City of Birmingham 
Championship Dog Show



Another substitute judge for this show; instead of Ron Chell we had Glynis Yuill (affix Langrove) – this change of judge had been notified well in advance of entries closing so this entry was attracted by Glynis. Just as well for the North West as most of the honours went to NW Members. 

First of all the Dog CC and BOB went to the Axe family’s Harley’s Choice from the Yearling Class – what a reward for this dog, a consistent winner throughout his show career from Day 1 (which was the NW Ch show in 2017 when he won the Minor Puppy class). He even won the Best Puppy award at this show last year. 

This is yet another example of new people coming into the breed and winning big.  Here he is with Harley and the judge.


Karen & Martin Johnson’s Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire won the Bitch CC for the second show running – I can almost type Belka’s KC name with my eyes closed, she’s won so much!!  She continues to win the Junior bitch class every time out, I’ve lost count of how many times. 

The handler here seems to know what he’s doing (he’s not a NW member though, but Belka is)


The roll of honour continues with the Dog RCC going to Bruno Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Lebron James at just over 12 months; from the Junior class.

This is another dog that has been consistently in the cards in the Puppy classes; winning three Best Puppy awards (at Ch shows) along the way.  Pictured here is the dog handled on this occasion by Issy Martinez


2nd in the Junior Class was Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter pictured below; on this occasion being placed in front of Ch Elitebulls Challenger in third, so some claim to fame for Anne. 

Before all that in the Minor Puppy class the other Stormfire dog – Sex Symbol continued his winning ways in First place, this one handled by Jose Martinez  


Whilst in the Puppy Dog class Stephen and Pat Tighe’s Tegumen Ace Of Spades slotted into third position 

Again no NW representation in the Puppy Bitch classes – we’ve already mentioned Junior (above) and in Post Graduate the Tighe’s picked up a second place with Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle.

Moving on to the Limit class and another win for Briganah Body And Soul – this bitch has won so many classes this year I don’t know what she has to do to go further; still just getting firsts all the time can’t be bad, at least she’s knocking on the door.

Here she is below in Black & White (Photo courtesy of Brian Owen) with Roy Day handling, as usual.

In the Open bitch class NW members figured in 3rd and 4th places; the Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff and the Butler’s Joemikeste Play the Game, respectively.

Worth a mention for these two as both have RCC’s to their name and as such promise more I’m sure.



The day’s judge, from the Midlands was Geoff Faulkner (affix Glowud)



That promise materialised sooner than I imagined with Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff being awarded the Bitch CC!!

In fact NW members monopolised all the major awards at this show, so here we go.

The Dog CC and BOB was Ch Elitebulls Challenger (below), getting back on track for Debbie Desmond; and the irrepressible Tillcarrs – Fire Coanda and Baptism Of Fire getting both RCC’s!!  


From the Open Class, First and Bitch CC – Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff, pictured here with Liz handling



And now on to the Tillcarrs with Karen in charge




Tillcarr Fire Coanda

1st Yearling Dog and RCC
















Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire

1st Junior Bitch and RCC












Dodge won the Junior class and in second place another Stormfire, this time Lebron James, pictured below.

Coming in second in the Yearling Dog class and another Waystaff, this one W Strike Force and in the Open class a third place for Aus Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon, another from the Waystaff stable, this one owned by Liz on her own.

Moving swiftly onto to Bitches and a fourth consecutive First place in Limit for Briganah Body And Soul – very consistent.

And now the show scene moves from the Deep South up north for the Northern Triple.




The Judge at Darlington and judging at her first Champ show was Alison Hinsley (Affix – Tigerbull).






The star of the show was by far Dave McKimm – after playing bridesmaid all year his pride and joy Dotty – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty – got what she deserved, a second CC to go with the first one awarded at the North West last year. 

The photo here is of these two in First place in the Limit bitch class.

And here they are again with that CC – Dave looking a tad calmer, perky even.

Moving on – for the second show running the Tillcarr siblings got the two RCC’s – amazing stuff. 

First of all Tillcarr Fire Coanda won the Yearling dog class (again). 

Followed by Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire,winning the Junior bitch class

(Photo courtesy of Kaine Davis)


Going back to the Dogs – the Junior class was won once again by that other star turn Ch Elitebulls Challenger – yes, he’s still in Junior and will be for a bit yet. Here he is in his now customary First position. 

In third place in this class was the other Tillcarr – Fire Starter – Anne Preston the owner and a first place in Graduate Dog, just to keep Team Tillcarr topped up with red cards.


Moving on to the Bitches and a win in Minor Puppy first time out for Lisa Drummond and her latest acquisition Ballindona Shooting Star for Fellknott. 


We’ve already mentioned the Junior Bitch winner so another photo will do


Marcus Blow’s Valglo Deja Vu came in third in the Post Graduate class, pictured here with Lisa Drummond handling (photo courtesy of Kaine Davis)


First in Limit Bitch  of course was Dotty’s time above; so moving on to a competitive and strong Open class and a very creditable second place for Vicki Butler handling the Butler’s Joemikeste Play The Game.

A rapturous ringside applauded the Bitch CC winner and Dave gave an impression of a drowning man – in all the out pouring emotion I guess. 





One last shot from Darlington before we head to Co Durham for the NE show – at the ringside Kim Cape had brought with her a 4 month old puppy – Ballindona Mini The Minx, so here she is:-










The Judges at this show – Dogs Dave Lee (affix Socksdown) and Bitches Craig Frazer (Affix Highbourne – Australia)







If recent events are a roller coaster ride for Martin & Karen Johnson then this show is surely the Big One – it was here (the North East that is, not Blackpool) that Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire got her third CC and  at such a young age, only 14 and a half months.

Words fail me – well almost – many congratulations to you both. 

And for posterity here is the moment











And after things had calmed down a bit 

In Minor Puppy Dog Stormfire Sex Symbol was placed second for owner Bruno Blanch Calonge – and ditto for Ch Elitebulls Challenger in the Junior class. 

Tillcarr Fire Coanda didn’t quite reach the heights of his sister but nevertheless he won the Yearling class – the picture here was taken the previous day at Darlington (camera glich today at this show)

Liz & Paul Stanway’s Waystaff Strike Force took the third place in this class whilst Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter won the Graduate Dog class – just keeping up her end of the Tillcarr dream, pictured below.


Anna Murray’s CC winning dog Antrelleda Squadron Leader is on a winning streak and at this show was awarded the first place in Post Graduate – this is a fairy tale that could (should) get better.


Moving on to the Bitches – nothing going on in the Puppy classes and bar the Junior winner, above, nothing to report until Graduate which was won by Michaela Riley and Mel Corcoran’s Molru Shine Ya Light, handled here by Mel.

Another NW member took the Post Graduate class – this was won by Chris Mudd with Chiswelstaff Jean Genie – she’s never out of the cards.

Our very own Tikkurilan Spot On was placed 4th in this class, her usual slot along with VHC. Consistent though!

Moving on swiftly to the next class – Limit – and we have Briganah Body And Soul in first place, what else?

That’s her below with Roy handling.  This looks like a tough old class with a scattering of CC winners competing.

In the Open bitch class for the second show running Vicki Butler won a second placing (behind the RCC winner) with Joemikeste Play The Game  –  they must be doing something right; this was another very strong Open class.

 Finally at the NE and for posterity here is a photo of all the main winners at  this show









L-R – DCC & BOB Ch Goldstaff’s Crack The Code with Sandra Holme; BCC Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire with Karen Johnson; Best Puppy Luthias Light Of Venus with Thomas Duggan; Best Veteran Ch Zakstaff Whats The Story at Molru with Mel Cocoran.

Judges – Dave Lee (Dogs), Laureen Williams (Referee) and Craig Frazer (Bitches)

Now we’re off down the A1 to Hemsworth, near Pontefract for the Northern Counties show

 Judges at this show were – Dogs Pat Harkin – affix Harkline (Chairman of the Club) and Bitches Elaine Pearson – affix Sundow. 

The show was held at Hemsworth Sports & Fitness Centre part of the Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy – the hall being situated across the sports fields – we eventually found it after driving around the complex in all directions.

A change of venue this after a few years at the, rather draughty,  Auction market at Thisk. 

The CC’s went elsewhere but the RCC’s went to NW Members – in the Dogs to Debbie Desmond’s Ch Elitebulls Challenger, still in Junior and being handled here by Bianca Janssen.


And the RCC in Bitches and another from Junior was the newly crowned Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire 

Stormfire Sex Symbol captured another second place in Puppy Dog repeating the result from yesterday.

By-passing Junior; Harley’s Choice got back to winning ways in the Yearling dog class for the Axe family.

The photo below was actually taken at the City of Birmingham, scene of his CC win.

In second place in this class was Tillcarr Fire Coanda and litter brother Tillcarr Fire Starter came third in the Graduate class. 

The Post Graduate Dog class winner was Waystaff Strike Force for owner/breeders Paul & Liz Stanway; this dog is becoming a force himself with fairly consistent placings at this level.

Third in this latter class was Trawden Ice Cool (Ted) – handled by Jane Roper, owned by Jane’s step daughter and a very pleasing outcome for all concerned. 

And that’s it as far as the dogs go for NW Exhibitors – other than Baptism Of Fire, NW bitches didn’t fare very well until we got to Veteran, but more about that later.

So, reporting on these placings – in Puppy bitch a third for the Martinez’s Stormfire Princess Fire And Ice (this one actually owned by the brothers Martinez); a VHC in Yearling for Molru Shine Ya Light and Michaela Riley; another VHC for Tikkurilan Spot On in Post Grad; a second place for Briganah Body And Soul; and a third place for Ch Mosstrooper Making Mischief at Waystaff in Open.

The Veteran class? Won by Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan and also Best Veteran in show. 

That concludes this episode – the Northern Triple – exhausting but very enjoyable.



The Judge at Driffield was Linda Lee (Affix – Socksdown) and not a bad haul for NW Members






From strength to strength for Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire and a 5th CC at this show (with BOB), she remains unbeaten in Junior so far, can she keep this up? The answer is – probably. 

Just check this photo out – a very natty outfit, Karen 


Her nearest challenger in the “winning in junior stakes” is Elitebulls Challenger with the RCC here. 

Tillcarr Fire Coanda tends to live in the shadow of these two and even he’s got two RCC’s – at this show he came second in the Junior class – no Yearling class at Driffield to dodge Dodge.




If it’s not Coanda it’s Tillcarr Fire Starter – at this show winning Post Grad Dog and the Special Beginners before going into the Terrier Group under Patsy Hollings, for the latter and winning that!!














Second in the Post Grad Dog class was Waystaff Strike Force and onto Limit dog and the winner in that, stepping up a class, was Anna Murray’s Antrelleda Squadron Leader – this dog can’t stop winning either.

We didn’t get a photo on the day so here’s one anyway.






















In the bitches not a great deal happening (bar the Junior class – remarkably with only two entered) until the Open Class won by the Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff with the Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny in third place. 


No one from the North West braved the trip, even new members Martin & Michelle Murphy (from Dublin)


 No Tillcarrs here today except a human one – Martin Johnson, the judge.

A very enjoyable day out and a quite well attended event giving that typical atmosphere you achieve at this type of show.

The food, as always at this MB&C show at Cockerham was exceptional quality and value.

North Westers did very well at this show as you would expect from an entry drawn predominantly from the North West.

Winner of Open Dog, Best Dog and BIS was Andy & Linzi Mayren’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs 


Winner of Limit Bitch and awarded Best Bitch was Tikkurilan Spot On



Winner of Junior Dog – Bruno Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Lebron James, handled here by Issy Martinez.


Glynn Major’s dog Maxsta Lord Floyd Of The Went took 1st place in the Novice Dog class, handled as always by Kim Cape 


Post Graduate Dog went to Trawden Ice Cool handled here by Jane Roper


In the Bitch classes the winner of the Post Graduate Class was John & Chris Howard’s Caymenstaff’s Little Minx


Winner of the Veteran Bitch class and Best Veteran was Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan

Thanks to Bev Harrison for all these photos at this show



Under judge Debbie Saunt another BIS at the Potteries Open show this time out for Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs and owners Andy and Linzi Mayren – this dog certainly ruling the roost at these breed Open shows around the NW region.





Reserve Best Best In Show was also a Dog – Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter, below

Best Puppy at this show was Bruno Blanch Calonge’s Stormfire Sex Symbol, handled here  by Jose Martinez, pictured below















The Judge at this event at Builth Wells, in deepest mid Wales was Bob Blackley (Affix Vaevictus)







Well I’ve run out of things to say about the bitch CC winner (with BOB, from Bob) so I’ll just say that the winner was none other than Ch Tillcarr Baptism of Fire winning her 5th CC and she’s still in Junior (and will be for the rest of the showing season.



The CC went elsewhere – the Limit Dog winner but the RCC went to the second in Limit and a NW member – a second such award to add to the CC gained recently and the beneficiary?

Well, it’s that Anna Murray again and Antrelleda Squadron Leader.

In the absence of top Junior Dog winners on patriotic duties at the Dutch Match Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter came out top dog (in the Junior dog class) at this show and who’s to say this dog wouldn’t have won anyway – looking at this photo especially.

Linda Miller’s dog Deldenas Black Shadow made a rare sortie out to this show and actually won the Open Dog class here. Linda you have to get out more, your dog is on 2CC’s.

Rupert pictured here at the NW Ch show with handler Geoff Boote.


The later bitch classes contained a handful of NW members dogs – in Limit the Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul was placed third, in front of Gem Rowe in 4th with Illori Bootie Luv;  whilst in the Open class North Westers occupied three of the placings – Dave & Vicki Butler’s Joemikeste Play The Game in second spot (again), Martin & Michelle Murphy’s Ch Karwillage Mystic Girl in third and Wayne & Karon Jackson’s Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, VHC.

 What a weekend it was at these two “back to back” shows for NW members – first of all at the Downlands under Alan Hedges we had Anna Murray reaching the giddy heights once more with a second CC for Antrelleda Squadron Leader whilst in the bitch ring under Karon Jackson, Dave & Vicki Butler won their first ever CC with their home bred bitch Joemikeste Play The Game – she’s been knocking on the door for sometime and now it’s her time.

We’re not finished there though with the big ones – the Dog RCC went to Ch Elitebulls Challenger, now a “veteran” of the Junior class and the Bitch RCC was won by Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, thus making a clean sweep of all the honours at this show for NW members.





Next day at the Southern Counties Dave McKimm broke the door down by clinching a third CC for his bitch Biggleswick Fifty Fifty – words fail me (for a change). 

It was another North West member that took the Bitch RCC – Michelle & Martin Murphy’s Ch Karwillage Mystic Girl – that’s 4 CC’s this year and 2 reserves – not a bad reward for all that to’ing and fro’ing from Dublin.

So here they all are, first one – the Butlers with Joemikeste Play The Game, she went on to win BIS at the Downlands


Next Antrelleda Squadron Leader – this photo was taken at the NE the previous month with Anna in typical pose with Trev, the kids and chaos


The Dog RCC at Downlands was Ch Elitebulls Challenger, this photo taken many moons ago as I didn’t manage to procure one at this show. This dog repeated his 1st place in Junior the next day but after all the excitement these last few  weeks had to be happy with just that.


Once Junior is mentioned you are looking to see how Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire fared – well not bad doing the double this weekend with two First places and the RCC at Downlands thrown in. She’s pictured below, don’t know where it was taken. 

And next we have Fifty Fifty with Dave looking quite calm and his normal self (he has obviously recovered from the shock/joy of getting that third ticket) and judge Kevin Jones


And last but not least Michelle with Cleo, Ch Karwillage Mystic Girl


Not to be outdone by this lot above – the Limit bitch winner at both Downlands and the Southern Counties was Steve & Julie Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul, handled here at Southern Counties, as usual, by Roy Day – this was her 7th Limit win and so is out of Limit (she won her way out of Post Grad too) – your time will come.

Just noticed a familiar figure in second place – I’d recognise that pink jacket anywhere – I’ve just looked it up in the catalogue and it’s Molru Shine Ya Light, owned by NW member Michaela Riley (co-owned with the breeder Mel Corcoran) – you can just about see the dog on this but this one below was taken at the NW Open show in January 2019 (a bit after this show I must admit)


Back on the Tillcarr front Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter won 1st place in Post Grad Dog at the Downlands – Anne seems to have taken to dog showing like a duck to water, it helps of course if you win every now and then. 


The judge at this show was Andy Dodsworth and we straight to the Open Bitch class where a number of North Westers featured.

The class winner was Liz & Paul Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – at the moment on a high with a CC and a RCC – well at this show she won another RCC.

In third place in this class we had Penny Pops, otherwise known as Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny (Wayne & Karon Jackson) and the Vhc went to Chris Mudd and Chiswelstaff Jean Genie, not doing quite as well as litter brother Lets Dance (that would take some doing) but this bitch’s name keeps cropping up every now and then, in particular at NW shows.

Elsewhere in bitches Ch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire maintained her 100% unbeaten record in Junior at this show and brother Tillcarr Fire Coanda completed a Junior double for owner/breeders Martin & Karen Johnson – that’s Co here.


Other dogs getting in the action – second places for Tillcarr Fire Starter in Post Grad and Gem Rowe’s Illori Akinlana (pictured below) placed behind the ultimate CC winner in Limit.

That ‘s Autumn over with – November sees the start of winter