North West SBT Club Limit Show 22/01/2017

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for affording me the opportunity to judge this very well run show, which had an amazingly friendly atmosphere throughout. I was so appreciative of each and every dog entered under me, and I was very pleased with the quality of my entry. Bites were good in both sexes so take it as read that each dog critiqued has a correct mouth. Bitches were particularly good, and, I was very happy with all of my main winners. 

MPD 2/0


1 Stanway Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff
Almost 7 months. A clean and well balanced brindle puppy with enough bone for his frame, an attractive, typical head shape developing, with neat ears when he used them. A good straight front, close enough coupling, a level topline, good angulation front and rear with a well set and correctly carried tail. He moved nicely and was well schooled.



2 Robinson & Joyce Life Oh Life Riley
Again, almost 7 months old, black brindle pup. A lovely head shape, with a very appealing expression. Very nice coat, and condition. Quite hard to assess this little chap but I’d say he’s worth a bit of ringcraft.
PD 1/0
As 2nd MPD

JD 2/0
1 Allsopp Rubericla Trailbreaker
12 month old, black brindle, with a lovely dark eye, strong muzzle, neat ears, all leading to a very nice head in make and shape. He has a good weight of bone, is in lovely condition, I especially appreciated his neat tight feet. He had a nice width to his front, enough rib and a good tailset. Moved and handled well, won this class on his better width of front, and beautiful expression.

2 Caymenstaffs Stitch Mi Boy
Almost 14 month old black brindle. A nice head with attractive expression, a straight front, neat feet, level topline, correct rear angulation, and he moved well. Will mention this chaps mouth as he had lovely big teeth!

ND 2/0
1 Alcock Kashmir Moon
Very strong blue brindle dog. Head shape ok, eye colour commensurate with coat colour. Very well boned, with lots of substance but in good condition. Good depth of brisket, good rib, with width and depth to it, topline ok, moved ok. Won the class on his better front, closer coupling and slightly better movement.
2 Robinson Country Music Boy
A similar type of dog, again blue bridle. More definition in head shape than 1st placed dog with a similar eye colour, this guy used his ears more and I could see that they were the correct shape. Again, plenty of bone, rib and substance, another very powerful dog, movement ok.

PGD 6/1
1 Lewis Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge
Cracking red dog that I have judged before. Lovely head shape, short blunt muzzle, good depth of skull, neat ears and a dark round eye. He has come on beautifully, and is in top notch condition. His front has width and depth, he is well muscled, well off for bone without being overdone, he has neat feet and, good pasterns. I particularly liked his well sprung rib, narrow waist, and powerful rear quarters with short strong hocks. He is close coupled, bang on for size, and exudes breed type. He moves well when in his stride, with his tail correctly carried. My ideal type of male Stafford, had to award him Best Dog and Reserve Best Of Breed.

2 Yorke Braunstaff Feel The Noise
Absolutely gleaming, black brindle dog. What a powerhouse! Very strong in head, very deep skull, short blunt muzzle, small neat ears. Close coupled, with bone to spare, well sprung rib, a lot of dog in this package, and he is in spectacular condition. Moved and handled well.

LD 4/0
1 Mayren Bellarouge Adonis At Fergiestaff
Very flashy red and white male with an appealing head, small neat ears, dark eye and clean foreface. I preferred his width of front over the 2nd placed dog, and he has good straight forelegs with neat feet. He is balanced well, with the right amount of rib and bone for his frame, a good topline, and rear angulation is good. He moves well enough, even though he tends to fly his tail. He has great presence, a dog you have to look at, which won him my Reserve Best Dog.
2 McKimm Fergiestaffs Olympic Flame
Mature red dog. This one appealed to me greatly, but the young chap in first had a better width to his front and a darker eye. He had the right bone and rib to balance, his forelegs were straight and his feet neat. He held his topline, had good rear quarters and carried his tail well on the move.
OD 0/0
VD 2/1
1 Matthews & Patrick Absolute Star
9 year old black brindle. Beautiful, typey fella, who retains his lovely head shape, has dark round eye, short muzzle, good stop, neat ears. He’s well balanced, he has lovely bone and rib, and maintains a happy demeanour and seemed to enjoy his time in the ring. Moved up and don happily with a wagging tail. Lovely chap, Best Veteran In Show



MPB 4/1

1 Mayren Joemikeste Queen Of the Nile At Fergiestaffs
Super pretty, compact, red and white puppy of exactly 7 months. Lovely bone and rib for her feminine shape and size, she has a beautiful head developing, with a lovely expression from her dark round eye, neat ears, and short muzzle. Rib coming, front straight, feet neat, enough width, good topline and rear quarters. Very promising baby indeed. Moved and handled well.

2 Blow Valglo de Ja Vu
7 month old Black brindle puppy, raw in body but very pretty in head, beautiful expression. She’s narrow and fine at present but her angulation is very good, her topline is good, she is close coupled and carries her tail correctly. Moved and handled well.

PB 2/0
1 Stanway Stormfire Crack The Code At Waystaff
9 month old red pied puppy.A really beautiful pup. Most feminine of heads, with enough stop and skull to see a good shape developing. She is clean as a whistle, with a pretty round eye, and neat ears. Her body is really very nice, good straight front, neat feet, brisket developing, good amount of rib, well set tail, very good angulation, short strong hocks, and what a mover. Possibly the best mover of the day. Best Puppy In Show
2 Norton Tikkurilan Spot On
11 month old brindle and white puppy. Quite similar in make to the first placed pup, a touch bigger all over with good construction all round. She has a pretty head, with a dark round eye and clean foreface. A little more leg, well balanced for bone and rib, she moved well and is a most attractive colour and has a very outgoing personality.

JB 3/0
1 Ford & Williams Dajast Sweety With Jam’N Loz
Beautiful headed black brindle. Her expression is stunning and she has a lovely strong foreface which won her this class. I would prefer a broader front but it was straight and she has lovely neat feet. Topline good, tail well set and carried. She moved well and exudes breed type.

2 Ryan Rubericla Little Elita One
Good standard black brindle bitch. Good head, dark eye, good stop. Straight front, with decent width and neat feet. She is well off for bone and rib, maintains a level topline on the move, and has strong rear quarters. Moved well.

NB 3/0
1 as 2nd JB Rubericla Little Elita One 
2 Norton Tikkurilan Lucky Strike
Beautiful shade of brindle, and a lovely head and expression on this girl. She has good front, good bone and her feet are ok. She has enough rib, held her topline, a good tailset and moved with lots of drive.

PGB 4/0
1 Butler Joemikeste Play The Game
Wow. I was amazed at just how nice this black brindle bitch is. What a show stopping expression she has! Beautiful big, dark, round eye, good skull, good stop, cheek muscles, short blunt muzzle with strength. She is a beautiful size, her front is dead on, strong pasterns, neat feet. She held her topline on the move and went with drive. She has the right amount of bone and good rib, well conditioned and in the final line up I just could not deny her Best In Show, those beautiful eyes followed me and I was hers!
2 as 1st JB – Dajast Sweety With Jam’N Loz

LB 3/0

1 McKimm Biggleswick Fifty Fity
Beautiful expression on the this lovely red bitch. Lovely dark round eye, excellent pigment, good stop, neat ears, short muzzle with good underjaw. Straight front, good pasterns, eat feet, well angulated shoulders. Enough rib and substance, good bone to balance. I was spoilt with all these lovely girls, and this one had my Reserve Best Bitch.
2 as 1st JB Dajast Sweety With Jam’N Loz

OB 2/1
1 Butler Seenworstaff Storm Warning At Joemikeste
Mature red bitch, with a lovely strong head, a beautiful round eye, short strong muzzle, clean foreface, and neat ears. Straight front, with good brisket, good bone and neat feet. She held her topline on the move, her tailset is good and her movement very good. A favourite of mine, this typical, very good quality bitch, just had to make way for the young blood today, but thank you for allowing me to go over her.

Judge Sian Hammond (Hammystaff)