Jan 28th, Leigh 

The main business was presentation of the accounts for 2017; election of Officers and Committee for the coming year; consideration of Proposals submitted: election of judges for the Club’s Championship shows in 2020 and 2021 – the latter being the Club’s 75th Anniversary; election of judges for the Club’s Open shows in 2019.

The attendance was 31, not too bad for these times – to get people off their backsides you need something really controversial on the Agenda!

In his opening remarks Chairman Archie Bryden reported a solid year for the North West singling out the Championship show as a resounding success, citing the new venue at Leigh Sports Village as a smart move. This venue has been booked for the next three Ch shows. Archie also expressed concern about the support needed to sustain the Club’s handling class.

The Club Treasurer Janet Matthews reported a healthy surplus for 2017 and an even healthier bank balance, with no surprises in the numbers presented. The Officers Honoraria was increased by £10 for each recipient.

The existing Officers were re-elected un-opposed – Kay Aspin (President), Archie Bryden (Chairman), Claire Crossman (Secretary), Janet Matthews (Treasurer), Eleanor Boote (Show Secretary), Geoff Boote (Membership Secretary) and Tec Norton (Publicity Officer).

Steve Simpson was elected Vice-Chairman – Les Aspin standing down after many years of service to the North West in various capacities, thank you Les. He’s not finished yet though, he was first to be elected on to the Committee for 2018, returning to the back benches.

Also re-elected were Vicki Butler, Andy Mayren, Alan Ramsden, Dave Hayes, Julie Simpson, Linda Miller, Elaine Norton and Paul Sutcliffe.  Standing down this time around were James Ford and Linzi Mayren – thanks to those two. Replacing them is a welcome return after a year’s sabbatical, Ray and Jan Wilson. Last but not least, a new name (but a recognisable face) we have Roy Day,  welcome to the North West, Roy. 

There were two proposals forwarded, both by Elaine Norton, seconded by Vicki Butler concerning the future of the Club’s Limit Show.

After a forceful argument put forward by Elaine and some general support it was decided to, in future, hold an Open show in place of the Limit show. Following on from that it was further decided to offer Club members discounted entry fees to the Club shows, the amount to be decided in Committee.

Judges elect for the two Ch Shows in 2020 & 2021 are Karon Jackson, Harry Carter, Archie Bryden and Kirsty Summerfield; the two judges for the 2019 Open shows are Steve Simpson and Wayne Jackson. 

Congratulations to that lot.

Update 27th March 2018 – the elected judges have themselves elected to judge as follows:-

2020 Ch Show Dogs – Archie Bryden : Bitches – Kirsty Summerfield

2021 Ch Show Dogs – Harry Carter : Bitches – Karon Jackson

The 2021 show will be part of the Club’s 75th Jubilee celebrations

2019 January Open Show – Steve Simpson

2019 October Open Show – Wayne Jackson