The Club held a Companion Show in aid of the North West SBT Rescue run by Barbara Green on the 3rd December 2017

The original nominated judge (s) were to be Jackie McCarthy-Booth and Jemma McCarthy but unfortunately both dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances and at the last minute Committee member and the Club’s Publicity Officer – that’s me by the way, yours truly Tec Norton – stepped in to save the day.

Even though this event was well publicised – Barbara sent out 100’s of notifications with her Christmas cards to the owners of the dogs that she has rescued – we only attracted 16 dogs. Still, it was a nice day was enjoyed for all concerned, particularly the dogs.

Most of the entry were Staffords but we also had four other breeds – see photos below.

As this was a fund raising exercise we made a nominal charge for dogs entering the show £2 and a £1 charge for people; there was a fantastic donation of a  bottle of Scotch malt whiskey by Bryn and Julie Allsopp – this was raffled off separately.

In addition there was the main raffle, all the items donated and Barbara herself, with her helpers, ran a tombola stall with a vast range of prizes.




The Club and committee provided free refreshments available throughout proceedings and the Club paid for the hall hire. There were also three items; breed memorabilia in the form of two Limited edition plates – the Legends (donated by Elaine Norton) – and the Mike Homan book – The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in History and Sport (donated by John Dimmock) sold on eBay by Elaine, total proceeds £132. This added to the sponsorship of classes at £10 per class and the general proceeds from the show itself has raised a total of £666.12. The Class sponsors are indicated in the report outlined below.

The Best in Show was Lolly, owned by Geoff & Pam Crabtree from Silverdale, Carnforth. Lolly won all three of the classes entered – Class 3 AV Terrier, Class 10 Best Rescue and Class 11 Prettiest Bitch – well done Lolly, pictured here below with Geoff and Judge Tec Norton 

 The Show results are set out below with the Class Sponsors

Classes 1 to 6 – Pedigree Classes

Class 1 – AV Puppy Sponsored by Helen Reaney (Rolenska) – no entries

Class 2 AV Gundog Sponsored by Dean Cund (Chelmstaff) – no entries

Class 3 AV Terrier & Hound Sponsored  by Paul Sutcliffe & Claire Crossman (Pendlestaff) and Dave & Julie Cartwright (Borgstaff)



1st – Crabtree’s SBT Lolly

This bitch could hold her own at Championship shows, I’m sure 








2nd Mr Eaton’s SBT Jack











3rd Jack Russell Sunny




Class 4 AV Non-Sporting – Sponsored by Dean Cund (Chelmstaff)

A trio of impressive dogs

1st  Shihtzu – Mimi 

2nd Samantha Green’s French Bulldog – Branch 

3rd Ellie Crompton’s Yorkshire Terrier – Finnley




Class 5 AV Open – Sponsored by Les & Kay Aspin (Scarthwaite)

1st Mr Eaton’s SBT – Jack – 2nd in Class 3 above

Class 6 AV Veteran Sponsored by Archie Bryden (Gantocks)



1st Dave McKimm’s SBT Tilly, the winner of the first of two Veteran Classes!







Best Pedigree – Crabtree’s SBT Lolly

Classes 7 to 14 Fun Classes

Class 7 Child Handler Sponsored by Andy & Linzi Mayren (Fergiestaffs) – No entries

Class 8 Waggiest Tail Sponsored by Eleanor & Geoff Boote (Gelstaff) & Dave McKimm (Tilicious)




1st Alyson & Russell Whitlock’s SBT – Bexie, an obvious winner here, tail wagging ten to the dozen







2nd Ellie Crompton’s Yorkshire Terrier – Finnley, couldn’t match Bexie but a creditable effort






3rd Gillian & Peter Murace’s SBT – Marley Bobs, a close decision between these two








 4th Barbara Green’s SBT – Rebel







5th SBT – Diesel


6th Dave McKimm’s SBT Tilly

(1st in Class 6)


 Class 9 Best Condition – Sponsored by Mike Richie (Northsaltire)



1st Steven Tighe’s SBT – Maddie, shown in fit condition, well done. Coming from Rossendale you have to be hardy and fit to take on those moors and hills, which I am assured she does everyday.



Maddie’s having a good look at the line-up, in this picture below

2nd Jack Russell – Sunny, sandwiched between two Staffords taking a keen interest

3rd Barbara Green’s SBT – Rebel

4th Ellie Crompton’s Yorkie – Finnley

















5th Finn Donnelly’s SBT – Betty – spot the invisible man in this photo





 6th Gillian & Peter Murace’s SBT – Marley Bobs – 3rd in Class 8

7th Alyson & Russell Whitlock’s SBT – Bexie – 1st in Class 8

Class 10 Best Rescue Sponsored by Dawn Holmes (Barielle) & Dave McKimm (Tilicious)



1st  Crabtree’s SBT Lolly – left, still looking beautiful; she thought about sitting this one out







2nd Gillian & Peter Murace’s SBT – Marley Bobs (right)






3rd Linda Murray’s SBT – Bonny


4th Finn Donnelly’s SBT – Betty, 5th in Class 9

5th SBT – Diesel, 5th in Class 8






6th Alyson & Russell Whitlock’s SBT – Bexie, doesn’t think much about Brodie and vice versa

7th Linda Murray’s SBT – Bodie



Class 11 Prettiest Bitch & Handsomest Dog Sponsored by Alan Ramsden (Arundelstaff) & Dave & Vicki Butler (Joemikeste)

1st Crabtree’s SBT Lolly, by now can’t resist this girl

2nd Barbara Green’s SBT – Rebel, very handsome indeed.

3rd Ellie Crompton’s Yorkshire Terrier – Finnley

4th Gillian & Peter Murace’s SBT – Marley Bobs, 3rd in Class 8 and 2nd in Class 10

5th Linda Murray’s SBT – Bonny, 3rd in Class 10

6th Steven Tighe’s SBT – Maddie, 1st in Class 9

7th Finn Donnelly’s SBT – Betty, 5th in Class 9

8th Jack Russell – Sunny, 3rd in Class 3

9th Linda Murray’s SBT – Bodie – see next class 5th place

Class 12 Veteran Sponsored by Julie Hale (Caymenstaffs) & Debbie Desmond (Elitebull)


1st Dave McKimm’s SBT Tilly, right, won both Veteran classes, an obvious winner






2nd Mr Eaton’s SBT – Jack, left





3rd Linda Murray’s SBT – Bonny, (3rd in Class 10)

4th SBT – Diesel, 5th in Class 8




5th Linda Murray’s SBT – Bodie, right.

Have to agree with  the message on the T shirt









Class 13 Fancy Dress Sponsored by Harry & Gill Carter (Seastaff)

No entries

Class 14 Dog or Bitch the Judge would like to take home Sponsored by Linda Miller

No entries – but Lolly would have won this one.