This show was held on the 21st of January 2018 at our usual venue, the Mather Room, Mather Lane, Leigh. Today’s judge was Teri Owen – affix Tagstane – the entry was 40 dogs.

The main winners were:

BIS – Andy & Linzi’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs, pictured below with the judge and Andy

Reserve Best In Show and Best Puppy – Debbie Desmond’s – Elitebull Challenger, pictured below, Debbie handling

Best Opposite Sex – Chris Mudd’s – Chiswelstaff Jean Genie, pictured below with Chris handling

Reserve Best Bitch – David & Julie Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell, pictured below with David handling

Best Opposite Sex Puppy – Michaela Riley & Mel Corcoran’s – Molru Shine Ya Light, pictured below with Michaela handling and an intruder holding the rosette

Best Veteran – Tec & Elaine Norton’s – Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan, pictured with Elaine handling

Results with Class winners and placings

Minor Puppy Dog 3

1st, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy and Reserve Best in Show, Desmond’s – Elitebull Challenger, with Debbie Desmond, below

2nd Boote’s – Belnite Balor at Gelstaff, with Geoff Boote, below

3rd Sutcliffe’s – Pendlestaff Helmsman

Puppy Dog 1

1st Major’s – Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went, handled by Miss Cape

Junior Dog 4, 1 absent

1st Stanway’s – Waystaff Strike Force, with Liz Stanway

2nd Boulton & Hayton’s – Dusklight Against All Odds, handled by Pete Naylor

3rd Axe’s – Harley’s Choice, handled by Harley Axe

Novice Dog 2

1st Gibson’s – Zulash Black Hurricane, handled by the breeder Simon Holloway

2nd Hardley’s – Joemikeste Amor Dei

Post Graduate Dog 3, 2 absent

1st Hardley’s – Joemikeste Amor Dei, below handled by Ethan Hardley

Limit Dog 3, 2 absent

1st Stanway’s – Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff

Open Dog 2

1st, Best Dog and Best In Show, Mayren’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs, handled by Andy Mayren

2nd Drummond’s – Ballindona Benromach, handled by Pete Naylor, below

Veteran Dog 2, 1 absent

1st Patrick & Matthews’ – Absolute Star, handled by Janet Matthews

Minor Puppy Bitch 3, 2 absent

1st Harrison & Roper’s – Trawden Solitiare, handled by Jane Roper

Puppy Bitch 1

1st & Best Puppy Bitch, Riley & Corcoran’s – Molru Shine Ya Light, handled by Michaela Riley, below

Junior Bitch 2, 2 absent

Novice Bitch 1

1st Tighe’s – Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle, handled by Steven Tighe

Post Graduate Bitch 7, 2 absent

1st, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex in Show, Mudd’s – Chiswelstaff Jean Genie, handled by Chris Mudd

2nd Blows – Valglo Deja Vu, handled by Pete Naylor

3rd Mayren’s – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs, handled by Andy Mayren

Reserve Norton’s – Tikkurilan Spot On

Vhc Tighe’s – Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle 

Limit Bitch 4, 1 absent

1st, and Reserve Best Bitch, Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell JW, handled by David Cartwright

2nd Butler’s – Joemikeste Play The Game, handled by Dave Butler, below

3rd Stanway’s – Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff

Open bitch 2

1st Matthews’ – Janjoma Boniwee Gurl, handled by Janet Matthews 

2nd Norton’s – Tikkurilan Lucky Strike, handled by Elaine Norton, below

Veteran Bitch 2, 1 absent

1st & Best Veteran in Show, Norton’s – Pendlestaff Brindle Babe at Tikkurilan, handled by Elaine Norton