The Judge today was Mike Bradley and he found his DCC in the Junior Class and it was none other than Elitebulls Challenger or should I say Ch Elitebulls Challenger, because this was his third CC.

So this roller-coaster (for owner/breeder and NW member Debbie Desmond) started with the CC at the beginning of June at SCCA under Jack Coats, followed two weeks later at Border Union and a second CC under Leanne Marshallsay and finally culminating (with another two week gap) in the third at this show.

In between this dog was showered with the odd RCC here and there. What can you say about this meteoric run of success. Superb, terrific and well done. 

If you don’t recognize these two below (where have you been!!?) –  we have the judge, Mike with Debbie and of course Dodge.

Many thanks to Jackie Smart who allowed me to use this photo.  


I guess anything else after this is a bit of an anti-climax – but I’m sure that wasn’t the case for Karon Jackson and her home bred (with Wayne) Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny taking the Reserve Bitch CC from the Open Bitch class.

Karon hasn’t been in the best of health recently (hence Penny being handled by Jackie Smart) but I’ll bet this fine result cheered her up somewhat – as you can see from the photo below.

Well done to Karon and Wayne and trust that you, Karon,  are on the road to a full recovery.

Well that was how two NW members fared hitting the big time – how did the other North Westers get on?

The two Dog Puppy classes were the preserve of the Spanish conquistadors – Clara & Bruno Blanch.

They have sent over here two Stormfire dogs, bred by Clara and owned by Bruno (I think that’s right) and are residing at the Bullbrothers in Stoke who are busy caring for them as well as showing them – usually handled by Jose Martinez. 

So here we have the winner of Minor Puppy Dog – Stormfire Sex Symbol (not sure I like the Landfill bin) 

And below is the winner of the Puppy Dog class Stormfire Lebron James – at this show this dog continued his recent run of success ; now with three Best Puppy awards – but not today, I’m afraid. 

In the Junior Dog class Tillcarr Fire Coanda came second – I know anything can happen at dog shows, but competing with You Know Who is challenging to say the least (just ask Kelly Wilson). Nevertheless top dogs are there to be beaten.

Coanda’s litter brother – Anne Preston’s Tillcarr Fire Starter gave the Junior class a swerve and won the Under Graduate class and later on was placed First in the Special Beginners class – Anne won this class at Blackpool (as well as the SPB Terrier Group). This dog is on the up and looking good I would say. 

Coanda’s litter sister – a slightly different proposition here – Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire won the Junior Bitch class at Paignton; this is 2 out of two in Junior.

You have to give some serious credit to owner/breeders (and NW members) Martin & Karen Johnson.

After winning 10 Best Puppy awards and now her first two Junior classes, is Belka following in Dodge’s footsteps?

Here she is 

Moving on to Limit – looking at the results there doesn’t appear to be any NW members entered after Junior – Dave McKimm once more had to suffer another (good) placing in this class, second this time out, frustrating I’m sure, but Biggleswick Fifty Fifty is always in with a shout.

Not a powerful NW presence at Bournemouth for judge Jeff Ford (affix Jefmor) and for a change for one reason or another we didn’t make it to this show either, so photos are a bit scarce – non existent actually.

The main NW activity centred around the two Junior classes – in the Dogs, Elitebulls Challenger (you know the owner by now) had to be happy with a second place, with Tillcarr Fire Coanda in third.

In Bitches Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire continued her winning streak whilst Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny came second in Open – not bad, but she went on to take the RCC, for the 2nd show running!! The photo here is of Penny with Karon caught on camera at Darlington.


Third in Open Bitch was Studstaff Sugar And Spice of Hamason, owned by Cox, Cox – Robinson and Robinson, handled by Spencer (Cox), pictured here again at Darlington.

The Welsh KC Show






At the WKC we had a change of judge at the last minute with Martin Grimwood (affix Stormstaff) taking over from Larry Lunn. 

Another show with a minimal NW attendance particularly in the Dogs but we saw NW Members doing rather well in the  bitches with Karen Waltham taking the Bitch CC from the Yearling Class with her home bred Dringshaw Boule De Neige, below.

NW members also won first places in the Limit Bitch class – Vicki & Dave Butler’s Joemikeste Play The Game (pictured below) and in the Open Bitch class – Paul & Liz Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff. 

The show scene continues from central Wales up to Scotland for a double header.


First up the SKC show and judge Jaci McLauchlan.



The SKC must be a lucky show for Anna Murray for in May her Dog Antelleda Squadron Leader was awarded the RCC but fast forward to this show and she went one further taking the CC with BOB. 

The Spanish connection continues to flourish for the Martinez brothers showing Bruno Blanch’s two young dogs – Stormfire Sex Symbol being placed second here in Minor Puppy Dog and Stormfire Lebron James in first place in the Puppy dog class.

At the moment there seems to be a dearth of puppies from the North West being shown at the moment with the Martinez’s keeping the pot boiling.

The Tillcarr litter brothers – Fire Coanda and Fire Starter – took second and VHC in the Junior Dog class, respectively and moving on quickly to the Open class, Liz Stanway’s Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon was placed third. 

Onto the bitches and still no NW members entered in the Puppy classes except the Martinez’s with yet another Stormfire puppy, this time the bitch Stormfire Princess Fire And Ice, with a second place in Puppy.  

The Tillcarr boys might be doing OK but the star is Belka – Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, who continues her on-onslaught in the Junior bitch class, winning every one entered so far and at this show taking the RCC. What can you say about this phenomenon – there’s more to come I’m sure (positive, in fact). Anyway, here she is with co-owner and co-breeder Karen Johnson.

The North West featured in the later bitch classes with Steve & Julies Simpson’s Briganah Body And Soul winning the Limit class (having won her way out of the Post Graduate class, followed in (now customary) second place by Dave McKimm’s Biggleswick Fifty Fifty. 

The Open bitch class was less successful for NW with Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny and Stormfire Crack The code at Waystaff being placed fourth and fifth. 


Moving up the east coast a hundred miles or so to Stonehaven with two judges awaiting.

Doing the Dogs was Tony Moore; the Bitches Billy Meek.




If things were looking rosy yesterday for Martin & Karen Johnson and their bitch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire, things got a lot hotter at this show, winning her first CC!!  (Photo by Adstantes Photography)


Having given the SKC show a swerve, Debbie Desmond strolled into this show and took the Dog ticket, along with BOB with Ch Elitebulls Challenger (photo by Barbara Moore, thanks)


And we’ve not finished there with the Green stuff – winning the Open Bitch class and the Bitch RCC was Paul & Liz Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff (below), a second such award this year, to add to the one from 2017. 

(Photo by Adstantes Photography)


And yet more wins to relate with Briganah Body And Soul doing the double over this Scottish weekend winning both Limit classes for Steve & Julie Simpson (and Roy).

Here she is at Fleetwood – I don’t think she’s changed that much since then, except to say she has a stack of wins behind her. 

Finally at this show I cannot let it pass that the winner of a very strong Open Dog class was Waystaff What A Cracker (owned & bred by Liz & Paul Stanway).

By itself, maybe it’s not such a big deal (like winning the CC) but looking down the line there are an impressive group of Champions, all top, top winners in their own right but not today at the North of Scotland, it was Archie’s day and here he is:-