Patrick Gabel – Ch All In One of Spirit-Staff’s

Super quality black brindle in good fettle for 10 years of age. Correct head & expression. First class front with forelegs straight and well boned. Deep brisket, correct spring of rib. Good hindquarters, correct turn of stifle. She fits well within the standard with nothing overstated. Moved well. Handled expertly

3rd Sian Hammond – Hammystaff Heaven Knows

Really impressed by this attractive red and white of 7 years. Good head, strong and deep through. Strong, clean, neck. Excellent front – wide with forelegs straight and well boned. Deep and capacious chest with good spring of rib. Correct hindquarters, strong and well muscled. Balanced and sound movement. Handled well.

Res Linda Hall – Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude cum Geordiestaff

Vhc Debbie & Alan Desmond – Princess Onyx at Elitebull


The Bitch Line up for the CC

The CC was awarded to Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine, from the Open class. This bitch is a Swedish and Norwegian Champion (the latter her home country) and winning the CC today means that she is now a UK Champion after winning two CC’s this time last year at the National Terrier, under Mark Davies(Sebsonic) and at this show under Bev Harrison.

Here she is at the vital moment – Sarah getting some assistance from Freddie with the wooden bowls Sarah brought from Fiji for her main winners. 

And again a second or two later


The Bitch RCC went to the Limit class – Mark Marshall’s home bred bitch Marstaff True Grit, enjoying  a good run. 

The best puppy bitch went to the Puppy class winner Patrick Gabel’s – RNB of Spirit-Staff’s


All that remained was for the final awards of the day – first up Best In Show:-

And another one:-

There was much discussion on the merits/de-merits of the two dogs and we alerted the Referee, Norman Berry, to be on stand-by.

After much deliberation (and urging on from Elaine, here clutching the BIS Stafford model and Easter egg) a decision had finally been arrived at – the Dog goes BIS – don’t drop that model!


The Bitch  CC winner went Reserve BIS and then it was the turn of the puppies with the Bitch taking it – RNB of Spirit-Staff’s, Patrick Gabel (from Germany) receiving his prizes from Bill McKnight.

The Best Veteran in show went to the bitch Surestaff Valentina 

The judge’s had earned a rest and along with committee members (and one or two others) we all retired to the Whistling Wren (also in Leigh Sports Village complex) for drinks and a well deserved meal.