Date of Show 2nd April 2017

Judges: Dogs – Jim Devine (Lendevs): Bitches – Bert Emmett (Elvinor)


BOB & DCC – Chiswelstaff Lets Dance, owner/breeder Stuart Breckell 



BCC & RBIS: Biggleswick Fifty Fifty, owner Dave M’cKimm, breeders

Scott & Karen Thomas 




Reserve CC Winners 


            RBCC: Can’t Touch This Great ‘N Glory                   RDCC Ch Belterstaffs Ginger Joe

            Owner/breeders – Dennis & Katie Weiss                  Owner/breeder – Ian Houghton                  




Best Puppy in Show:

Breeder & Owners – Wayne & Karon Jackson’s

Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny













Best Veteran in Show:

Owner Penny Funnell’s –

Ch Kewaunee Pocahontas for Powerpack,

breeders Nicki & Sue Wiggins








Detailed Critiques follow complete with photographs of the first three

in each Class, kindly taken and processed by Janmaran, AKA Jan Wilson

Please note that in the critiques; exhibitors and their dogs highlighted

in red are North West Club members

Dogs – Judge Jim Devine

I would like to thank the Committee for the invite. The new venue was very good with plenty of room and good sized rings.

I would also like to thank my stewards who did a great job.

Also thank you to all the exhibitors for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions.

Dogs on the whole were all fit and healthy and performed well


Minor Puppy Dog 3 (1 abs)


1st: Axe’s – Harleys Choice

Black Brindle. Good head shape, good eye giving a pleasant


Correct bite.

Front developing nicely.

Short coupled, good feet with short nails.

Pup tended to get a little ahead of the handler on the move

but, handled well.

Lost out on Best Puppy only on maturity, no doubt he will

turn into a winning puppy.






2nd: Brady’s – Calazde Black Hawk War

Brindle. A very promising pup, correct bite, well balanced dog.

Short coupled, good feet, short nails. In good condition.

Moved and handled well.








Puppy Dog 4 (0)

1st: Schack’s – On A Highway To Hell Great ‘N Glory

Brindle. Well developed pup. Correct head shape, good

eyes, well set ears and correct bite. Short coupled, good

front.  Nice feet with short nails. Excellently handled and

moved well.

I thought he was the more mature pup in the

challenge and also for the Best Puppy in show but on

the Referee’s decision he had to settle for the


Well done and good luck for the future.






2nd: Hardley’s – Joemikeste Amor Dei

Red/White. Well balanced overall appearance. Good head

shape, good bite. Short coupled. He shown himself very

well, moved well didn’t put a foot wrong. Handler got the

best out of him and pushed the winner.

He should turn out very well.








3rd: Stanway’s – Little Earthquakes Powerstrike At Waystaff

Brindle. Developing nicely for his age. Good

type, correct bite, moved well. Unfortunately seemed a

little nervous on the day but still put in enough to get his







Reserve: Moureu-Larrang & Moureu’s – Maitre Yoda Du Clan’ Molotov

Junior Dog 12 (0)


1st: Breckell’s – Chiswelstaff Lets Dance

Brindle. Absolutely cracking dog, not overdone in any

department. Good head shape, nice round eye, correct bite. Good front well padded feet with short nails. Short coupled,

strong hindquarters. Coat in top condition. A very fit dog,

moved really well and was handled to perfection.

You would be hard pushed to find fault with this dog as he

does look the part and they make a good team. He won a very

strong class with plenty of top competition. When seeing him

in the challenge at the end he looked even better.

CC and BIS on Referee’s decision.

Good luck, I really liked his type.






2nd: Allsopp’s – Rubericla Trailbreaker

Brindle. Again a dog in top condition. Nice shaped head,

well placed ears, round eye and correct bite. Well padded

feet with short nails. Short coupled. Level topline which he

kept while on the move. He was a nice picture to look at

and will be hard to fault when he fully matures. Handler

shown him to perfection. Made the winner work hard.

Well done and good luck.






3rd: Weiss’ – Out Of The Dark Great ‘N Glory

Brindle. Pleasing head and expression. Correct bite. In top

condition. A well balanced dog with everything in the right

place. Moved well. Was unfortunate to meet the other two

but again was shown at his best by his handler which

made you look again at him. This was a very good class

with top quality in it, you will do well in the future.







Res: Moureu-Larrang & Moureu’s – Mamouth The Legend Du Clan’ Molotov

Vhc: Southall & Powell’s – Beckash Up ‘N Atem

Hc: Thomson’s – Luthais It’s Hammer Time with Westbull


Yearling Dog 13 (0)


1st: Moureu-Larrang & Moureu’s – Lord Largo Pineapple

Du Clan’ Molotov

Red, well balanced and presented in a good hard

condition. Head of correct proportions, well defined stop,

good eye shape. Correct dentition. Good spring of rib.

Movement was good and again I believe this dog will carry

on and win more.

He was shown superbly by his handler.









2nd: Robb’s – Caymenstaffs Blackthorn

Brindle. Great head shape, good eye, ears and expression.

Correct bite. Well balanced, a good type nothing

exaggerated. Moved well. Handled expertly.









3rd: Brady’s – Foylegarth Hakuna Matata

Brindle. Presented a good shape in profile, fits the standard

well. Correct bite, in top condition. Moved and handled well.

Again another good class with top dogs in.

Well done.


Reserve: Turner’s – Quatros Ironclad Buddy

Vhc: Darby’s – Manark Guns N Roses

Hc: Kendall’s – Rossobull Diamond Geezer

Novice Dog 3 (0)



1st: Kyle’s – Manark Black Prince

Brindle. Typey dog. Good shape about him. Correct bite,

good front and short coupled. Coat in good condition. Moved

well. Handler shown him superbly.












2nd: Afsar – Marvels Top Secret

Brindle. Lovely outline. Correct bite. Short coupled in top

condition. Sound mover, shown well.









3rd: Fox & Hemstock’s – Jolihem Solid Ground

Pied Brindle. A sound dog. Good shape, nice head with

correct bite. Short coupled. Moved well. Shown expertly.







Post Graduate Dog 16 (0)

1st: Yorke’s – Braunstaff Feel The Noise

Brindle. Again a dog that fits the standard well. Super

head shape, nice ears and correct bite. Good front, short

coupled, coat in top condition and short nails. Moved and

handled well, won a very good class.










2nd: Lewis’ – Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge

Red. Classic head shape with correct bite. Good straight front.

Good spring of rib and strong hindquarters with a level topline.

Shown in good condition. Handler got the best out of him

today, like I said before the quality was very high in this class.

Well done.








3rd: Lopez Pulido’s – Earthquake Staffs Xplosive  

Red Pied. A very good dog in excellent condition. Perfectly

presented. Typical head shape with correct bite. Good front

and short coupled. Moved well.




Res: Balebona’s- Alebastaff Home Rum

Vhc: Edwards’ – Tagstane Welsh Wonder

Hc: Rowe & South’s – Illori Akinlana JW


Limit Dog 18 (1)



1st: Rowbotham’s – Elitebull Black And Brass, JW

Brindle. A top class to judge, all were in good shape.

The winner fits the standard well. Super head shape, nice

ears, correct bite. Short coupled and coat in top condition.

Never stopped showing. A very sound dog who moved well.

Handler got the best out of him.











2nd: Riley’s – Molru Nothing Else Matters

Brindle. Typical head shape with correct bite. Perfectly

presented. Good front, short coupled. Good spring of rib

and strong hindquarters. Moved and handled well.










3rd: Corcoran & O’Donovan’s – Molru Alright Dave

Brindle. Good head shape with correct bite. Very good ears.

Short coupled, fit and in good condition. Moved well.

Handled expertly.





 Res: Davies’ – Ginstean Mad Of God at Cwn Hardd

Vhc: Miller’s – Deldenas Black Shadow

Hc: Mayren’s – Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs JW

Open Dog 19 (2)



1st: Houghton’s – Ch Belterstaffs Ginger Joe

Red. A top class to judge, with very good competition.

The quality was very high. The winner fits the standard

well. Super head shape, nice ears round eye and correct

bite. Good front. Short coupled and coat in top condition.

A very good champion. It was a very close decision

in the challenge he had to settle for RCC, but I believe

there’s more winning to be done with this dog.

Thank you for bringing him.







2nd: Jones & Davies’ – Maxsta Prince Of Celts

Brindle. A very impressive dog chased the winner all the way.

Never stopped showing. Nice head shape, correct bite.

Good eye shape. Good spring of rib, short coupled and strong

hindquarters with level topline. Coat in good condition.

Moved well, handler got the best out of him.

A quality dog who will do well.








3rd: Coble’s – Surestaff Wellington

Brindle. Very similar to the second. Correct head shape,

good bite. Good front, short coupled. Very good on the

move, a fit and hard dog. Handler shows him well. It was a

very close decision, all three were top dogs. All worthy of

a CC. Good luck for the future.




 Res: Clarke & Traver’s – Ch Briganah Black Chieftain

Vhc: Butler’s – Ch Ramblestaff Cos I Could

Hc: Fulford’s – Ch Elitebulls Heartbreaker for Regalbull JW Sh.CM

Veteran Dog 6

All Absent

Dog Judge – Jim Devine


Bitches – Judge Bert Emmett

It was a great honour to be asked to judge this Ch show. A lovely entry awaited

me and this new venue was first class. I would like to thank the officials and

committee for a well run show and my able stewards Kay Aspin and Claire

Crossman who kept my ring running smoothly. The bitches I went over were of a

high quality. No bad faults, no bad mouths, just a couple that could have been

presented in a cleaner condition. In the Puppy classes and Junior there were some lacking in ring craft

which spoilt their chances. Lastly, a big thank you to the exhibitors who came under me and accepted

my decisions in good spirit.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (0 abs)



1st: Jackson’s – Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny

Black brindle, 7 months old, nice head shape, dark eyes,

neat rose ears, compact body with good bend of stifle.

Stood, moved and handled well.

Best bitch Puppy and Best Puppy in Show.












2nd: Tique’s – Tegumen Little Miss Sparkle – black brindle,

6 months old, nice head, clean bite, good body shape,

depth of brisket and straight front.

Movement a bit erratic.










3rd: Hargreaves’ – Thunderstaff Midnite Magic

Black brindle, 6 months old, head lacking compared

to 1st & 2nd.

Nice body shape. Good mover.








Puppy Bitch 3 (0)



1st: Weiss’s – Nothing Else Matters Great ‘N Glory

Black brindle, lovely head shape, compact body shape, right

bend of stifle. Straight front, neat feet. Moved & handled OK












2nd: Mayren’s – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaffs

Red & white pied, lovely bitch with nice head, but just lacking

to 1st. Clean bite, neat ears, straight front, nice tight feet.

Moved & handled well.









3rd: Blow’s – Valglo Déjà Vu

Black brindle, good head shape, body a little longer cast than

1st & 2nd. Good coat condition, straight front, neat feet.

Stood & handled well.








 Junior Bitch 20 (4)




1st: Ford & Williams’s – Dajast Sweety with Jam’n Loz JW

Black brindle, nice typical head shape, strong short neck,

dark round eyes, clean bite. Straight front, well padded feet,

correct tail carriage. Stood four square, movement good.












2nd: Southall’s – Beckash Black Ice

Black brindle, very similar to 1st with good head and body shape.

In lovely condition. Clean teeth and bite.

Movement good, handled well.








3rd: Ryan’s – Rubericla Little Elita One

Black brindle, another good well shaped head, clean bite,

neat ears.

Straight front, slightly longer cast than 1st & 2nd.

Stood OK




Reserve: Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell

Vhc: Funnell’s – Powerpack Cherokee JW

Hc: Ferdinand’s – M’Lavande Brown Du Domaine De Poudlard


Yearling Bitch 17 (2)



1st: Scotland’s – Callastaff Moon River JW

Black brindle, lovely typical head shape, dark eyes, neat rose

ears, clean bite. Very compact body, straight front, neat feet,

right bend of stifle and tail carriage. Stood four square.

Movement good, handled with perfection.











2nd: Butler’s – Joemikeste Play The Game

Black brindle, similar to 1st , really feminine bitch, good head,

dark eyes, neat ears, nice body with straight  front, correct

bend of stifle, carries her tail high, movement good,

handled well.









3rd: Byrne & Gartland’s – Ch Carandstaff Moondance JW

Black brindle, lovely head with dark eyes. Clean bite,

straight front, nice body shape and bend of stifle.

In good coat, moved and handled Ok.







 Reserve: Den Boer & Kramer’s – Mi Passion Angel Of Sunshine

Vhc: Boulton’s – Nizeva Va Nessa

Hc: Norton’s – Tikkurilan Lucky Strike


Novice Bitch 6 (0)

1st: Rubericla Little Elita One – 3rd in Junior




2nd: Rogers – Ginstean Second Chance for Ynysstaff

Black brindle, good head, short muzzle, dark eyes, compact

body, good front, neat feet, right bend of stifle, moved and

handled OK.












3rd: Birchall’s – Dinostaff Solo Star Of Lily

White pied, feminine head, dark eyes, good body shape,

straight front, neat feet, right bend of stifle, moved and

handled OK.






Reserve: Ritchie’s – Northsaltire Force India

Vhc: Fox & Hemstock’s – Jolihem Honey Bunch

Hc: Lowe’s – Manark Velvet Revolver


Post Graduate Bitch 17 (2)



1st: McKimm’s – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty JW

Red fawn, gorgeous looking bitch in prime condition. Lovely

typical head shape, dark eyes, clean bite, well ribbed body.

Right depth of brisket, straight front, well padded feet,

gleaming coat. The best presented bitch on view. Correct

bend of stifle, stood four square, movement and handling


My CC winner and Reserve Best in Show on Referee’s








2nd: Weiss’ – Can’t Touch This Great ‘N Glory

Black brindle, first class bitch unfortunate to meet 1st in tip

top condition. Typical head, neat ears, clean bite, straight

front, good shaped body, correct bend of stifle, correct tail

carriage. Movement good, stood and handling first class,

my RCC winner.






 3rd: Dajast Sweety with Jam’n Loz JW, my Junior winner.

Res: Miller’s – Skyland Unique

Vhc: Mi Passion Angel Of Sunshine – Reserve in Yearling

Hc: Matthews’ – Janjoma Boniwee Gurl

Limit Bitch 11 (0)


1st: Winwood & Tunnah’s – Nerotoro Stella JW

Black brindle, well presented bitch. Good head shape, dark

eyes, clean bite, strong short neck, well ribbed body and well

bent stifle. Straight front. Moved Ok, stood four square.

Well handled.













2nd: Johnson’s – Ginstean My Girl Lollipop at Nikkylestaff JW

Black brindle. Very much like 1st fitting the Standard. Typical

head, dark eyes, clean bite, good body. Correct bend of stifle,

strong back end and right tail carriage.

Movement Ok, stood and handling good.








3rd: Merrick, Merrick & Hammond’s – Leebee’s Luxurious of Magicgem

Red, nice head with dark round eyes. Straight front, well

padded feet, good body shape, strong throughout. Moved OK







 Res: Saunt’s – Crudha Nordic Star

Vhc: Yoann’s – Louna Pin up of Blackbull Diamonds

Hc: Roldan’s – El Doradostaff Sinai

Open Bitch 10 (0)



1st: Jardine’ s – Cover Girl of Farhan

Black brindle, nice bitch standing four square, typical head,

dark round eyes, rose ears, straight front, well shaped

body. In good coat condition. Moved and handled well to

show at its best.











2nd: Duncan’s – Nettleworth No Nonsense

Black brindle, similar bitch to 1st. A typical head, dark eyes,

neat ears. Short coupled, straight front with neat feet.

Shown in good condition. Moved and handled well.










3rd: Butler’s – Seenworstaff Storm Warning at Joemikeste

Red, good looking typical standard girl, lovely head,

dark eyes, neat ears, good body shape, straight front,

neat tidy feet, in good coat. Stood and handled well.







 Res: Williams’ – Canakey Sweet Cool Delight

Vhc: Rollin’s – Seenworstaff Tea For Two

Hc: Stanway’s – Mosstrooper Making Mischief at Waystaff JW

Veteran Bitch 20 (12)



1st: Funnell’s – Ch Kewaunee Pocahontas for Powerpack JW

Black brindle, 9 years old, still looking good, keeping her

good head shape. Compact body, still shows well and

moved OK.

Best Veteran in Show












2nd: Hirst & Bibby’s – Ch Taraiel Ciara JW Sh.CM

Black brindle. Another worthy Champion, still looking good

at seven years. Lovely head and body. Still shows herself to

perfection. Moved and handled well. Very sound.









3rd: Turner’s – Tidestaff Mystical Magic

Black brindle, another fine looking bitch at seven years. Nice

head, dark eyes, good body shape, straight front and good

back end. Stood and moved OK.






 Reserve: Jackson’s – Jackabyte Top Totty

Vhc: Turner’s – Tidestaff Firecracker JW

Hc: Fox & Hemstock’s – Jolihem Foux Du Fafa

 Bitch Judge – Bert Emmett