Dog Judge – Pat McGlynn : Bitch Judge – Paul Stanway

Another terrific entry and some equally fantastic placings for NW members, none more so than for Bryn & Julie Allsopp and their Crufts (2017) Best of Breed winner Rubericla Trailbreaker winning a second CC (from Limit) at this years Crufts, what a story, you couldn’t make it up.

Emotions ran high last year – Bryn’s looks to be taking  it in his stride this time around, here he is with “Blue” and judge Pat McGlynn – Pat critique reads

An outstanding dog in outstanding condition. The first thing that struck me was his animation – he was on his toes all through the class, the epitome of vitality. He’s of standard size with every part in balance. He has such a typical expression with a cleanly defined head, correctly placed eyes and ears (which he makes great use of) clean lips and of course a correct mouth with good big teeth. He has a perfect weight of bone and a straight front. His body is exemplary being short, compact and in hard condition. When he gets into his stride his movement is easy and free flowing but at times his exuberance causes him to move erratically behind (although his handler can correct this by walking him at the correct pace). Every time I glanced his way he looked just right showing what great conformation he possesses. The perfect staffordshire bull terrier doesn’t exist but, for me, this boy comes close. Wish he was mine! CC. I hope his third won’t be far away”. 

Congratulations must also go to breeders (and NW members) Eric and Clare Ryan – this is the third CC win for the Rubericla Kennel in the last four years – the Dam of Trailbreaker, Ch Rubericla Little Bumblebee was awarded the Bitch CC in 2015 (by our own Jim Devine). This must be a some sort of record and the Ryan’s favourite show, I’m sure. Can we expect another celebration at the North West Ch show, like last year?

Not far behind is a stupendous win (I’m running out of superlatives) in Post Grad Bitch and a first RCC (and what a show to win at) for James Ford and Lauren Williams’ Dajast Sweety For Jam’N Loz JW – James looks very pleased with this result and so he should. Here he is with Phoebe and the rosette and card, great stuff James (and Lauren).

Here’s what Paul had to say about this bitch “I must admit I watched her entering the ring and she took my eye, I was not disappointed when going through the judging procedure. Very dark brindle which is highlighted in the bright light system. She possesses a beautiful feminine headshape which is filled with the underjaw, cheek muscles and correct bite, fantastic expression given at all times, darkest of eyes and neatest of ears. She then offered me to look at her correctly well boned forequarters with the depth of brisket to add to the standard requirement inspection. She has neat feet with excellent pigmentation. She is also stood correctly without the common pinning in of forequarters. Her spring of rib and level topline were further plus points. Her hindquarters are correctly muscled and angulated and her tail looked really well when stood and moving. I viewed from all angles and she basically stood like a rock for me to take everything in, then we moved and a smile on my face appeared, she moved really well and moved better in the challenge. A massive well done to the handler who DID highlight everything a judge should be using to gain the correct placing, this is the reason I awarded her the RCC. The very best of luck this year to all involved”.


North Westers took First places in the two Limit Bitch classes – first of all in Mid Limit Spencer Cox, Claire Robinson-Cox and Harry Robinson’s Studstaff Sugar And Spice Of Hamason – she’s been a consistent winner throughout 2017,  so not a bad start to 2018 – here she is with Spencer handling. Paul’s critique reads:-

“She entered the ring as if to say ‘what am I doing here’. When viewing her I noticed the correctness in her overall make up, her head is feminine with the required strength, her bite is perfect, her pigment and eye colour blend in very well, strong underjaw with well pronounced cheek muscles and correct ear carriage all fell into place. Correct well boned forequarters with the correct depth of brisket. Correctly sprung ribcage with a level topline and strong well angulated hindquarters. Now she was getting a little bored. I asked her to move which highlighted everything coming together with a bit of a spark included, that won her the class”.


In the actual Limit Bitch Class Dave McKimm won with his Biggleswick Fifty Fifty, despite not wearing his lucky shirt, here he is looking very smart with Dotty, also looking very smart.

Another consistent winner in 2017, remember this bitch took the CC at the North West under Bert Emmett – in fact Bert commented on this Crufts placing “Knocking on the door”.  She also won a RCC later in the year. Dave tells me that he has been “pounding the flags” getting Dotty as fit and muscled up as he can – seems to have paid off, as you can see glean from Paul’s write-up:-

“One I have noticed in past shows, but when close up to her bang it hits you. Red with white markings who also owns an excellent feminine headshape with a fantastic expression at all times. Correct bite, well developed cheek muscles, strength in the underjaw which ties in with her cleanliness around the muzzle, excellent pigmentation, darkest of eyes including the outer coverage and the little white snip in between highlights everything, including the perfect ear carriage she constantly provided. Well boned forequarters and correct depth of brisket. Then to her topline and ribcage which again ties in with her well and correctly angulated hindquarters, her tail carriage she arrived with is ok then raised it when excited which is acceptable. I moved her down a different route and she lowered accordingly, that won her this extremely strong class today”.


Pat McGlynn awarded the Best Puppy Dog to Debbie Desmond’s Elitebull Challenger; this dog has been winning left, right and centre at the Breed Club Limit and Open shows this winter, including the NW Limit (where he won the Reserve BIS). Here at Crufts he went on to win Best Puppy, following on with the same result at Manchester – terrific, two out of two for “Dodge” – just love that smile Debbie. (not sure about Pat, though) – this is what Pat had to say about Dodge:-

Outstanding black brindle puppy who shone. He’s of ideal size and moved freely. His great head shape is evident despite his young age. It’s really well sculpted and topped off with perfect ears and ear carriage giving him an alert expression at all times. He has a clean true front but “toes in” occasionally when standing. Handler needs to watch this. He moved freely and with some verve. Truthfully he wasn’t far away in the challenge despite his youth. I predict a big future. A future champion in the making I hope. BEST PUPPY IN BREED with my co-judges agreement.

The North West got a reasonable number of placings – in Dogs, third place in Post Graduate was Dave Fallows Caymenstaffs Stitch Mi Boy, pictured right, Dave looking very dapper and I’m sure more than happy with this placing.

Reserve in Junior was Bruno Calonge’sDiamonds of Blanch Knock-Out; and the same in Yearling for Duncan Kilbride’s – Briganah Black Diamond – not bad out of a class of 19 – that’s him pictured below. 










Vhc in the Puppy dog class was Glyn Major’s – Maxsta Floyd Lord Of The Went shown here on the right with handler Kim Cape.

This was followed in Junior and another Vhc this one for the Axe’s Harley’s Choice, pictured below with Harley handling.




 Gem Rowe has always been a fan of the Good Citizens class and it paid off again with Illori Akinlana getting second place with brother Illori Azizi in third.

In the picture (below) we have, a new look and very resplendent Gem handling – she’s number 7198, with Akinlana.

Pat was surprised with the high quality of dogs in this class – his critique on the Illoris – Akinlana “Rangier type with a smart head but slightly longer muzzle than 1. Overall a good dog showing strong body shape and very good conformation and movement. Showing strongly to the end. A credit to his handler” and Azizi “Litter brother to 2 and a slightly smaller package. Stylish outline but again not the head shape of the winner. He seemed a bit less animated then the first two but did enough to merit this placing. Again sensitively handled at the end of what must have been a gruelling day”.

In the Bitches, not such a good haul number wise as in Dogs – though Karon Jackson secured third place out of 22 entered in Yearling Bitch with her Penny Pops AKA Jackabyte Miss Moneypenny, pictured right being “gone over” by Paul, who wrote:- 

Another cracking black brindle with a feminine look of the breed along with the strength still required. Excellent expression, alert at all times, correct bite with strength in underjaw and well pronounced cheek muscles to give her the standard requirement. Well boned fore and rear quarters and another with that spring of rib and level topline. Excellent pigmentation throughout, another who will gain her title”.


Reserve place in the Graduate class went to the Birchall’s Dinostaff Sweet Solo of Lily, pictured below left. 

Gem Rowe popped up in the Good Citizens again to win another second place with Illori Believe In Me, pictured below (right) – Paul considered this to be a strong class so a second here is a good result – his critique reads “another cracking bitch who carried an excellent expression at all times throughout the class demanding attention. Again excellent feminine headshape with strength throughout, correct bite and neatest of ear carriage. Excellent fore and rear quarters, well sprung ribcage and another who stands foursquare at all times. Another quality bitch in this class”.
















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