June starts with the Southern Counties CA and this year the judge was Jack Coats – affix Bellerophon.

Jack found his Dog CC from the Junior class with Debbie Desmond’s young dog Elitebulls Challenger (below) – this was his first CC following a RCC in May.

This dog is certainly on a upward trajectory.

Debbie also took another first in Yearling bitch with her Elitebull Moonbeam and on the day when Welshstaff Mysterious Girl was made up, it turns out that the sire was Elitebulls Heartbreaker for Regalbull. It was one of those days.

Plenty to celebrate after the judging in Debbie’s absence – I’m sure she was around though. 

Spotted in the hat is North West Vice President Norman Berry – Jack Coats to his left.

I have to apologise for the lack of photos at this show – the Norton’s were stewarding for Jack – so I can only mention other NW members placings – Chris Mudd’s bitch took the Post Grad bitch class with Chiswelstaff Jean Genie (a bit more about her below at Cheshire County show) and whilst still with bitches, third places were won by the Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul  and the Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff, in Post Grad and Limit, respectively.

In the dogs there were second places for Bruno Blanch Calonge with his Stormfire Lebron James in Puppy (handled by Jose Martinez) and Liz & Paul Stanway’s Waystaff Strike Force in Yearling.

One photo opportunity I didn’t miss was Elitebulls Challenger with the BOB certificate, what a day for Debbie.

This photo is of NW member Chris Mudd with his bitch Chiswelstaff Jean Genie winning Best In Show at the Cheshire County Show, pictured here with the BIS and Group Judge. The breed judge was our very own Vicki Butler, she obviously knows a “gud” un when she sees one.

A great result for the Mudd’s and Staffords in general.


After Southern Counties it’s Three Counties and another terrific result for Debbie Desmond and Elitebulls Challenger with the RCC this time (after winning Junior), under judge Neill Evans – what a roll this dog is on. 


Stormfire Lebron James – another up and coming young dog – at this show he was placed second in the Puppy Dog class, shown here with Jose Martinez, below.

Into Yearling Dog and another decent place for the Axe’s Harley’s Choice – today a second, but since going into this class at National Terrier he’s (more or less) been either First or Second – certainly consistent.

Here is Harley (below) with his Choice.


The third place in this class was occupied by the Stanway’s Little Earthquakes Power Strike At Waystaff and apart from Jose Martinez getting second place in Limit Dog – no mean achievement – with Bullbrothers Dr Who, that was it for North Westers in the Dogs.

I didn’t manage to take a photo of Jose with Dr Who so here he is at last year’s NW Open show handled by the other bull brother Izzie.


There was not a lot doing in the early bitch classes mainly due to an absence of North West entries.

Into Yearling and a second place for Karon Jackson and her Penny Pops and then another first place for Briganah Body And Soul in Post Grad (pictured below) – deja vue for Steve & Julie Simpson as I make this her fifth win in this class – I was going to say maybe they should be aiming higher, but will have to do after this latest win.

At this show she was once again handled by Roy Day – well done to all at this top NW kennel.

Dave McKimm and his charge Biggleswick Fifty Fifty keeps getting placed in Limit Bitch and today was no exception – a third for this plucky exhibitor.

Similar sentiments apply to our Treasurer, Janet Matthews – she’s chancing her arm in the Open class with her home bred bitch Janjoma Boniwee Gurl; at this show in fourth place.

Debbie Desmond and Dodge, otherwise known as Elitebulls Challenger, appear to be going from strength to strength with a second CC –  what a month – June 2018.

At the moment he has no challengers and is on course to get made up in Junior. Phew!!

Here they are with the judge at Border Union – her first Ch show – Leanne Marshallsay.

Before all that the NW took 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the Puppy dog class with Ann Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter; Bruno Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Lebron James and Geoff & Eleanor Boote’s Belnite Balor at Gelstaff, respectively.  

After Junior there were a few minor placings for North Westers too numerous to mention (and no photos either as for the first time for many years we were unable to go).

Into Open dog and a second for Liz Stanway for her top winner Australian Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon.

There was more to come for Liz though as she took the Limit Bitch class with Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff, pictured here with a smiling Liz, in fact all three are smiling – why? The RCC, of course.

The lead up to Limit was the preserve of North Westers with two taking first places – in Yearling with Karen Waltham and her Dringshaw Boule De Neige (pictured below) and then in Post Grad, who else but Briganah Body And Soul with the Simpson/Day Combo. 

I have to say that these middle bitch classes were populated with a number of fellow NW Club members – as well as winning Yearling (the above Boule De Neige) the NW took third and fourth with Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny and Gem Rowe’s Illori Believe In Me.

In Post Grad not only did we win the class but Andy & Linzi Mayren and their Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs was placed fourth and another Joemikeste – Play the Game, owned by the breeders Vicki & Dave Butler went two better,  a 2nd place in Limit. Also in this latter class the aforementioned Dave McKimm and Dotty came fourth keeping up a consistent performance – always in the cards.

Spencer and Clare Cox are giving their bitch, Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason, a whirl in Open and another place here, fourth this time.


After Border Union the show scene moves down South, well it’s south of Scotland – to Blackpool and all-rounder judge Martin Phillips awaited.

Blackpool is more associated with storms and gales but this year glorious June continued with more scorchio – and the Ice creams there are worthy of a mention.

In Minor Puppy dog John and Chris Howard managed to get up and running with fourth place with their new puppy Sikaistaff Man Of Steel. Absent in this class was the Tighes puppy Tegumen Ace Of Spades – apparently they went touring the Fylde for an hour or so before arriving too late and so missed the class.

The Puppy class winner was NW member Anne Preston and her Tillcarr Fire Starter (pictured below), beating litter brother Tillcarr Fire Coanda into second place.

This latter dog is owned and bred by new NW members Martin & Karen Johnson – more about them later.

Fire Starter has recently returned to the show ring and is certainly making his presence felt.  Anne also attends the NW Training Class and has obviously acquired her handling skills there!! Well done.

It was during this class that I discovered that my camera battery was flat and consequently missed Junior.

Second place in Junior WENT to Glyn Major’s Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The WENT and a great thrill for Glyn and Kim, pictured below handling at Crufts.

Only one in Yearling Dog – and this was Harley’s Choice – so another win chalked up for this consistent winner, today handled by Clare Ryan. Resorting to using the phone for photo’s, not successful for this class winner, I’m afraid.

The next class, Post Graduate Dog saw Anna Murray and Trev Fawkes’ dog Antrelleda Squadron Leader take third place – a photo of him taken a bit ago – I’ve included it because it’s a good one.

Linda Miller’s Deldenas Black Shadow also won third place, in a strong looking Open class; followed in fourth by John Finney’s Ch Ballindona Crafty Copper at Sanguliano. 

Now then, Martin & Karen Johnson joined the NW at Blackpool just so that I could report their exploits in the show ring on this web page. Commendable.

And there’s plenty to report – they have taken the Puppy classes by storm this year with litter siblings Tillcarr Fire Coanda and Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire and now Tillcarr Fire Starter is getting in the act; although all three are out of Puppy by July.

Remarkably Baptism Of Fire has won 11 Firsts and 10 Best Puppy awards and even a RCC whilst Coanda has 8 Firsts to his name (and no Best Puppies with sister winning them all).

Crest of a wave stuff, but these fiercely competitive exhibitors are used to the limelight and glory that winning brings – they  have umpteen Champions to their name, well six actually (five home bred).

Let’s see what happens to this latest lot – all the best – the picture below is of Karen with Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire (Belka) winning the Best Puppy award here at Blackpool with judge Martin Phillips.


Meanwhile back to the judging at Blackpool Junior Bitch saw Michaela Riley placed 4th with Molru Shine Ya Light and then a second place in Yearling for Karon Jackson and her Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, pictured here – actually this shot was taken with the phone which looks OK to me, Dean Cund helped me out with the settings and it seems to have worked.

Fourth place in this class went to the Tighe’s Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle (Maddie) with Pat handling and she did a good job – once again attendance at the training class paying off!

Post Graduate bitch was packed with North Westers – in first place, who else but Briganah Body And Soul, pictured below (another phone job) – Roy did try to explain to me the ownership/breeder of this bitch as the dam is owned by Roy – or is she?

Whatever, the outcome is that they were able to put the Briganah affix on the litter.

In third place (out of 10 in the class) in Post Grad Bitch was the Howard’s Caymenstaffs Little Minx – this girl seems to be gaining in confidence every time out – another training class success story, me thinks.

This placing is put into perspective, as behind her was Chris Mudd and Chiswelstaff Jean Genie who has done some serious winning of late.

Limit saw Dave McKimm get his customary placing – this time a third – one day Dave, one day.  

Into the Open Bitch class – on a day when the winner of this class won the Terrier Group (Beckash Black Ice) and the second was the breed’s top winning veteran (Ch Taraiel Ciara) – it wasn’t a bad result being placed down the line – a fourth place for Janjoma Boniwee Gurl, followed by Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason and here they both are, below, with Jan Matthews left and the Gurl and Spencer Cox on the right.


The next day after Blackpool, Northern Counties held their Open show – not a lot to report here but the Best Dog under judge Keith Frankland went to Bryn & Julie Allsopp’s Rubericla Trailbreaker, pictured here with the judge and Bryn handling.


For a change Liz Stanway didn’t feature in the winners at Windsor mainly because she was the Judge!

Not many North Westers ventured down to this show so not a lot to report



Nevertheless with Jose  Martinez handling Stormfire Lebron James to Best Puppy in breed the duo went on to go Group 3 in the Puppy group putting a smile on Jose’s face, that’s for sure, below.


Second in the Puppy Dog class was Anne Preston, after her terrific win at Blackpool, with Tillcarr Fire Starter, pictured here.

Winning Junior Dog seems to be a matter of course for Debbie Desmond and Elitebulls Challenger – well most of the time anyway. 

Windsor was one of those times and another RCC to go with the other two plus two big ones!

Photo wise the best I can do is another un-used one from Three Counties where he won his previous RCC.

Into Limit Dog and a third place for Nick Yorke and his dog Braunstaff Feel The Noise – this dog is consistently placed in these challenging higher dog classes – well done Nick.

The same applies to Dave McKimm, a second place in Limit bitch with Biggleswick Fifty Fifty – at the risk of repeating myself about this bitch well actually I won’t risk it. Keep it up though Dave.



The SBT Club Open show in July was judged by Bill Asker (affix Dazmarnic)


NW members did very well here – first of all in the Dogs the Best Dog was Debbie Desmond’s Elitebulls Challenger and Reserve Best Dog  Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Fire Coanda

The best bitch was Dave McKimm’s Biggleswick Fifty Fifty (centre) and they went on to be awarded BIS.

Reserve Best Bitch was David & Julie Cartwright’s Zakstaff Winterfell (2nd from left)


The next Ch show is the East Of England with first timer Nick Hale judging and a great result for the North West and Bryn & Julie Allsopp with their (still) young dog Rubericla Trailbreaker taking the Dog CC (from Limit) with BOB and making him up in the process.

What a fantastic couple of years for Bryn & Julie arriving on the show scene with no experience whatsoever, Bryn very quickly becoming very adept at handling, winning the CC at Crufts two years running and now Blue is a Champion, it must be like living a dream but it’s very real.  Many congratulations.

Pictured here is Bryn with Nick Hale and Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker

Fresh from judging at Windsor Liz Stanway’s Waystaff What A Cracker took the Open Dog class and the RCC – pictured below – this is the second RCC this year – the first was at Bath under Terry Wood.

In all this dog has 1 CC and eight (yes, 8) RCC’s to his name.

Debbie Desmond had to be content with just winning the Junior Dog class with Elitebulls Challenger and in second place was Tillcarr Fire Starter continuing his good run, now in Junior.   On to Yearling – both sexes – Gem Rowe was the proud breeder of both of the respective winners, litter mates – Illori Back Chat and Illori Believe In Me. 

Back Chat went on to win Graduate Dog and then was placed second in Post Grad – below we have an informal photo of Gem with Back Chat at this show

Moving on to bitches with this Illori story – another litter mate Illori Bootie Luv was placed second in Graduate and then third in Post Grad.  

Illori Akinlana was placed second (behind the ultimate CC winner) in Limit dog.  By the way Akinlana is an older half brother to this lot – same dam.

So a busy and relatively successful day out for Gem.

Liz Stanway followed up her earlier RCC win with a third place in Limit Bitch with Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff and a VHC in this class for Dave & Vicki Butler and Joemikeste Play The Game.

The very next day the SBT Club held their Open Show and a great entry (as always at this Club) for judge Bill Asker with a crop of top winning dogs to go over.
North West members didn’t do at all badly with Best Dog going to Elitebulls Challenger (you all know the owner/breeder by now) and the Reserve Best Dog was new NW members Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Coanda – both dogs pictured below, Coanda Left with Martin and Challenger in the middle with Debbie.


Continuing with the Bitches, Best Bitch and BIS was Dave McKimm and Bigglewick Fifty Fifty (pictured below in the centre) and Reserve Best Bitch was Dave and Julie Cartwright’s Zakstaff Winterfell (to the judge’s right).

So NW members scooping all the major (adult) honours at this show.

After this show we had a 3 week summer break with record breaking temperatures and no rain! And then off to Alfreton – July 28th 

 The judges at this show were Jayne Winrow (Jayneze) – the Dogs and Kevin Tittley (Garwstaff) the Bitches.  

Well what a day for NW members; not everybody but plenty enough to brag about!



To start with, both CC’s ended up with North Westers; first up Bryn & Julie Allsopp’s Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker won the Dog CC (that’s 2 CC’s at consecutive shows) and then went on to win BOB. 

The Bitch CC –  where to start with this – it’s another one of those occasions when awards go to someone who least expects it and usually it has a rather dramatic impact on that individual and today was no exception.

To a very supportive ringside and massive applause and whooping we witnessed Gem Rowe being awarded her first bit of the green stuff, no less than the Bitch CC for her home bred Illori Believe In Me.

I recall last year when this bitch won Best Puppy at this show and also at the Potteries, the previous day and I regret not taking a shot of Gem at the end of the N&D show sitting down on her own, basking in the weekend’s attainments. Well, she went a few steps better this year around – marvelous result. 


Moving on to us mere mortals – there was only 4 entered in Junior Dog and 3 of these were North Westers – coming in First and no  stranger to this position was Debbie Desmond ‘s Elitebulls Challenger, below.


In third and fourth place were Glyn Major’s Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went (as usual handled by Kim) and Alan Gee’s Biggleswick Born To Be Wild (handled by Adrian Birchall), respectively. (Don’t remember seeing Alan at the show). Anyway here they are:-

The next Dog class – Yearling – saw Liz & Paul Stanway’s Waystaff Strike Force deservedly coming out in the top slot. 


In the Novice Dog class Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter (flying the flag for Team Tillcarr) came second – sorry Anne, I missed the photo opportunity. 

Onto to Limit Dog with Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker taking this class – I missed this one as well but Janmaran (Jan Wilson) kindly let me have one of her photos so here it is:-


Our only representative in the Open Dog class was Waystaff What A Cracker and he came in fourth. 

Reporting on the Bitch classes and starting with the Puppies – no placings here because there were no entries from the NW!

And ditto for Junior bitch but Yearling saw Gem and Illori Believe In Me with the start of their triumphant day with first place in this class.

The Novice class was won by Ray & Jan Wilson’s Shakastaff Shake It Up at Kalverin – this is the first time this bitch has been shown since this time last year – if you want a good example of a dog not liking the showring then this one fits the bill. The Training Class perhaps?  

Anyway the judge saw enough to give her this first place, very pleasing for Ray & Jan. 


Post Graduate bitch was a great surprise for the owners – that’s me and Elaine – with Tikkurilan Spot On taking the first place, even Spot was gob-smacked, she stopped barking! 

A nice pressie as well, a bottle of white, thanks.


Limit Bitch and it’s that woman again, Liz Stanway and a second place for Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – I missed both Limit classes – catching up with an old pal in the bar.

I made it back in time for the end of Open Bitch class and there’s Liz again, this time in first spot with Waystaff Lady Ambassador. 

So a good day out at the Notts & Derby for the North West with 7 First prize winners, 2 of which won both CC’s.

But of course it was the first opportunity to celebrate Blue’s (Ch Rubericla Trailbreaker) Champion status which the main players did.

Julie and Bryn Allsopp are in the foreground, with proud parents (of the dog) behind, from L-R Dave & Tara Butler owners of the Sire Ch Ramblestaff Cos I Could and Eric & Clare Ryan breeders of Trailbreaker and owner/breeders of the Dam Ch Rubericla Little Bumblebee.

Not sure who the dog is in the cage, bottom left.


 The next day and another show taking us to the end of July – Leeds – and a North Wester actually judging – Harry Carter – affix Seastaff.



Bruno Blanch Calonge/Clara Blanch’s conveyor belt has produced another puppy – Stormfire Sex Symbol – this dog coming second in the Minor Puppy Dog class.

Then this Spanish combo went one better in the Puppy Dog class with Stormfire Lebron James and later on even better still winning Best Puppy.

Into the Group and a fourth place in that as well, not a bad month for this dog with 2 Best Puppy awards (making three for the year so far), the other at Windsor and two placings in the Group – well done Bruno (and Clara) and Jose Martinez, handling here. 


The Junior dog class was another 3 points for Debbie Desmond’s Elitebulls Challenger, improving on that today by taking the Reserve CC, a fourth, to add to the 2 CC’s – all these won whilst in Junior and about 3 months to go yet (in Junior).

In third place in this class was Martin & Karen Johnson’s Tillcarr Coanda – early days yet in this class. 

In Yearling Dog a fourth place for Jane Roper & Bev Harrison’s Trawden Ice Cool – Ted – I think that this is his 1st Champ show; looks a pretty tough class so not a bad placing. In fifth was Anna Boulton’s Dusklight Against All Odds – he has done some seriuos winning in the past year or so, just to illustrate the depth of quality in this particular class.

Third in Limit Dog and a Stud Book number was Paul Sutcliffe & Claire Crossman’s Pendlestaff Firestorm – a great result for  Paul & Claire

Here he is – this pic is from the archive, smart looking chap.

Bitches next – no NW puppies placed, if there was any entered, but a First place for her baptism into Junior after a glittering puppy career and that is Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, owned and bred by Martin and Karen Johnson – is this one to take on Dodge for Top Junior? We’ll see.

This photo of her was taken at Blackpool winning Puppy bitch – you can tell it’s not Leeds because it’s not raining. Not the best photo of her (used the Iphone), but a recent one.

The winner of Yearling bitch was the Waltham’s Dringshaw Boule De Neige, her name keeps cropping up – no photo from Leeds but there is one of her up this page – winning the same class at Border Union (although that picture was taken at a NW show some time ago – must sort myself out and get snapping).

The Limit Bitch class was 2, 3 & 4 for NW members – in second place was Briganah Body And Soul, 3rd was Biggleswick Fifty Fifty and 4th was Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – you know the owners of these by now. 

In the Open Bitch class in third place was Ch Trawden Ice And Spice, owned by Bev Harrison and Jane Roper – shown here at last year’s NW Open show, with Jane.





There was another class at this show – special beginners – Anne Preston certainly fits the bill here and she won handsomely – only one in the class!

We’re not finished there though, there is a Terrier Group for Special Beginners and she won that, so quite a thrill for Anne (as you can see from that smile) and her Dog Tillcarr Fire Starter.











We have now reached the halfway stage of the Championship show season  – how will NW members fare in the second half – tune in to this web page.