This major event was held on Sunday 8th April 2018 at Leigh Indoor Sports Centre (part of the Leigh Sports Village complex), at Leigh, Greater Manchester.


The Judges for the day were – Dog Judge – Alan Wetton (affix Wettbuck) and the Bitch Judge – Bev Harrison (affix Trawden).


The referee for the day was Brian Owen who didn’t realise he was the referee until the previous day to the show (some misunderstanding or other) and, having arrived in the North West without appropriate gear caused some minor panic hereabouts.

In the end his daughter delivered suitable attire which was picked up by Dean Axe – so we had a very smart looking Brian Owen for his refereeing duties that were required later.  



We had a terrific entry – 223 dogs, up almost 30 on last year. The new arrangement going on the same weekend as the National Terrier, coupled with the new venue at Leigh has most certainly had an impact attracting exhibitors from far and wide – this year we saw 44 dogs travelling over from mainland Europe (with their owners) and more than a few from Ireland. So we must thank all our exhibitors for this support.   

Best In Show was the bitch Ckstaff’s Adventure Made Sunshine – owned and bred by Kim Andre Madsen and handled by Cecilie Johansen.

This combination hails from Norway and along with Sandra Holme set off from home the previous Wednesday to attend the National Terrier/NWSBTC weekend and didn’t expect to get back to Norway until the following Tuesday.

Now that is dedication for you, much rewarded for both these exhibitors – the Ckstaff’s bitch also won the CC on the Saturday and Sandra took the dog ticket there as well!!

Here is Cecilie with all three Judges on the day – Alan & Bev could not agree on BIS so it was up to referee Brian Owen to decide and he opted for the bitch.


Reserve Best in show was another referee job, this time judge Brian Owen found in favour of the Dog – our very own Deldenas Black Shadow, owned by NW member Linda Miller and handled as always by Geoff Boote


The Reserve CC went to another long distance traveller, this time from Germany – Patrick Gabel and his bitch Hocus Pocus at Spirit-Staff’s – this bitch is on two CC (one at Crufts in 2017 under judge Bob Blackley) so almost but not quite today at the NW.


The Dog Reserve CC went to NW member Nick Yorke and his Dog Braunstaff Feel The Noise – this was a second CC for this dog, the previous one coming at the National Terrier the day before the NW show – what an exciting weekend for Nick, terrific. We didn’t get a photo of Nick and his dog with the judge as he scooted off before we could catch him so this one below is of him taken at National Terrier with his RCC under judge John Finney.


Best Puppy in show was another win for NW member Debbie Desmond and her Dog Elitebulls Challenger – this is the third BP (out of 4 shows)  awarded to this super puppy in 2018 including Crufts – what next for Debbie and Dodge? 


Last but not least for this gallery of winners is the Best Veteran. After starring at Crufts with this award is Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can – it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago since he sprung onto the scene winning a CC from Junior and going on to be one of our most prolific stud dogs. Proudly owned and bred by Mark & Marie Davies, of course.

Here is a marked up catalogue of the show – click on arrows to view pages


 Show Report, Results, Photos and Critiques

NW members are in red

We were not able to set up the show on the Saturday evening so it was early doors for the Committee – we do apologise to those exhibitors arriving very early and not able to access the venue.

Getting up and running

  • Exhibitors starting to arrive

  • All set to go at the door

  • Those are for the exhibitors!!

  • Almost ready

  • Open for business

  • Up and running

  • Expectant ringside


Dogs – Judge Alan Wetton

Thank you to all who exhibited under me I was very pleased with the entry that awaited me at this excellent venue. The standard of the dogs shown was excellent. I would like to thank the committee of the NWSBT Club for offering me this appointment and their hospitality after the show.

I would also like to thank my stewards (Mrs Elaine Norton & Mr Steve Simpson) who did an excellent job.

Minor Puppy Dog 7 (1 absent)

The placings





1st Harkin’s – Harkline Conor McGregor

Well structured puppy, lovely B/Br dog with good head carrying neat ears.

Great expression, moved well, very well handled.








2nd Gee’s – Biggleswick Born To Be Wild

Good looking Red dog, posed well on the day.

Neat head, good mover, strong expression, moved and handled well. 












3rd Windsor-Smith’s Magicgem Colossus at Remstaff 







Res Blanch Callonge’s – Stormfire Lebron James

VHC Tighe’s – Tegumen Ace Of Spades

HC Marshallsay’s – Fergustaff Staff Sergeant


Puppy Dog 11 (3)

The placings




1st Desmond’s – Elitebulls Challenger

B/Br Fits the standard well, good bend of stifle, compact from all angles.

Lovely head with good expression, good mover handled well.













2nd Wilson’s Northstaff Notorious

B/Br Lovely neat head with good ear carriage.

Posed very well, good little mover. Beautiful expression and handled well.


3rd Windsor-Smith’s Magicgem Colossus at Remstaff











Res Johnson’s – Tillcarr Fire Coanda

Vhc Fairhurst’s Fairlenium’s Iron Man

Hc Cusick’s N’Mad Eyes Du Domaine De Poudlard

Junior Dog 15 (2)

The placings



1st Wood’s – Bultery Rollen Thunder

B/Br dog well put together.

Neat ears on strong head.

Nice short coupled with good structure.

Moved well, lovely expression & handled very well.









2nd McCarron-Tuer’s Elitebulls Supermoon

Lovely B/Br dog with level topline in good condition.

Strong head with nice ear carriage, round dark eye & good clean bite.

Handled very well.








3rd Owen’s Tagstane Tomahawk









Res Pascua Diaz’s The Knot Unites Make Yourself Unstoppable

Vhc Sobral’s Must Don’t Stop Me Du Clan’ Molotov

Hc Rogers & Slack’s Berrystock Hawker Tempest

Yearling Dog 11 (1)

The placings


1st Stanway’s Little Earthquakes Powerstrike at Waystaff

B/Br lovely headshape carrying nice rose ears.

Lovely length of muzzle, good clean bite, straight front & nice spring of rib.

Good little mover handled well.








 2nd Thierry’s Murcielago at Lady Ice

Lovely overall well balanced B/Br dog.

Nice head shape with rose ears, good topline, good front, moved & handled well on the day.












3rd Cartes’ Over The Top at Spirit-Staff’s




Res Axe’s Harley’s Choice

Vhc Hunter’s Rowenda Brown Bomber

Hc Amoros’ Staffordfire Magic Mike

Novice Dog 1


1st Fairlenium’s Iron Man

Red/Wh Pied very compact dog with good topline, nice neat headshape & good bite.

Good spring of rib & handled well










 Post Graduate Dog 18 (1)

1st and 2nd place




1st Louison’ s Sennyards Empire State Of Mind

B/Br Lovely head shape with round dark eye.

Neat ear carriage, nice length and depth of muzzle, good topline when moving & handled well today.









2nd Dickenson & Stewart’s Aymstaff Fallen Angel 

B/Br Standard size dog of good proportions.

Good spring of rib, good topline, nice expression, strong mover handled well on the day.









3rd Farley’s Homafar Last Chance








Res Murray’s Andrelleda Squadron Leader

Vhc Cook’s Luthias Highland Fling

Hc Thacker’s Druidhawk Jakdahat

Limit Dog 14

The placings



1st Yorke’s Braunstaff Feel The Noise

Quality B/Br Dog who showed himself off with great ease.

Well balanced through, stood 4 square with good topline.

Great mover & handled well, RCC







2nd Edwards’ Tagstane Welsh Wonder

B/Br Good body shape with nice shaped head.

Neat feet & straight front.

Moved and handled well.






3rd Campbell & Irvine’s Diamondstaff Jack N Black









Res Clough’s My Top Gun Maverick at Ingenio

Vhc Brady’s – Foylegarth Hakuna Matata

Hc Davies’ Ginstean Man Of God at Cwnhardd

Open Dog 25 (5)

The placings


1st Miller’s Deldenas Black Shadow

Stunning B/Br Dog. Ticked all the boxes for me.

Good head not overdone, clean muzzle, lovely dark round eyes, good width, strong front, tight feet, very good topline.

Great mover. Handled very well.










2nd Hirst & Bibby’s – Taraiel Busta Rhymes JW

Dark Br Another good headed dog, neat rose ears, good clean bite, very good front with neat feet.

Moved well & one for the future. 









3rd Riley’s – Ch Molru Nothing Else Matters









Res Puggaard’s Multi Ch Beautystaff’s Dark And Handsome

Vhc Mauro’s Skilful-Dogs Black Soul

Hc Stanway’s – Aust Ch Mosstrooper Kentucky Moon

Veteran Dog 8 (4)



1st Davies’ Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can

Lovely looking B/Br Dog, nice shaped head with clean bite.

Lovely expression, good mover, nice topline & handled well.










2nd Fairhurst’s Ch/Int Ch Fairleniums Snow Patrol JW ShCM 

Bl/Wh Pied Smart looking dog with good head shape, good bite, moved & handled well.












3rd Cartwright’s Ch Zakstaff Game On




 Res Cooper’s Tessy Blazing Star



The Line up for the Dog CC

And the CC winner is from Open Dog – Deldenas Black Shadow – below


The Reserve CC goes to the Limit class winner Braunstaff Feel The Noise, below with Nick Yorke in shock (for the 2nd day running)


Raffle time (actually this was after the Post Grad classes)

  • Top Prizes for the Raffle

  • Ready to roll

  • First Winners

  • John looks pleased with his prize

  • Now, what should I pick?

  • This heavy one!

Seen around the show – you too can be in these shots if you don’t see me coming!

  • Busy busy at Paddy's stall

  • Filling up nicely

  • Roaring trade at Mutley's

  • Missus Mop

  • Bargains to be had at the Rescue stall

  • Harley's Choice best National Terrier dog of the Year

  • Glamour at the Club shop & it's not Paul!

  • No comment

  • Jan getting down to it

  • Martin doing an impression - of what though?

  • Bitch ringside

  • French Connection



Bitches – Judge Bev Harrison

Bev’s comments on her day’s judging “Firstly I would like to thank the NW Club for inviting me to judge their well run fantastic show; Brian Owen was voted to do bitches at this show by the members and because of his ill health it was passed on to me being second on the list, leaving Brian to do the referees job. Thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me a fab entry, it was a pleasure going over your Staffords. The venue is one of the best around with great light and space. I loved the huge rings and the green mats made it easier to assess the movement. I would like to thank my Stewards Kay and Claire who ran my ring like clockwork.

I was very pleased with the quality of bitches that came under me, not having judged bitches in the UK for 9 years, it was nice to see the quality has not diminished. The quality in the younger classes is a gauge of our future and the Junior bitch class was fantastic.  I selected a number of bitches in this class and pulled them out. This was to let their owners know all the bitches that I chose, I really liked.  I knew I was sending quality bitches home without a card and I wanted to let you know I did not have enough places with six for the amount of good bitches there were in this class. 

I found a couple of bitches with teeth faults and some with soft muscle tone too. I must say there were no really fat dogs just a few who like me needed a little less food and more exercise. It is one of the only things we can control in the dog showing ring.

Lastly I really enjoyed judging your quality bitches and thank you for taking my decisions gracefully”.

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 (3)

1st Marshallsay’s – Fergustaff Tudor Queen

7 month old red and white pied puppy of real quality.

Beautiful head with very good expression framed by her neat ears which she used to her advantage.

Clean lipped with good pigmentation and a good width and depth to her muzzle, she has the darkest of eyes, round and well placed.

Correct bite. Straight front with a good weight to her bone.

She is very well put together and balanced with a good clean outline, no cloddiness at all.

She moved like a dream for her handler and showed herself off very well.

I am going to look forward to watching her in the future. 











2nd Holme’s – Goldstaff’s Just Stole The Show

8 months old brindle and white pied puppy, very nice indeed.

Very nice head and expression with dark round eyes and good pigment. Correct bite.

She is a little heavier than the first but still balanced with it.

A well put together puppy of quality and very sound, just preferred the overall balance of first. 






3rd  Bowler’s – Kyraloebis Virginia Plain at Trelynbow 7 month old black brindle puppy, another quality puppy who I had to mention. Beautiful head shape and a very classy puppy indeed, I’m sure you are going to have a lot of fun with her.

Res  Davis’s – Sharmara Amazing Grace

VHC  Desmazes & Paronneau’s – Samross Making Dreams 

Puppy Bitch 9 (2)

1st  Johnson’s – Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire

9 month old brindle puppy of immense quality.

I just loved her, she has balance, type and attitude.

A stunning head and expression with the neatest of ears. Round dark well placed eyes, clean tight lips with a good strength to her muzzle & correct bite.

She has a good weight of bone in her excellent front.

Her topline is level and her outline is clean with no exaggerations.

She is short coupled with enough rib for her age and correct rear quarters. Good tail set.

You look at her and the quality shines out of her, from the end of her black nose to the tip of her pump handle tail.

Moved and handled very well.

My Best Puppy Bitch, I will be cheering her from the ringside as she keeps winning.







2nd Dickenson & Stewart’s – Aymstaff Paris Domaine De Poudlard 

11 months old black brindle bitch. 

Absolutely beautiful, strong head and expression with dark round well placed eyes, nice small thin ears but needs to use them in the ring to complete her beautiful expression.

Correct bite, very good strongly boned front with correct shoulder placement, pleasing outline from the all angles, moved and handled well.






3rd  Hoggard’s – Lonemoor Inion De For Zaagabull  11 months Black brindle puppy, another really lovely puppy, very nice head and expression with neat ears, balanced, clean short coupled body, moved well.

Res Cooper’s – Fairleniums Hawkeye

VHC Kirk’s – Jodanzac Fireball Red

HC Hands & Freeman’s – Siriustaff Heart Of Glass

Junior Bitch 20 (3)

This class was one of the best classes I have judged for depth in quality.

1st  Holme’s – Goldstaff’s I Am Out Of Your League, white with a touch of brindle.

This young lady was right up my street.

She has a beautiful expression with a deep through skull, the darkest of eyes, round and well placed.

Clean lips with good depth to her underjaw all framed with neat rose ears, a head to die for!

Correct bite.

Her front was of good bone, straight with a good depth of brisket. Neat feet.

From where I look at her I see balance and type. Her rib is well sprung giving a great space from above, topline is level and rear quarters are powerful and strong.

She moved and handled like a dream, I considered her very strongly in the challenge but by that time you could see she was tired and had lost her sparkle.

She is a sure Champion!







 2nd Rogers – Berrystock Miss Spitfire.

Black Brindle of real quality with a lovely expression and very good head shape, dark round well placed eyes, distinct stop and good strength to muzzle.

Correct bite. She is very balanced and type with a clean outline.

She is short coupled, with a good depth to her brisket, nice weight to her bone with strong rear quarters.

Nice tail set. Moved very well.  







3rd  Saunt’s – Moonlight-Shimmer Of Darklands, she has a beautiful head and expression framed by her perfect rose ears, correct bite.

She is very balanced, clean and unexaggerated with plenty of type. Moved and handled well.

Res  Corcoran & Riley’s – Molru Shine Ya Light

VHC  Jones’ – Ritestaff Mo Chailin

HC  Owen’s – Tagstane Bobby Mcgee

Yearling  Bitch 11 (2)


1st  Simpson’s – Briganah Body And Soul

Black brindle bitch of real quality, she has a beautiful head with an expression to match.

Her skull is deep through with a distinct stop.

Her eyes are round, dark and well positioned with neat rose ears adding to her beautiful head.

Correct bite. She is short coupled with a good depth of brisket, ample bone and balance throughout.

She has a well sprung rib and good muscle definition.

Moved and handled very well. 











 2nd  Murphy’s – Karwillage Mystic Girl. Another really beautiful black brindle bitch of quality.

The best of heads with lovely expression. Correct bite.

She is well put together with plenty of bone and substance, very good outline from all angles, moved and handled very well.






3rd  Moureu-Larrang’s – Move And Kiss My Ass Du Clan’ Molotov. Black brindle, another pretty bitch, correct bite. Very feminine with a well put together short coupled body, ample bone and balanced, moved and handled well.

Res  Amores’ – Staffordfire Macha Marlow

VHC  Thomas’ – Biggleswick Issey Miyake

HC  Pascua Diaz’s – Sennyards The Sunshine In My Pocket

Novice Bitch 3 (0)

1st  Fairhurst’s – Kings Of Odin Queen Of Darkness.

Black brindle with white front, came from the Junior class.

She is a tidy bitch with a lovely expression and correct bite.

She has a very nice body shape and is balanced.

She moved and handled well













2nd  Hopkins’ – Windstaff Meoquanee At Trufflestaff.

Nice red that came from minor puppy, she had a very pretty expression and lovely dark mask, well put together body and moved very well.





3rd  Thomson’s – Siriustaff Picture This, brindle baby, very cute, beautiful body and well put together, moved well. 

Post Graduate Bitch 13 (1)


1st Mudd’s – Chiswelstaff Jean Genie.

Beautiful black brindle bitch of real quality and type.

She has a stunning head and expression with dark round eyes looking right at me, distinct stop and a good depth and width to her muzzle.

Strong underjaw with correct bite.

Neat rose ears to frame her expression.

She has a very good clean outline and looks good from all angles.

In lovely fit condition, moved and handled very well.












2nd  Cartwright’s – Zakstaff Winterfell JW

Very pretty black brindle bitch with a lovely head and stunning expression.

Ample bone. Short coupled body with level topline.

Moved and handled well.






3rd  Birchall’s – Dinostaff Sweet Solo Of Lilly, white with a touch of red.

Very pretty bitch of quality a lovely expression with the darkest of eyes. Pigmentation good and correct bite.

Just could be a little fitter, moved and handled really well. 

Res  Williamson’s – Crudha Magic Katie

VHC  Davies’ – Eclypstaff Sky Full Of Stars

HC  Mayren’s – Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile At Fergiestaffs

Limit Bitch16 (0)


1st Stanway’s – Stormstaff Crack The Code At Waystaff.

Red and white pied bitch, the fittest on the day!

Lovely head and expression, very clean lipped with good pigmentation, dark round eyes and correct bite.

Beautiful front with correct weight of bone and neat feet.

Loved her body shape, just as it should be, clean tight and well put together.

She has a level topline and good depth to her brisket, short coupled and her rear quarters are powerful and correct.

She has a good tail set. Moved and handled well.











2nd McKimm’s – Biggleswick Fifty Fifty JW

Red of immense quality and type, absolutely beautiful head and expression, the darkest round eye looking straight at me, neat ears distinct stop and clean lip. Correct bite.

She has a good clean front with correct weight of bone for her size.

I know you are going to say something but I still need to see her harder, you have the substance correct and she looks great but she’s in Limit and needs to feel hard.

Moved and handled really well







3rd Ford & Williams’ – Dajast Sweety With Jam’n Loz JW.

I really love this brindle bitch she is very pleasing to the eye with a stunning expression. She is total quality from all angles with type in abundance. Balanced throughout. I need you to think about the pace you walk her as you saunter down the mat at your own pace and not hers, please in future move her faster as she shows her drive and movement much better at a quicker pace.

Res Pascua Diaz’s – Ronstaff Sweet As Candy

VHC  Ferguson’s – Gusonstaffs Black Widow

HC Mann’s – Nerotoro Cosmic Girl JW

Open Bitch 11 (1)  

1st  Andre Madsen’s – Nor/Swe Ch Ckstaffs Adventure Made Sunshine.  Red with white markings. 

Oh My Goodness, how beautiful is she!

She has a stunning head and expression, very pretty with the darkest of round well placed eyes.

Excellent depth and width to her skull with a distinct stop and neat rose ears to frame. Correct bite.

Her front is straight with the correct weight of bone with no overloading at the shoulders, neat feet and no weakness in the shoulders or pastures. 

Her coat is tight and short as it should be showing her muscle definition through.

She is balanced with plenty of substance but not overdone in any aspect.

She has a lovely body shape with plenty of rib and short coupled body. Her level topline was kept on the move.

She has a muscular rear quarters which show strength and drive on the move.

She is just what I look for in a Stafford and her movement was spot on.

I’m sure I have just judged a future Champion and it was with absolutely no doubt, I gave her the CC and with the Referee she went on to be Best In Show.




2nd Gabel’s – Hocus Pocus Of Spirit-Staff’s

Brindle whom I have judged before and as usual she is in fantastic shape and shown impeccably.

I just love her beautiful head and expression with naughty glint in her dark round eye.

Fantastic expression and head. Correct bite.

I think she is just so balanced with one of the best fronts today. Body shape and balance is the best.

She is a smaller bitch than the first but has everything where is should be from her beautiful head to her pump handle tail.

She is short coupled with a good spring to her rib, level topline kept on the move and she moves with ease and drive around the ring, I had to give her the RCC as she just showed her socks off.






3rd Moureu-Larrang’s – Fr Ch I Need Your Money Du Clan’ Molotov.

Brindle and white pied, I was totally spoilt for choice in the Open class! Another beautiful bitch of real quality and class. Very typey and balanced. The only comment I have is that I would just like her a little harder in her muscle tone other than that, she is a bitch to be reckoned with, beautiful head and expression, correct bite. Beautiful body shape and out of all these she reminds me of my Copper Girl the most. Moved true and with drive.

Res Byrne’s – Ch Carandstaff Moondance

VHC Duncan’s – Nettleworth No Nonsense JW

HC Wilson’s – Bullhawk Jessie Jay At Northstaff

Veteran Bitch 23 (18)


1st  Hirst & Bibby’s – Ch Taraiel Ciara JW Sh.CM,

Black brindle “Molly” is one of the most beautiful Staffords I have seen but it’s the first chance I have had to go over her and I can see how and why she is one our top winning bitches ever.

She is a little older now but she does not know and it shows.

I have photographed her so many times and them ears are so hard to get up but in the ring she showed me her absolutely beautiful expression and those to die for ears!

Correct bite.  She is balanced and type personified with strength and quality.

Moved with ease that does not match her years.

It was an honour to judge her.








2nd Norton’s – Pendlestaff Brindle Babe Of Tikkurilan.

There is no way this brindle bitch fitted in veteran.

She is absolutely beautiful but a real handful.

She has great strength and type and so well put together, fit as a fiddle and gleaming with health.

Moved and handled very well.




3rd Heron’s – Dilirystaff Diamond Girl

Res Skelly’s – Skelstaff Miss Money Penny

VHC Hall’s – Rekrahstaff Miss Attitude Cum Geordiestaff

Bitch line up

The Bitch CC goes to the winner of the Open class Ckstaff’s Adventure Made Sunshine, below

This weekend has certainly been a (Norwegian) adventure and we even Made some Sunshine for this bitch.

The Bitch Reserve CC went to the second in the Open class Hocus Pocus of Spirit-Staff’s (below left) and Best Puppy Bitch to Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire (right)


All remained was to chose the Best In Show

Here we have the two judges conferring but not agreeing, so it was time for the referee to step into action – a very dapper Brian Owen.












And Brian chose the Bitch

Again the judges couldn’t agree on which dog to award the Reserve BIS to, either the Bitch Reserve CC winner or the Dog CC winner so Brian was once more called into action – he went for the Dog CC winner this time, Deldenas Black Shadow.

Next we had the two puppies in the ring – the Best Puppy Bitch Tillcarr Baptism Of Fire and the Best Puppy Dog Elitebulls Challenger – no referee this time – the Dog took the award, shown here below receiving the rosette off Bev.

Finally the Best Veteran award contested by the Dog Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can and the Bitch Ch Taraiel Ciara. Both judges agreed on the Dog.


So that was the end of proceedings for the NW Champ show for 2018 – the Club President Kay Aspin presented the two judges with their gifts to echoes from the near empty hall (perhaps we should do this when everyone’s here).

Sorry, not got one of Bev getting hers, she must have skidaddled.





Once the main winners photos (accompanied with the two judges) were taken (except poor Nick Yorke and his Dog RCC winner) the judges and guests were treated to a late lunch at the nearby Harvester pub after another very successful show.

As you can see quite a happy bunch – out of shot are Elaine Norton, Steve & Julie Simpson and Roy Day and me the photographer.


The End