Welcome to the NWSBTC

The Club’s Aim is to promote in a positive way the breeding and showing of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier to the Breed Standard as set out by The Kennel Club. To educate it’s members in the training, breeding, showing and all aspects of  owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Club holds three shows every year starting with the Limit Show in January – this show is Limited in that the show is open to Club members only (you can pay your membership with your entry) and dogs that have won Challenge Certificates are not eligible. The beginning of April sees the big event of the calendar, the Championship Show where Challenge Certificates are awarded to the top winning Dog and Bitch. Finally in October we hold an Open Show, similar to the Limit show but is open to all with no restrictions on how much the dogs have won.

The Club runs a handling/training class principally to introduce and educate people who are new to the Breed in the ways of the show scene, how to enter and show your dog and train your puppy in how to get the best out of him/her. The Training Class is usually held twice a month on a midweek evening.

The Club’s AGM is held in January where Officers and Committee are elected, the accounts for the previous year are presented, Judges are selected for forthcoming shows and any proposals on the agenda are discussed. 

The Club organises educational events in line with the Kennel Club requirements for Judges, although these are of general interest to everybody in the Breed. Finally the Club occasionally arranges social events and fund raising for Stafford Rescue schemes.

Companion Show Dec 3rd 2017

The NW held the above in aid of Barbara Green’s Rescue

Click on the above photo link to access a full report on proceedings with photos of all the classes and the dogs.

The amount raised was ultimately £666, a devil of an amount.

Winner of Any Variety Non Sporting – Mimi

NW Limit Show Jan 21st 2018


Click on the above photo link to access a full report of the show including photos of class placings down to third, the results and the judge’s critique.

This will be the last Limit show that the North West will be holding as it was proposed at the AGM (held the week after the show) that we drop the show and replace it with an Open Show – effective from 2019.

Best in Show was Andy & Linzi’s Bellarouge Adonis at Fergistaffs, Reserve BIS was Debbie Desmond’s Elitebull Challenger,

Best Bitch was Chris Mudd’s Chiswelstaff Jean Genie, Reserve Best Bitch was Dave & Julie Cartwright’s Zakstaff Winterfell and Best Puppy was Michaela Riley & Mel Corcoran’s Molru Shine Ya Light 

Christmas Run-off Dec 2017


Click on the above photo link to access a full report on this event at the Training Class

The Best Adult (dog) handler on the night was Dawn Holmes with Raven and the Best Adult Handler for 2017 was again Dawn Holmes (with Shadow) who shared this magnificent feat with Steven Tigue (with Maddie). Some going, Dawn, well done! 

The Best Puppy handler on the night was Michaela Riley (who’s not had a bad year one way and another) with Rita and the Best Puppy Handler for 2017 was Lisa Parr with Coco.

Again, well done to these two.

 NWSBTC – Annual General Meeting 2018 Jan 28th, Leigh 

The main business was presentation of the accounts for 2017; election of Officers and Committee for the coming year; consideration of Proposals submitted: election of judges for the Club’s Championship shows in 2020 and 2021 – the latter being the Club’s 75th Anniversary; election of judges for the Club’s Open shows in 2019.

The attendance was 31, not too bad for these times – to get people off their backsides you need something really controversial on the Agenda!

In his opening remarks Chairman Archie Bryden reported a solid year for the North West singling out the Championship show as a resounding success, citing the new venue at Leigh Sports Village as a smart move. This venue has been booked for the next three Ch shows. Archie also expressed concern about the support needed to sustain the Club’s handling class.

The Club Treasurer Janet Matthews reported a healthy surplus for 2017 and an even healthier bank balance, with no surprises in the numbers presented. The Officers Honoraria was increased by £10 for each recipient.

The existing Officers were re-elected un-opposed – Kay Aspin (President), Archie Bryden (Chairman), Claire Crossman (Secretary), Janet Matthews (Treasurer), Eleanor Boote (Show Secretary), Geoff Boote (Membership Secretary) and Tec Norton (Publicity Officer).

Steve Simpson was elected Vice-Chairman – Les Aspin standing down after many years of service to the North West in various capacities, thank you Les. He’s not finished yet though, he was first to be elected on to the Committee for 2018, returning to the back benches.

Also re-elected were Vicki Butler, Andy Mayren, Alan Ramsden, Dave Hayes, Julie Simpson, Linda Miller, Elaine Norton and Paul Sutcliffe.  Standing down this time around were James Ford and Linzi Mayren – thanks to those two. Replacing them is a welcome return after a year’s sabbatical, Ray and Jan Wilson. Last but not least, a new name (but a recognisable face) we have Roy Day,  welcome to the North West, Roy.    

The rogues gallery is above, minus the biggest rogue of them all, Les –

he’s here anyway, get well soon Les.

 AGM – Continued:-

There were two proposals forwarded, both by Elaine Norton, seconded by Vicki Butler concerning the future of the Club’s Limit Show.

After a forceful argument put forward by Elaine and some general support it was decided to, in future, hold an Open show in place of the Limit show. Following on from that it was further decided to offer Club members discounted entry fees to the Club shows, the amount to be decided in Committee.

Judges elect for the two Ch Shows in 2020 & 2021 are Karon Jackson, Harry Carter, Archie Bryden and Kirsty Summerfield; the two judges for the 2019 Open shows are Steve Simpson and Wayne Jackson. 

Congratulations to that lot,  who does what and when, will emerge in due course.

NW Shows

Coming up next at the North West 

The North West Championship Show

On Sunday

8th April 2018

Leigh Indoor Sports Centre

Leigh, WN7 4JY

Dog Judge 

Alan Wetton (Wettbuck) 

Bitch Judge

Bev Harrison (Trawden)


Brian Owen (Brystaff)



Schedules can be obtained from

the Show Secretary Eleanor Boote either on 01942 795380 or email gelstaff@ntlworld.com

 or download a schedule from this PDF NWSBTC Ch show 2018 Schedule

or Enter on-line at



For exhibitors wishing to book hotels in the area of the NW show try following this link – I’ve done the search for Leigh, Greater Manchester for the Saturday night 7th April, so this link should go straight there.(please note to click on the pets allowed filter)
Note also – The Holiday Inn within Leigh Sports Village does NOT take dogs – it would be very handy if it did, it’s right opposite the Leisure Hall. 

For exhibitors wishing to attend National Terrier the day before the NW show the links for schedule download and entering on-line are:

Schedules – http://www.highampress.co.uk/natterrier.pdf

On-line entry – https://www.dog.biz/ 

 The North West Training Class is back up and running 

  at our new venue – Little Lever Working Men’s Club 

The venue is opposite the Cricket Ground, Victoria Rd, Little Lever – BL3 IJB

We are in the Cotterill Suite – this is around the back – turn into Heywood Street off Victoria Rd, then first Left into Nelson Street – the car park is on the left at the end of the street – see link to map

Activities start at 7.30

There is a bar on – all are most welcome with or without your dog  


Next Class is on the 20th February 2018



The KC are in reforming mode – click on the KC logo to see what’s going on with the KC and the reforms being implemented over the next few years:-

Can the KC reduce the number of our Clubs?

The new Judges Structure – the KC have summarised all the relevant information on this onto one page – https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/training/judges-education/breed-show-judges-training/judges-competency-framework

New rules for Junior Warrant and New Awards for Open Shows

Breed Club Supported General Canine Society Shows

Latest update  – 3rd February 2018

The introduction of Champion Classes at Breed Club Ch shows from Jan 2018

To see the KC announcement follow the link:-


Already a couple of our Clubs are introducing this innovative (?) measure at their 2018 Ch shows – Morecambe Bay & Cumbria SBTC and Notts & Derby SBTC – so we won’t have long to wait to see how this goes.

The KC have defined the Breed Co-ordinator role and introduced a form for nomination of potential candidates (to be nominated by Breed Clubs/Breed Councils)click on the KC logo for more

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North Westers Out & About

Flo Latham – Life Vice President – celebrates her 100th birthday

Today the 26th August 2017 a party was organised to celebrate this (increasingly regular) event – at Flo’s home in Burnage, Manchester. Around 50 people attended, mainly family which included Flo’s daughter Sandra Bailey, a former Show Secretary for the North West (in the early 70’s).

Representing the Club was our Chairman Archie Bryden and Show Secretary Eleanor Boote and a splendid bouquet of flowers was presented to Flo, plus a card depicting perhaps the Latham’s most famous dog Champion Topcroft Toreador.







Also attending from the Club were fellow LVP’s Norman & Dorothy Berry along with others from Flo’s era – Linda Miller, Betty Smith and Tec & Elaine Norton – we had three Topcroft Staffords from Harry & Flo.


Subsequent to this party Flo has sent us, the North West, a thank you letter – see photos – amazing!!









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