The NW held an Open show on 15th October 2017, at the Mather Room, Mather Lane, Leigh.


The judge on the day was Paul Sutcliffe – affix Pendlestaff.

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 This promised to be a good show but failed miserably – it was excellent!! 

Where were you Jimmy and Maureen, you missed out big time.

It always helps if you have a good entry and we certainly had that (going against the tide these days) with 55 dogs and what with our usual spectator numbers (less the aforementioned Devines) the hall was very busy with a tremendous atmosphere, a real buzz about the place, exemplified by the above photo taken just after the Puppy dog class and very early in proceedings.

 Chairman Archie Bryden opened the show, introducing the Judge elect Paul Sutcliffe, who soon got down to business in a very professional manner.

Paul shares his affix – Pendlestaff – with his partner in crime who also happens to be the NW Club Secretary Claire Crossman.  

He was very much looking forward to this appointment.





Early doors Elaine Norton was kept very occupied on the Gate what with keeping track of the exhibitors and their dogs, spectators and the occasional spectator dogs, dealing with the catalogues, selling NW merchandise. 




 At the other end of the Hall the canteen was also kept extremely busy and should be congratulated for a tremendous effort by Head Chef Dave Heyes and his team – able assistant Julie Simpson, aided and abetted by Steve Simpson and helping out voluntarily (or was she press-ganged?) Denise Ramsden.

Denise is certainly versatile – at the Ch show she was on the Club stall.


Soon enough it was time to choose the Best Dog



And this went to the winner of Junior – Harley’s Choice – this dog is owned by the Axe Family – Mum & Dad Jackie and Dean and son and handler Harley.

This dog won the Minor Puppy Dog class at the 2017 North West Ch show at his first show and has been a consistent winner since then.







Reserve Best Dog went to the Open Class winner – Karl & Jackie Lewis’ Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge (left), followed by the Best Puppy Dog award which went to the Puppy Dog class winner Blanch’s – Diamonds Of Blanch Knock-Out. 

A word of explanation here – the Martinez brothers are campaigning this dog in the UK along with others on behalf Bruno Blanch, the breeder who is actually based in Spain and  still retains the ownership.

Jose Martinez (below), about to receive this award, is handling. 











Half time and on with the raffle – Geoff Boote & Linzi Mayren – above (the prizes behind Linzi) sorting out the raffle tickets and Archie Bryden & Claire Crossman drawing the winning numbers.







It’s a long day for the Show Secretary Eleanor Boote and side kick Linda Miller, pictured here (left) with Chief Steward Kay Aspin and mention should be made of the day’s ring stewards Vicki Butler and Jan Matthews, taking time out posing for this pic








Andy Mayren was the spare man (that’s him with the mop) and I shouldn’t let it pass that he didn’t shirk from carrying out essential duties – here he is equipped and ready for action.

Also pictured is our Show Manager Alan Ramsden, a tireless workaholic whose contribution to the success of this (and others) show is tremendous.  




And so to the bitches after a short break after the raffle and a selection of top winning bitches to get the judge’s teeth into (not literally).

The Junior class was the exception here with a young lady totally new to the game –  Paula Poplawska winning the class with her bitch Shadow of Esme (pictured right) nobody was more surprised than her owner – the steward had to get her back into the ring for the judge’s critique, a process that she was un-aware of!  




Bitch judging completed it was time to pick the best one from a very strong line-up



Paul’s best bitch went to the winner of Post Graduate Bitch – Liz & Paul Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff – Liz was so pleased Paul got a peck on the cheek!



Reserve Best Bitch went to the Open winner – Bev Harrison & Jane Roper’s Ch Trawden Ice And Spice, shown below and handled by Jane


The Best Puppy Bitch award went to Michaela Riley’s young bitch Molru Shine Ya Light (right) – this puppy is co-owned with the breeder Mel Corcoran and a very successful Kennel too.

With the Bitch judging completed all that remained was to choose the main winners, initially for Best In Show from the two best of sex winners Harley’s Choice & Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff

The dog – Harley’s Choice (left) – won the Best In Show award


Next we had the Reserve Best In Show – this time Stormfire Crack the Code at Waystaff competed with the Reserve Best Dog, Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge – the latter won, leaving the Stormfire bitch as the Best Opposite Sex in show.



Finally, the Puppies – the bitch came off the best, Molru Shine Ya Light.


A good day was had by all – especially these two (right), Michaela’s (and Josh) I’m led to believe. 





 Photos of main winners after the show

Winner of Junior Dog, Best Dog and Best In Show – the Axe family’s –

(that’s Dean & Jackie along with son Harley doing the handling bit)  Harley’s Choice.


Winner of Open Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show

Jayne & Karl Lewis’ Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge


Winner of Post Graduate Bitch, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex In Show

Paul & Liz Stanway’s Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff


Winner of Open Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch

Bev Harrison & Jane Roper’s Ch Trawden Ice And Spice


Winner of Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show

Michaela Riley & Mel Corcoran’s Molru Shine Ya Light


Results with Critique & Photos

Firstly I would like to thank the officer’s and committee of the North West Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club for the privilege to judge the Open Show. I also feel honoured for the exhibitors giving me the opportunity to give my opinion of your dogs. I thought the overall quality of the dogs were very good making my job difficult on the day.


Minor Puppy Dog (2 entries, 0 absent)


 1st Heron’s – Dilirystaff All The Rage

9 month Red/White Dog. This dog has plenty of bone for his age, dark round eye, correct scissor bite and rose ears, level topline stood and on the move.












2nd Major’s – Maxsta Floyd Lord Of Went

7 month black brindle dog, good head, straight front, level topline preferred the width of the front of class winner.





Puppy Dog (4, 2)


1st Blanch’s – Diamonds Of Blanch Knock-Out

11 months black brindle dog, good head and expression, dark round eye, good bite, straight front, ribbing up well, level topline, moved and handled well. Best Puppy dog











 2nd McCarron-Tuer’s – Elitebull Supermoon

11 month black brindle dog, Top sized with good head, level topline, good feet, moved ok



 Junior Dog (6, 2)


1st Axe’s – Harley’s Choice

Black Brindle dog, well proportioned head with dark round eyes, good underjaw and scissor bite, short neck leading to well placed shoulders, good spring of rib, short in the back, ample bend of stifles moved and handled well.

Was pleased to award him Best Dog and also Best in Show.









 2nd Gibson’s – Zulash Black Hurricane

Brindle dog, deep broad skull, plenty of bone, level topline, would benefit with a bit more training at a handling class.





3rd Stanways’ – Waystaff Strike Force

Res – Hardley’s – Joemikeste Amor Dei


Novice Dog (5, 2)

1st Harley’s Choice – 1st in Junior

2nd Zulash Black Hurricane – 2nd in Junior

3rd Joemikeste Amor Dei


Post Graduate Dog (2, 0)


1st Holmes’ – Barielle Great Escape

Black brindle/white dog, Top sized with broad skull, good underjaw and correct mouth, well boned straight front, well sprung ribs and level topline, moved and handled well.














2nd Martinez’s – Bullbrothers Dr Who

Black brindle dog, standard sized dog with good straight front, and good feet, level topline, ample spring of rib, moved ok.







Limit Dog (6, 2)



1st Turner & Neale’s – Tegumen The World Is Yours

Black brindle dog, this dog has an excellent head shape with good underjaw, round eyes, neat rose ears, given good expression, correct bite, straight well boned front and good feet, level topline and good spring of rib, moved well.










2nd Stanway’s – Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff

Brindle dog, a good headed dog with dark round eyes, correct bite, good straight front, well sprung ribs, good rear, moved ok.




3rd Mayren’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs

Res Yorke’s – Braunstaff Feel The Noise

Open Dog (4, 2)



1st Lewis’ – Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge 

Red & White Dog, with good head and underjaw, dark round eyes, plenty of cheek muscles, well boned striaght front with well padded feet, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs, level topline, well muscled rear, this dog was Hard as Rock, moved well. RBD










2nd Turner & Neale’s – Tegumen Shadow Of A Saint

Black brindle dog, another dog of quality from this Kennel with good head, straight well boned front, good spring of rib, level topline, moved ok.






Veteran Dog (1, 0)





1st Matthews & Patrick’s – Absolute Star

Black Brindle dog going on 10 years, starting to show his age, dark round eyes, well boned front, level topline, seemed to enjoy his day out.









Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0)

1st Riley & Corcoran’s – Molru Shine Ya Light


Black brindle Bitch of 7 months, beautiful femine head, dark round eyes, straight front, level topline, good rear angulation, moved ok. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show











2nd Heron’s – Dilirystaff Devious Spirit

9 month white and red bitch, dark eye, good mouth, rose ears, level topline, good rear and correct tail.







Puppy Bitch (3, 2)

1st Waltham’s – Dringshaw Boule De Neige

11 month white bitch, beautiful feminine head with the darkest of eyes, neat rose ears giving good expression,  correct mouth, straight front and level topline, good rear angulation, moved well.







Junior Bitch (8, 2)




1st Poplawska’s – Shadow Of Esme

Brindle bitch with good head and cheek bumps, dark round eyes, rose ears and good mouth, well sprung rib, level topline, good rear, correct tail carriage, moved well.









2nd  Dringshaw Boule De Neige – 1st in Puppy class

3rd Mayren’s – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs

Res Blanch’s – Diamonds Of Blanch Lady Thunder

Vhc Turner & Neale’s- Tegumen White Knuckles


Novice Bitch (6, 2)

1st Dringshaw Boule De Neige – 1st in Puppy class, 2nd in Junior class



2nd Tighe’s- Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle

Black brindle bitch strong headed bitch with well boned front and good feet, black nail, good spring of rib and well bent stifles, would prefer darker eye. 


3rd Howard’s – Caymenstaff Little Minx

Res Hargreaves’ – Thunderstaff Midnite Magic


Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1)


1st Stanways’ – Stormfire Crack The Code at Waystaff

White and red feminine bitch with good head shape, dark round eyes, clean tight lip, straight front with good pasterns and feet, level topline, short coupled, good spring of rib, good angulated rear with correct tail, moved well front and rear. Best Bitch










2nd  Ford & Williams’ – Dajast Sweety With Jam’N Loz JW

Black brindle bitch with cracking head and expression, neat rose ears, level topline, coat in excellent condition, moved well.





3rd Norton’s – Tikkurilan Spot On

Res Blanch’s – Diamonds Of Blanch Princess


Limit Bitch (5, 1)



1st Butler’s – Joemikeste Play The Game

Black brindle bitch, nice clean headed bitch with dark eye, neat rose ears and good expression, straight front with good feet, good depth of brisket, level topline, made her handler work.










2nd Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell JW

Black brindle, another good headed bitch with lots to like, well boned, compact bitch, the closest of decisions between 1st & 2nd.




3rd Cox, Robinson-Cox & Robinson’s – Studstaff Sugar And Spice of Hamason JW ShCM

Res Norton’s – Tikkurilan Lucky Strike


Open Bitch (4, 0)



1st Harrison & Roper’s – Ch Trawden Ice And Spice

White and red bitch, rose ears, dark eye, good mouth, good stop giving good expression, good muzzle length and underjaw, short neck and level topline, well sprung ribs, well muscled rear and correct tail, in good condition.

Reserve Best Bitch










 2nd McKimm’s – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty

Red and white bitch lovely feminine head with rose ears and dark eye, good front and level topline, could have been fitter.





3rd Norton’s – Eclypstaff C’est La Vie avec Tikkurilan

Res Stanway’s – Waystaff Little Cracker


Veteran Bitch (1, 0)



1st Bryden’s – Memorable Moments of Gantocks

12 years 8 month Black brindle bitch, seemed to enjoy her day, her tail never stopped wagging, did well for her age, getting the biggest cheer of the day.